The 50+ Best Travel Gifts For Women

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Finding the best travel gifts for women can be quite challenging. I know, and I am a woman myself! But since I have spent hours gathering awesome gifts for this website, I found it rather easy to come up with over 50 great travel gifts for her, which I will happily share with you today.

In this post, you will come across funny and unique gifts for women who travel, cool techy gifts, practical small gifts, sweet and personal gifts, and anything in between. So let’s have a look, shall we?

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three travel gifts for her by budget.

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The best travel gifts for women

Travel gifts for women – large budgets

#1 A trip somewhere

Woman with Big Ben in background
Me on a trip to London I received for my birthday

Let’s start this list with what’s obviously one of the best gifts for women who travel.

A trip.

Find out which country or city she loves, head over to, and give the gift of travel. Maybe together, or you simply offer to pay for a trip. Simply write a sweet letter in which you explain your gift, or check out #21 and give a gift card for travel!

Or check out for awesome surprise trips where both you and the recipients won’t know where you’re going.

#2 Anti-theft shoulder bag

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Bags are super practical travel gifts for women, and even more so if they are specifically designed to keep pickpocketers out,m such as this anti-theft bag.

For more gifts to keep her and her belongings safe, check out these 25 travel safety gifts.

#3 State wine cork holder

Map of California with holes for wine corks
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These wine cork holders in the shape of the various states in the US are great travel gifts for women who love wine, the US, and maps.

#4 Photo collage of her travel photos

Photo collage
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

A photo collage of her favorite travel photos is one of the best personalized gifts for her.

Or you could make a collage of a trip you took together.

#5 International tasting set

Box with tea gifts
Photo courtesy of Whittard

One of the best gifts for women who love travel and food are tasting sets of international beverages or food, such as this around-the-world tea gift from my tea gifts list.

Some other tasting sets you could think of include:

#6 E-reader

Ereader with The Alchemist photo
My PocketBook e-reader

E-readers are the best travel gifts for women who love to read. As you can probably imagine, travelers can’t take too many books on a trip. They are simply too heavy. So for those, an e-reader is the perfect gift.

Personally, I have PocketBook and I am super happy with it.

But you could also check out Amazon’s Kindle or other Kobo Clara.

#7 Rain jacket

Woman wearinga rain jacket
Photo courtesy of The North Face

Rain jackets are super practical, yet fun travel gifts for women. One of my favorite travel brands is The North Face, so check out their current offer of rain jackets.

For cheaper alternatives, check out Amazon.

Or if you like the idea of giving clothes, check out #39 on this list for a cheaper alternative.

#8 Travel steamer

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Travel-sized steamers are the best travel gifts for women who love to look fashionable even on vacation. Folding clothes in a backpack or suitcase will always cause some wrinkles somewhere, no matter how skilled of a packer she is. But with this steamer, she can remove all wrinkles from her clothes after arrival and look flawless!

#9 International DIY food kits

Photo courtesy of Amazon

DIY food kits are another example of great travel gifts for her. If she loves cooking of course!

And for women who love Spain, this awesome DIY paella kit on Amazon is perfect!

#10 Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

Photo courtesy of Amazon

A mobile Wi-FI hotspot is one of the best gifts for her if you want her to have a reliable internet connection anywhere and anytime!

#11 Online language course

The best gifts for women who travel a lot are small gifts that can easily be taken on a trip. Or gifts that don’t take up any space at all, such as a cool skill she can bring anywhere!

And for that, language courses are perfect.

You could give an online language course from Udemy. They offer courses in any language you can think of from Turkish to Japanese and many more. Or simply buy language course boxes or books such as Spanish books for beginners.

#12 Portable mini espresso maker

Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for the best travel gifs for women who love coffee, look no further! This portable mini espresso maker is exactly what you are looking for!

#13 Photographer gear backpack

A black backpack with special compartments for camera gear
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Is she really into photography?

Then photography-related gifts are by far the best travel gifts for her, such as this backpack for all her photography gear.

#14 Portable Bluetooth speaker

Music speaker
Photo courtesy of JBL

Speakers are the best travel gifts for women who love music. And let’s be honest, which woman (or human for that matter) doesn’t love music?

JBL is one of my favorite brands, especially the JBL GO model because it’s small and lightweight.

#15 More travel gifts for women who love music: headphones

Beat ear buds in a case
My Beats Fit Pro

Sometimes she just wants to listen to music by herself (or perhaps sometimes the people in her surroundings want her to listen to her music by herself 😉 and for those moments, Beats Fit Pro are perfect!

They come with noise-canceling, and a flexible ear tip to make them super comfortable to wear, but also tight enough for running and exercises!

