The 25 Best Swedish Gifts For People Who Are Obsessed With Sweden

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Bridge in Stockhol, Sweden

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Are you looking for the best Swedish gifts for Christmas? Or would you like to find unique gifts from Sweden for someone who is obsessed with the county? You came to the right place! In this post, you will find 25 awesome gift ideas for any Sweden lover. From cute Swedish souvenirs to delicious Swedish food gifts.

If you just want a quick tip, here are the top three gifts from Sweden from the editors.

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25 Swedish gifts from Sweden

Swedish gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to Sweden

Norder light
Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

All right, let me begin this list of Swedish gifts with the very best gift for people who love Sweden.

And that’s a trip to Sweden!

Depending on your budget and whether the recipient already has a trip planned, there are different ways to gift a trip to Sweden.

If you have a large budget and the recipient doesn’t have a ticket to Sweden yet, check out Skyscanner and book a flight straight away.

If the recipient already has a ticket, find out when he or she’ll be in Sweden, and then head over to Viator and find a fun tour or activity for them to do in Sweden. Some examples include northern light tours, walking tours in Stockholm, or wildlife safaris.

The last way in which you can gift a trip to Sweden is by buying a gift card for Viator, so the recipient can pick an excursion and date by themselves. The Viator gift card is called The Global Experiences Card.

#2 Swedish language course

Complete Swedish course

This is one of the best Swedish gifts for people who love to emerge themselves in Swedish culture. Because the best way to emerge yourself in a new country is by speaking the local language.

I selected two options for this gift; a complete course on Amazon or an online conversational Swedish course on Udemy.

#3 Swedish-themed water bottle

Water bottle with text
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need Swedish-themed gifts for eco-minded people?

Then one of the 214 different Sweden-themed water bottles on Zazzle is perfect. My favorite one for people who speak Swedish is the one with “SVENSKA (noun): Normal language, but cooler.”

#4 Fjällräven backpack


Fjällräven is one of the best Swedish brands when it comes to backpacks. So if you are looking for Swedish gifts for people who want to travel in style, the känken series from Fjällräven is the best option to go for.

#5 Swedish outdoor games

Kubb game

Are you looking for fun gifts from Sweden for people who love games?

Then this is the gift your need!

Kubb is one of my favorite outdoor games. In short, you play with two teams and you have to toss wooden batons at the other team’s wooden blocks. It’s super easy to learn and a great game to play outside during a picnic or at the beach. Check out the full explanation of Kubb here.

#6 Swedish outdoor clothing brands

Merino wool shirt

As you might expect from a country where temperatures below the freezing point are not uncommon, Sweden is home to many great outdoor brands. One of those brands is Woolpower. And basically, anything you buy from that store is bound to keep you warm at any temperature.

For example, this merino wool undershirt.

#7 DIY Swedish bread kit

DIY bread kit
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for Swedish gifts for someone who loves Swedish bread, such as cinnamon buns?

Then this kit to create a delicious Fika snack at home is perfect. Do you want to know what a fika snack is? Check out #15.

For more DIY food kits, check out these 25 international food kits.

#8 Modern traditional Swedish shoes


If you are looking for traditional gifts from Sweden, clogs are a great option. Especially the modern clogs that are produced by Swedish Hasbeens. The shoes are still handmade in the traditional way, but they just look more appealing. So the recipient can wear them without feeling like she stepped back in time.

#9 Swedish-themed phone case

Phone case with Glad Midsommar
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The Swedish-themed phone cases on Zazzle are great gift ideas for people who are addicted to their phones!

Swedish gifts for mid budgets

#10 Sweden travel guides

The Rough Guide to Sweden

The Rough Guide to Sweden

Are you looking for Swedish gifts for someone who will travel to Sweden soon? Then travel guides are great gift ideas. The Rough Guide is great for outdoor and adventure lovers.

Lonely Planet Sweden

Lonely Planet Sweden

Generally speaking, Sweden is an expensive country to travel around. But with the Lonely Planet, even Sweden becomes accessible for budget travelers.

DK Eyewitness Sweden

DK Eyewitness Sweden

The DK Eyewitness is a great guidebook for the slightly less adventurous traveler.

#11 Gifts from Sweden: alcohol

Bottle of Akvavit
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

If you are looking for Swedish souvenirs for people who love a drink, then you are in good luck. The Swedes love a good drink themselves too, so you have a few options.

The two most popular spirits include Akvavit and Absolut Vodka. As you can imagine, Absolute vodka is a Swedish vodka brand. Akvavit is a type of Swedish gin and thus perfect for gin lovers.

#12 Books about Sweden

How to be Swedish

How to be Swedish: A quick guide to Swedishness in 55 steps

This is a great funny gift for someone who is moving to Sweden soon or someone who wants to learn more about what it means to be Swedish.

Almost perfekt

Almost perfekt: How Sweden works and what we can learn from it

This is one of the best Swedish gifts for people who are interested in the political and societal history of Sweden. And how we can learn from Sweden’s policies on societal issues such as immigration and sustainability.

Modern-day Vikings

Modern-day Vikings: a practical guide to interacting with the Swedes

This is another one of the best Swedish gifts for people who are moving to Sweden or who are living together with a Swede. Where the first book is more meant to be entertaining, this one is slightly more in-depth.

