The 35 Best Travel Gifts For Kids

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The best travel gifts for kids can be super practical or really fun. And in this post, you will find the 35 best travel gift ideas for kids in both of these categories. And the best part? Some kids’ travel gifts can even be practical ánd fun, check out #3 for that!

Before you continue, I want to make sure that we’re on the same page here.

The gifts I selected for you in this post are best for kids aged between 6 and 12. If you are looking for travel gifts for kids of other ages, check out these posts

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts by budget.

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The 35 best travel gifts for kids

Large budget travel gifts for kids

#1 Educational globe

A globe with an educational purpose for kids
Educational globe for kids

This globe is probably one of the best educational travel gifts for kids. Not only is it a cool item for their bedrooms, but it’s also a fun way to learn about the world.

It comes with a small LCD screen that will show BBC videos of the places they touch on the globe.

#2 Bodyboard

Two bodyboards for kids
Bodyboards for kids

Bodyboards (also known as boogie boards) are awesome travel gifts for 8-year-olds and above (younger is also possible if they know how to swim).

They are particularly great for kids with families who often travel to the beach, as these boards are mainly designed to ride waves.

#3 Scooter suitcase

A suitcase with a scooter
Suitcase scooter

I seriously wished they had these scooter suitcases when I was young! Parents will no longer have to carry their child’s suitcases because kids will love racing around with these suitcase scooters!

It’s available in all sorts of colors and prints, such as cars, princesses, llamas, or fairies, so there is one for every child.

The scooters can carry a weight up to 110 lbs, so generally kids up until the age of 10 should be fine.

#4 Foldable kick scooter

Foldable scooter
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you don’t want to go for the suitcase scooter, this foldable kick scooter is a fun alternative. It’s actually one of my favorite travel gifts for 8-year-olds and up. The fact that it’s foldable makes it easy to take on a trip. It’s also a good gift for kids whose parents love to walk everywhere, this scooter allows them to keep up with their parents!

Plus, it’s a fun activity for them to do at home too.

#5 Globe LEGO set

A LEGO package to make the globe
LEGO globe set

This is one of the most unique travel gift ideas for kids who love building with LEGO.

It’s also one of the most expensive gifts, but totally worth it if the kid loves LEGO.

#6 Camera for kids

A camera designed for kids
Camera for kids

For aspiring photographers or kids whose parents take photos of everything, this camera is a great gift idea.

The camera is super easy to handle, it has a selfie lens, a zoom camera, and even a video option. And the best thing? It’s designed to survive even the worst bumps, so even the clumsiest kids can play with it.

#7 Nintendo Switch Lite

A black Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite

This is another one of the pricier travel gift ideas for kids. But the good news is that they will be able to enjoy their Nintendo Switch Lite for ages and they can play tons of different games on it.

Plus, their parents might actually enjoy playing with it as well. (I used to own a Nintendo DS when I was a kid, but the only one who plays with it now is my mom).

#8 Tablet for kids

A blue tablet for kids
Tablet for kids

Tablets for kids are a true lifesaver for parents. Kids can entertain themselves for hours with a tablet and because they are specifically designed for kids, it’s bump proof.

#9 Take them out

I have said this many times before, experience gifts are the best types of gifts. And this applies to kids too!

So if you want to go for one of the best travel gifts for kids, go for a fun activity. You can find plenty of options on Viator, but to give you an idea, these are things you can think of:

  • Museums
  • Waterparks
  • Fun parks
  • National parks

#10 Hammock chairs

A pod swing for kids hanging from a tree
Pod swing

These hammock chairs can be used both inside and outside. So kids who are going camping can easily take this chair and have their own relaxing seat outdoors. And kids at home can use this chair in their room to add a bit of an outdoor vibe.

Mid-budget travel gifts for kids

#11 Snorkel gear

A snorkal that covers yoru entire face
Snorkel mask

There is so much to discover in the underwater world. And this full-face snorkel mask makes it super easy and comfortable for kids to explore!

#12 Kids pretzel kit

Pretzel kit for kids
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This pretzel kit is one of the best kids’ travel gifts for a family who just returned from Germany or who will travel there soon. It includes everything they need to make pretzels at home.

#13 Walkie-talkies

Walkie Talkies
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Walkie-talkies are super fun kid’s travel gifts for outdoor and adventurous kids!

#14 Rainboots with LED lights

Spiderman rain boots for kids with lights at the bottom
Spiderman rainboots

Rainboots are super practical travel gift ideas for kids who spend a lot of time outdoors.

This is also why it’s generally not the most exciting gift for kids to receive. Except if you buy these rainboots, that light up with every step the kid takes! They have built-in LED lights to make hiking in the rain and jumping in puddles even more exciting.

#15 Scratch maps

A scratch map of the entire world
Scratch map

There is something so oddly satisfying about scratching off things, and for kids who travel a lot, it’s even more satisfying to scratch off the places they have visited.

And it’s a great way for kids to learn more about geography.

#16 Wireless headphones for kids

Pink JBL headphones
JBL headphones

Headphones are really one of the most essential travel items, especially for traveling families. They allow each member of the family to have some me-time without disturbing the others.

Kids can watch TikTok videos, TV shows, or movies, or listen to their own music, without disturbing their parents. And trust me, once you’ve heard kids’ shows or music for an hour, you’ll be thanking whoever invented headphones.

#17 Waterproof backpack

Waterproof backpack
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for practical travel gifts for 8-year-olds or older, a kid-sized backpack is perfect. Especially for kids with families who spend a lot of time outdoors and hiking. A backpack adjusted to their size is essential.