#16 Shoes

Photo courtesy of Amazon

I would only recommend shoes as travel gifts for her if you actually know her shoe size and perhaps more importantly, her style.

Another thing to keep in mind is that travel shoes do need to be practical. High heels are generally not the most practical shoes to take on a trip. Unless she’s traveling with a large backpack or suitcase of course.

In other cases, I would opt for small flip-flops, cute sandals, hiking shoes, or sneakers such as these Sketchers.

#17 Camping gifts for her

Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for the best travel gifts for women who love camping, perhaps this complete camping cooking set is what you are looking for.

Travel gifts for women – mid-budgets

#18 Hammock

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Hammocks are another great example of travel gifts for women who love camping and chilling outdoors.

#19 Money

Origami suitcase from money
Money is always a good gift for travelers

Money is probably one of the least unique travel gifts for her, but I decided to include it anyways.

First of all, because it is super practical. Traveling is quite an expensive hobby (I know from experience).

And second of all, because you can actually turn money into a super cute and personal gift.

How you may wonder?

By not simply putting money in an envelope, but turning it into a cool origami or by turning it into a money photo frame.

Check out this list of 76 unique ways to give cash for more inspiration!

#20 Money belt

Core Hemp Fanny Pack Waist
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Alright, maybe simply gifting money wasn’t the perfect gift for you. How about this money belt so she can keep her money safe and still look fashionable?

And no worries if you don’t agree with me on the fashionable part. You can find more than plenty of money belts on Amazon, either well-hidden or more fashionable ones.

#21 Gift cards

Photo by David Balev on Unsplash

Just like money, gift cards will probably never win the award for the most unique travel gift for her. But that doesn’t make them any less useful.

Some travel gift cards you can think of are Virgin Experience Gifts, AirBnB,, and Pack & Go. The last three are all available on Amazon too.

#22 Sun hat

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Sun hats are great gifts for women who travel to sunny destinations and the beach a lot, and who love to look fashionable while doing so!

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Is she really into jigsaw puzzles?

Why not go for a puzzle of her favorite travel destination, such as this 1000-piece Santorini puzzle?

It’s perfect for people who are obsessed with Greece. But of course, you can find a cool puzzle for pretty much any country, city, or national park she loves.

#24 Photo album

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Pics or it didn’t happen!

Well, with this photo album, she can collect all her awesome pictures and memories, so she can always look back at her trip and remember it actually happened.

#25 Guidebooks

Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you already know her next destination, a travel guide would be a great gift. Even if she already has the general travel guide to that country, you may still find a guide about a specific region, the best hikes, or the culture and practices of that country or state.

Check out our destinations page, because for each destination we always gather a few of the best guidebooks.

Or simply head over to Amazon to find the perfect guidebook for her next destination, and if you don’t know what her next destination is going to be, check out the next gift.

#26 Fun travel books for her

Photo courtesy of Amazon

I should probably dedicate an entire post to finding the best travel-related books since there are so many awesome books.

But until then, I just selected five that I personally love. But if you think these books are not the best gift for your lady, don’t get discouraged and head over to Amazon to find a lot (and I truly mean a lot) of fun books related to travel.

  1. National Geographic’s Destinations of a Lifetime
  2. Moon’s Wanderlust
  3. Lonely Planet’s Sustainable Escapes
  4. DK Eyewitness’ Unforgettable Journeys
  5. Stephan Brock’s Hidden Travel

#27 A gift from a country she loves

Photo courtesy of Amazon

The fact that you’ve remembered her favorite country and went to the trouble of finding a gift related to that country, truly shows how much you care for her.

And don’t worry, it’s not actually a lot of trouble to find gifts related to her favorite country. Simply head over to our gifts by destinations page and we will help you out!

Or if you are looking for the best French gifts, check out this French boule set.

#28 Travel packing cubes

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Travel packing cubes are very helpful to keep her bag organized and these compression packing cubes will actually help her to fit more in her bag.

#29 Blender to-go

Photo courtesy of Amazon

This portable blender is one of the great gifts for women who travel and who love juices. With this blender, they can drink yummy juices wherever they go.

#30 Sustainable travel gifts for her

three different packages of ethique toiletery bars
Ethique shampoo bars

Ethique’s shampoo and conditioner bars are perfect for sustainable travelers who want to stay fresh and take care of the environment.

These bars come with plastic bottles and will help your favorite traveler reduce her plastic waste with each shower!

#31 Jewelry organizer

A pink jewelry organizer
Photo courtesy of Amazon

One of the best gifts for women who love accessories is a jewelry organizer.