#13 Typical Swedish food

Swedish meatballs

Thanks to IKEA, the entire world knows about traditional Swedish meatballs. But did you know that the Swedes have plenty more typical foods they eat? What about caviar for breakfast? Or crispbread for breakfast or lunch?

So if you are looking for gifts from Sweden for people who love Swedish food, go for one of these options.

The three options I selected for you are:

  • Meatball seasoning mix. So the recipient can add traditional Swedish flavors to any dish (even vegetarian balls)
  • WASA crispbread. WASA knäckebröd is a Swedish brand that’s also available in my country and I love the crackers I picked. They’re extra thin and flavored with rosemary and sea salt
  • Kalles Kaviar. This is the most famous Swedish brand for caviar from a tube

For more Swedish food gifts, check out #22

#14 Map of Sweden

Colorful map of Sweden

This colorful map of Sweden is one of the best Swedish gifts for travelers at home. Travelers love maps, especially a map of their favorite country!

For more Swedish gifts for the home, check out #19.

#15 Swedish cookbooks

The little Swedish kitchen

The little Swedish kitchen

Are you looking for more gifts from Sweden for people who love Swedish food? Then a cookbook is a perfect gift! This little Swedish kitchen book includes more than 100 recipes from Sweden.

Fika: The art of the Swedish coffee break

Fika: The art of the Swedish coffee break

Fika is a Swedish word that refers to Swedish coffee breaks. And the Swedish fika is not like your regular coffee break. It’s truly embodied in Swedish culture. It may even be the best word to describe Swedish culture. And with this cookbook the recipient can bake typical fika snacks at home, to recreate the Swedish coffee break anywhere.

Traditional Swedish cooking

Traditional Swedish cooking

This is another one of the great Swedish gifts for people who want to make traditional Swedish food, such as meatballs.

#16 Sweden-themed tote bag

Bag with "it's time for fika"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This is one of the best Swedish-themed gifts for someone who loves the Swedish fika-culture.

For other designs, head over to Zazzle.

#17 Sweden-themed passport cover

Sweden-themed passport cover
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With 47 different Sweden-themed designs on Zazzle, you should be able to find a cool passport cover for any Sweden lover!

#18 Swedish socks

Happy Socks package

I love fun and colorful socks. And one of my favorite sock brands is actually a Swedish brand; Happy Socks.

So if you are looking for fun and happy gifts from Sweden, go for Happy socks!

Swedish gifts for small budgets

#19 Sweden wall art

Stockholm skyline

Do you need Swedish gifts for someone who loves Stockholm?

Then this poster with the skyline of Stockholm is perfect.

Or check out Amazon for more Sweden-themed wall art options.

#20 Swedish-themed gifts: luggage tag

Luggage tag with horse
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for practical Swedish-themed gifts for travelers?

Then this luggage tag with the typical Swedish red Dala horse is the gift you need.

Or check out Zazzle for other options. They have nearly 200 different designs to choose from.

#21 Sweden-themed coloring book for adults

Sweden coloring book

Are you looking for Swedish gifts for creative people or for people who seem a bit stressed out?

Then this coloring book for adults is perfect. As research has shown that coloring books may help to reduce stress.

#22 Swedish candy

Swedish fish

Did you know that the Swedes eat more candy per capita than Americans?

They are actually in the top 10 countries that eat the most candy around the world (source)!

And if you see the variety of sweets that the Swedes have available, you may understand where this high number comes from.

One of the most famous Swedish candies is Swedish fish, a chewy candy in the shape of a fish. But if you are looking for more Swedish gifts for sweet tooths, here are some more options.

  • Bilar. Bilar literally means car, and it’s another chewy kind of sweet, but this time in the shape of a car. It’s sometimes also referred to as Sweden’s best-selling car.
  • Daim. This is one of the most popular Swedish chocolate brands, making it one of the best souvenirs from Sweden for chocolate lovers.
  • Salty licorice. This is a type of candy that’s also immensely popular in The Netherlands (where I am from). It’s a type of chewy candy and in this case with a salty taste.

#23 Sweden travel journal

Sweden travel journal

Travel journals that are specific for people traveling to Sweden are one of the best Swedish gifts for someone who will leave for a trip to Sweden soon.

For more general journal ideas, check out these 25 travel journals.

#24 Swedish gifts for her: necklace

Map of Sweden pendant

Do you need Swedish gifts for women? This necklace in the shape of Sweden is a great idea for her! It’s a cute, small, and subtle way to show her love for Sweden.

#25 ABBA trivia book

ABBA trivia book

I couldn’t make this list of gifts from Sweden without including the most famous band from Sweden; ABBA. You can literally find all sorts of ABBA merchandise in Sweden (there is even an ABBA museum in Stockholm!). For example the ABBA trivia book. Though I think that true ABBA fans don’t need this book, they’ll already know everything.

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25 Swedish gifts from Sweden

Final note on gifts from Sweden

Thank you for checking out my post! Since you are still reading this article, I’ll assume you haven’t bought a gift yet. So let me share the top three Sweden gifts from the editors to inspire you some more.

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