37 Awesome Gifts For Swimmers That Are On Every Aquatic’s Wishlist

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Man swimming in open water
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If you’re in search of the best gifts for swimmers, and other water-loving warriors in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Whether they’re Olympic-level swimmers or just enjoy a casual dip in the pool, we’ve curated a list of 37 must-have swimming gifts that will make a big splash. From practical gear to quirky accessories, we’ve got you covered with items that are on every aquatic’s wishlist.

So, get ready to dive into a world of exciting aquatic gift ideas for swimmers that will have them doing somersaults of joy!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three swimming gifts by budget.

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Unique gifts for swimmers

Gifts for swimmers for large budgets

#1 Smart goggles

Smart goggles
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Smart goggles are the future for swimmers.

So if you are looking for the best gifts for swimmers who also love tech, this is the perfect gift.

The FORM smart goggles have a display that is built into one of the glasses. Swimmers can still see through the glasses, but they can also see their metrics while swimming.

The goggles can be synchronized with their phone or smartwatch, so swimmers can keep all their activities stored in one place.

And as you probably already guessed, the goggles are waterproof, until a depth of 10 meters, which should be more than enough for most swimmers.

#2 Lap counter

A waterproof lapcounter worn on a finger
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Help your favorite swimmer say goodbye to losing count of their laps and resorting to wild guesses with this waterproof lap counter. This little marvel does all the counting for them, and with the ability to count up to a whopping 9,999 laps, they’ll never have to worry about forgetting where they left off.

And the best party?

They can even use it as a timer that provides all the performance data they need.

#3 Swimming headphones

Swimming headphones
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for more swimmer gift ideas for techy swimmers, these headphones are the perfect gift.

They are specifically designed for swimming, so clearly they are waterproof. But what makes them special is that they have an open-ear design. So swimmers can still use a cap and earplugs to protect their ears while swimming. The headphones use the cheekbone to deliver sounds, which is why they are perfect for swimmers.

They also work outside the water. However, the sound is way better with your head underwater.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the headphones do not support Bluetooth, but use a 4GB built-in music storage instead. So swimmers need to have MP3 files of music because they can’t stream.

This makes the headphones not very useful outside the pool, but inside the pool, it is by far one the best gifts for swimmers.

#4 Swimming gifts for her: necklace

Necklace with a pendant of a swimmer
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for swimmer gift ideas for her?

This necklace with a swimmer pendant is the perfect gift.

It’s cute, thoughtful, and it involves swimming!

#5 Swimmers’ backpack

Speedo swimmers backpack
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Speedo swimmers’ backpacks are an example of great practical gifts for swimmers.

One of the main things which makes it a great bag for swimmers is the side compartment with drainage for wet swimming gear. It is separated from the main compartment, so the rest of their items stay dry.

Another benefit is the fact that the bag stands straight, even when it’s empty. So their items will not end up on the wet swimming pool floor because their bag fell over!

#6 Funny swimsuit

Photo courtesy of Komodo Modo

Now this is a swimsuit that will definitely make all the heads turn in the pool or at the beach. Plus it’ll also ensure they’re never lost in a crowd, so you don’t have to worry about losing your friend at the pool party.

It’s by far the most hilarious swimming gift on this list, making it perfect for bachelorette parties, or Yankee Swap gifts.

#7 Speedo parka

A long parka by speedo for swimmers
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looking for the perfect gift to keep swimmers warm and comfortable?

Enter the incredible Speedo swim parka! This fleece-lined wonder is a must-have for swimmers, providing them with optimal warmth and coverage before and after their water adventures. With its longer length, it’s like a cozy shield against chilly winds, ensuring their muscles stay warm and ready for action.

#8 Swim strength training tool

A cord and tool to train for swimmers
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Take their swimming to the next level with this swimming pool gift idea; drag belt. It’s a training device that will help swimmers build their endurance and strength with each stroke. With its adjustable lead, they can get creative and attach various drag devices like plastic buckets or even that old shirt they’ve been meaning to retire. It will turn them into an unstoppable force in the water!

#9 Swimsuits for kids

Photo courtesy of Reima

Do you need swimming gift ideas for kids who love to be at the beach, the pool, or just anywhere outside and around the water?

Then the swimsuits from Reima are perfect! They are made from quick-drying material and off UV protection.

#10 Eardryer

Mack's ear dryer device
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is an”ear-resistible” swimming gift idea (sorry, I couldn’t help the pun). Invented by an ENT doctor, this genius contraption dries ears in a jiffy, leaving swimmers feeling as fresh as a dolphin on a sunny day.