#18 Binoculars for kids

Binoculars for kids

Are you looking for gifts for very a curious kid? Or for a child who is going on a safari with his or her parents soon?

Then these kids’ binoculars are perfect.

They magnify about 8 times, have a slip-proof grip, and soft rubber for the eyepieces.

#19 Water shooters

Water shooters
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Is there anything more fun than shooting water at other people? Especially when they least expect it.

Playing with water guns and shooters is something both kids and parents enjoy, so if you are looking for a fun gift that might lead to a water fight, these water shooters are perfect.

#20 Book about different countries

The travel book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Lonely Planet’s kids line includes brilliant books to inspire young kids to travel the world. One example is The Travel Book which includes fun facts and interesting information about different countries in the world.

If you are looking for educational travel gifts for 8-year-olds and older, this is perfect.

#21 Toss and catch ball game

Toss and catch game
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of my favorite travel gift ideas for kids who love being outdoors or camping. This toss-and-catch game can keep them occupied for hours. And it comes with six paddles so they can play with their travel friends too.

#22 Magnetic travel-sized board games

Magnetic board games
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These travel-sized magnetic board games are one of the best travel gift ideas for kids who love games and whose parents often go on road trips. They can play games in the back of the car without worrying about the pieces falling off the board.

The set includes twelve classic board games such as checkers, chess, snakes & ladders, and tic tac toe.

For more travel-sized games, check out #31.

#23 Floaties

A floatie in the shape of a unicorn
Unicorn floatie

I love floaties!

And even though I’m not a kid anymore, I know that kids love floaties too. So whether you are looking for travel gifts for 8-year-olds, 10-year-olds, or 11-year-olds, floaties are always a good idea. Especially if they’re leaving for summer vacation soon.

Though, for more summer kids’ travel gifts, check out #26.

#24 Travel pillow and sleeping mask

Travel pillow and sleeping mask
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This travel pillow and sleeping mask are great travel gifts for kids because they are both practical and really fun. If the kid in question loves unicorns, of course. But luckily you can find them in all kinds of colors and themes on Amazon.

#25 Kids’ explorer kit

Kid's explorer kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Some children are just born rangers and outdoor scouts. If your recipient is one of those kids, this explorer kit is a fun gift idea.

It includes things such as a sun hat, magnifier, compass, and more to make them feel like a ranger (or the new Stephen Irwin, though I doubt whether they know who that is).

#26 Swimsuits

Swimsuit for girls
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for practical kids’ travel gifts that they will actually take on vacation?

Then this cute swimsuit is perfect. You can choose from 17 different designs. And for boys, head over to Amazon too to find cool swim shorts.

#27 Scratch off poster

Scratch off poster with 100 places to visit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for something different than a regular scratch-off map, this scratch-off poster is a fun alternative.

Instead of scratching countries, kids will be scratching iconic places around the world, such as The Statue of Liberty, The Eiffel Tower, or the Taj Mahal. It’s a fun way to spark their interest in historical and cultural sites which they might not be interested in otherwise.

#28 Lap tray

Lap tray
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lap trays are super practical travel gift ideas for kids who often go on road trips or for kids who are too small to reach the airplane’s tray.

With their personal tray, they can play for hours and have everything they want and need within reach. And that will give mom and dad some rest.

Small budget travel gifts for kids

#29 Giant world map coloring poster

World map coloring poster
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for travel gifts for kids who love coloring and being creative?

Then this giant map (45.3 x 31.5 inches) is a really fun gift idea. It’s an animated poster of the world, so besides stimulating their creativity, they will also learn more about famous places around the world.

#30 Travel journal for kids

Travel journal for kids
Travel journal for kids

Are you looking for small travel gifts for kids who will be leaving for a trip soon?

Then a travel journal is a great gift idea. It’s a fun way to record their travel memories. Plus, it stimulates their creativity.

#31 Travel-sized games

Package and cards of the game "Dobble or Spot It"
Spot It

Travel-sized games are by far the best travel gifts for kids. I don’t think I’ve ever met a kid who doesn’t love games. So to give them something that’s small enough to take on any trip is a great idea.

The two options I selected here are UNO, the classic card game that basically any kid knows, or Spot It!, a super-fast connection game. But check out these 40 travel-sized games for more options.

#32 Colorful luggage tags

Luggage tags
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These super cute food-themed luggage tags are fun travel gift ideas for kids who travel a lot. They can personalize their suitcases in a fun and colorful way.

#33 Travel guides for kids

Paris city guide for kids
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What’s cooler for kids than giving mom and dad advice about the best things to do at their destination?

The Lonely Planet’s kids’ city guides are perfect for kids aged 8 years and older. It’s written in a fun and kid-proof way, so they will learn a bit about the history of each city as well as the best things to do.

#34 World map puzzle

World map puzzle
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Puzzles are awesome gift ideas if you want to give something with a bit of an educational twist.

Puzzles are great to practice their problem-solving skills, and because it’s a map of the world they will also practice their geography skills.

#35 Plane activity book

On the plane activity book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

An activity book is a great way to keep kids occupied on a plane or in the car. So this gift will not only make the child happy but their parents too.

Make sure you buy an activity book that’s appropriate for the kid’s age, I selected one for 6-9 years old and 9-11.

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The 35 best travel gifts for kids

Final note on travel gifts ideas for kids

Alright, I hope this post helped you to find the best travel gifts for kids. If you need some more inspiration, check out the editor’s top 3 again.


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