#11 Swimmers buoy

Swimmer holding a yellow buoy
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for gifts for open water swimmers?

Then this buoy is the perfect safety gift for them.

Swimmers can attach it to their waste and go for a swim in the open water. Because the buoy is floating and bright yellow, swimmers will be better visible to boats and other people on the water.

It also has a storage compartment, so swimmers can take their phones and other valuables with them.

And lastly, because the buoy floats, swimmers can also use it as a floatation device if they need a rest.

Gifts for swimmers for mid budgets

#12 Posture swim trainer tool

A training tool for swimmers to help improve posture
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looking for the perfect gift ideas for swimmers?

Look no further than this posture training tool! It’s the ultimate swimming companion that will have them swimming like graceful dolphins in no time. This magical device promotes correct head and spine alignment by giving a gentle tap between the shoulders every time the swimmer swims in the wrong posture.

#13 Swimming-themed passport cover

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for the best gifts for swimmers who also love traveling?

Why not combine those two hobbies in this gift and buy a passport cover with a swimming theme?

I quite liked the one that said “Why walk, when you can fly”, but you can find over 150 different options on Zazzle.

#14 Book about the history of swimming

Book cover of 'Splash: 10,000 years of swimming'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Splash covers the 10,000 years of human history and swimming. It covers everything from the Egyptians, ancient Rome, and Greece, to the present-day Olympics.

As you probably already guessed, this is one of the great swimmer gift ideas for people who are into history and swimming.

#15 Socks for swimmers

Socks for Swimmers
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With over 250 swimming-themed socks on Zazzle, you should be able to find cool pairs of socks for swimmers.

I quite liked the ones with the floating swimmers in a pool, mostly because I liked the floating unicorn.

#16 Havaianas flip flops

Flip flops
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Flip-flops are another example of practical gifts for swimmers. Havaianas are firm, comfortable, and cute flip-flops, that are great for in the pool and outside. You can find them on Amazon, or at the Havaiana store.

#17 Dry bag

A dry back from Sea to Summit
Sea to Summit dry bag

Are you looking for practical swimming gift ideas for swimmers of all levels?

Whether they’re competitive swimmers, love wild swimming, or just love heading to the pool every week for a casual workout, a dry bag is an essential item for all.

With the Sea To Summit dry bags, they can protect their valuables (think phone, wallet, notebooks, and whatnot) from all the water splashing around, and coming in their bags when changing out of their wet gear.

#18 Swimming-themed travel mug

Travel mug wit pictogram of a swimmer
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Swimming-themed travel mugs are great swimmer gift ideas for people who love coffee and swimming!

You can find over 1700 different options of Zazzle, or go for the one with the swimmer pictogram.

#19 Changing poncho

Woman wearing a changing poncho
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A changing poncho is a great practical gift for wild swimmers. Because they usually don’t have the luxury of a changing room. It’s of super-absorbent microfiber, dries swimmers off in a flash, and doesn’t leave that damp and uncomfortable feeling.

#20 Muscle recovery bath soak

Muscle recovery bath soak
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Say goodbye to tired muscles and joint woes as swimmers soak their worries away with this bath soak. It’s the perfect gift for swimmers who deserve some well-deserved R&R after conquering the waves.

#21 Swimmers gift ideas for her: earrings

Earrings in the shape of fish
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for swimming gifts for women? These earrings of fish are perfect.

They come with a cute sign that says “Swim in your own direction”. And if you want, you can also personalize the gift bag. So instead of “Wue” it will be the recipient’s name.

#22 Swimming pool gifts; shampoo

Swimmers shampoo
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is by far the best gift for swimming pool lovers!

We all know that swimming in pool water with chlorine is terrible for the condition of your hair. And though, wearing a cap definitely protects your hair to some degree, it’s almost indivertible that your hair gets in touch with chlorine.

So another way to protect your hair is by using TRIHARD specialized swim shampoo, which eliminates pool chemicals and helps to keep their hair as shiny and soft as ever.

So if you need swimming pool gift ideas for someone with (long) hair, this shampoo is what you need.

#23 Swimming gifts for the home

Wall poster of someone diving in water
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Are you looking for cool swimmer gift ideas for someone’s home?

Then this poster of a swimmer diving in the pool is a great idea.

Especially because you can personalize the poster with the recipient’s (nick)name.

#24 Massage tool

Muscle roller stick
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This little wonder is one of the best swim gifts to ease muscle soreness, reduce stiffness, and aid in recovery. Made with high-quality materials, it’s built to last longer than your average goldfish. With its portable size, it’s perfect for swimmers who are always on the go.

Gifts for swimmers for small budgets

#25 Swimming earplugs

Swimming earplugs
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for practical gifts for swimmers, earplugs are a great idea.

Earplugs keep water out of the swimmer’s ear and prevent them from getting ear infections. The silicone earplugs are great to wear for a longer period of time because they are soft and don’t hurt as much as hard ones.

#26 Book about Michael Phelps

Book cover of " Michael Phelps; the rgeatest olympian"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for swimming gifts for someone who is a great fan of Michael Phelps? Then this book about one of the greatest swimmers and Olympics of all time is perfect.

#27 Swimming T-shirt

Photo courtesy of NY Custom Boutique

This cute shirt with “Eat my bubbles” is one of my favorite gift ideas for swimmers who are a bit competitive.

Though you can find plenty of more swim-themed shirts on Etsy for all sorts of swimmers, and even swim-moms.

#28 Anti-fog spray

Quick spit spray to prevent fog in swim goggles
Photo courtesy of Amazon

As disgusting as this spray may sound, it’s actually one of the most useful (and clean) swimmer gifts.

Because instead of actually spitting on their goggles to prevent fog, swimmers can now use this spray to keep a crystal clear vision during their swims.

#29 Swimming logbook

Wild swimming journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for cool gifts for open water swimmers?

This logbook is the perfect gift for them.

It comes with a checklist and pages to record everything they want to remember from their open-water or wild swims. Things such as location, parking, weather, air and water temperature, water quality, hazards, currents, and rips. Of course, there are also blank spaces to write whatever they want about the swim.

#30 Medal holder

A medal holder with text "dream, believe, achieve, never give up"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This sturdy hanger is perfect for displaying those hard-earned medals and ribbons. It’s not just a medal holder; it’s a work of art for any swimmer’s home, adding that touch of “Look at all my bling, I’m a swimming superstar!”

Plus, it’s easy to install, so even swimmers with questionable handyman skills can proudly showcase their achievements. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or just because, this awesome medal hanger is the perfect swim gift that will leave swimmers feeling like gold medal winners!

#31 Swimmer’s soap

Soap bar for swimmers
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for the best swimming pool gifts?

Then this swimmer’s soap bar is perfect. It will wash off the chlorine after a training session or day at the pool. And it will make swimmers feel clean and fresh as a baby.

#32 Science behind swimming book

Book cover of 'why we swim'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is a fun gift idea for swimmers. Instead of a dive in a pool, they will dive into a sea of knowledge. “Why We Swim” is a fun exploration of our aquatic obsession, from freezing Arctic waters to piranha-infested rivers (yikes!).

Discover the secrets of Olympic champions, samurai swimmers, and even a fisherman who survives an epic shipwreck swim. Written by the brilliant Bonnie Tsui, this book takes them on a wild water adventure, unraveling why humans are hooked on swimming like fish out of water.

#33 Swimming goggles for kids

Swimming goggles
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Goggles are another example of practical gifts for wild swimmers as well as those in the pool. And whether the recipient is a competitive swimmer or a recreational swimmer, goggles are practical either way. Just like the earplugs they can prevent infections by keeping the water out.

And a very big bonus of using goggles is that swimmers can keep their eyes open and see where they are going. This one is designed for kids, but obviously, you can find goggles in all sizes.

#34 Swimming-themed make-up bag

Peace, love, swim make-up bag
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This make-up bag is another great swimmer gift idea for women!

#35 Microfiber fast-drying towel

Fast-drying towels
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Fast-drying microfiber towels are great pool, sea, and wild swimming gifts because they are small, light, and easy to take in their swimming bag. They dry super fast which makes them perfect for swimmers who always carry around wet stuff.

#36 Swimming-themed coloring book for adults

Swimming-themed coloring book for adults
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Did you know that coloring books for adults can help them relax? And what better way to wind down after a hard swimming practice than with a swimming-themed coloring book?

#37 Swimming-themed tote bag

Tote bag with evolution
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for small, cute, and practical swimmer gift ideas for travel lovers?

Then a tote bag in a swimming theme is the perfect gift.

My favorite one was the tote bag with the evolution of men leading to a swimmer. But I can imagine this is not a great gift for someone who doesn’t support the evolution theory. So lucky, you can find over 3500 different tote bag designs on Zazzle.

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The best gifts for swimmers

Final note on these gifts for swimmers

Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom of this post!

Although, I am assuming you came all the way here because you haven’t decided which gift you should buy yet. So let me share my top 3 swimming gifts to help you out.


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