#32 World map

Photo courtesy of Amazon

World maps and travelers are a combination that always works well. Especially if she can scratch off the places she has visited already, and dream about the countries that are still to be visited. And I guess that’s what makes scratch maps great travel gifts for her.

#33 Travel-sized cocktail kit

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Travel-sized cocktail kits are awesome travel gifts for women who love cocktails. These kits allow her to change an ordinary soda into a fancy cocktail in the blink of an eye.

Check out the Mojito kit or other cocktail kits on Amazon.

#34 Safe travel gifts for her

Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for the best travel gifts for her that also show her how much you love her, then safe travel gifts are the way to go. I dedicated an entire post to the 25 best gifts to keep travelers safe, so definitely check that one out for more inspiration.

Or opt for this scarf with hidden pockets, so their valuables remain safe and hidden.

#35 Travel mug

Travel mug
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Remember I told you I would share another great gift for women who love coffee and travel? What about a travel mug to keep her coffee hot wherever she goes?

Obviously, this also works for women who love tea or hot chocolate!

I really liked this “Oh for fox sake” travel mug, but check out Zazzle for more inspiration.

#36 International cookbooks

The best Turkish cookbooks
The best Turkish cookbooks from the Turkey gift guide

Cookbooks with international inspiration are amazing gifts for women who love to cook and travel! They can use the recipes to travel around the world through food. Some of my favorite cookbooks include.

Travel gifts for women – small budgets

#37 Laundry bag

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Alright, I’ll be honest with you. Laundry bags are not the most exciting gifts for women who travel.

I mean how can something related to laundry be exciting anyways?

But with this world map design, it’s actually a super cute ánd practical gift.

#38 Travel-sized razor

Photo courtesy of Amazon

A travel-sized razor is a great gift for her if you are looking for something small and practical.

#39 Travel clothes

Pink shirt with text "not all those who wander are lost"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This t-shirt is a simple yet practical gift for women who travel. Every traveler needs to bring clothes on a trip, so clothing is a super safe, yet fun gift.

#40 Vintage travel poster

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Travel-related posters or wall art are great travel gifts for her. For example, these vintage travel posters.

#41 Travel-sized games

Photo courtesy of Amazon

I’m a huge game lover myself (and by game, I mean card or board games, not online games), so I guess that’s why I consider travel-sized games one of the best travel gifts for women.

Some games you can think of are:

  • Bananagrams
  • Uno
  • Spot It!
  • Set of 12 small games

#42 Vacation fund piggy bank

Photo courtesy of Amazon

I already told you that traveling is an expensive hobby, so piggy banks to help her save for the next trip are great travel gifts for her.

Check out my 25 favorite travel piggy banks, or go for this wooden vacation fund.

#43 Electronic organizer bag

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Even though traveling may often involve going back to the basics, most travelers these days can’t travel without electronics. (This is why I dedicated an entire post to finding the best tech gifts for travelers).

But with all these cables and electronic devices, things may sometimes get messy. And for that, the technology organizer bag was invented. I quite like this cute pink one, but I can imagine that pink is not loved by every woman, so check out Amazon for more cool options!

#44 Passport cover

A green passport cover with a small icon of an airplane
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Passport covers are not the most unique travel gifts for her. However, they are perfect small, practical, and affordable gifts.

Plus you can turn it into a super personal and sweet gift, by picking one of the personalized passport covers!

#45 Toiletry bags

A hanging toiletery bag with flamingo design
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Just as the passport covers, toiletry bags are not really one of the most unique travel gifts for her either.

#46 Sleeping masks

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Since I am on fire with the not-so-unique travel gifts for her, here’s another one; sleeping masks.

#47 Personalized vouchers

Photo courtesy of Amazon

I think by now you get the point that I am really into personalized gifts. If not, now you know 😉

Personalized vouchers can be used to literally give anything, but here are some ideas:

  • A night in a hotel
  • A ticket to a concert/museum/entertainment park/movie/anything they like
  • Dinner at a restaurant of their choice
  • A massage
  • A favor from you without any questions asked
  • A ride to the airport from you

For more ideas and instructions on how to make these vouchers yourself, check out the DIY guide to homemade coupon books.

#48 Tote bags

Tote bag
Photo courtesy of Redbubble

Tote bags make great travel gifts for women and men alike. I love the fact that you can find designs for literally any theme, so there’s a tote bag for every recipient.

For now, I picked this “let’s go” tote bag by Red Bubble, but check out Redbubble to find a design you like.

#49 Travel-themed adult coloring book

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Coloring books are awesome relaxing travel gifts for women, especially if they are related to travel, such as this Lonely Planet travel coloring book!

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Jewelry always makes great gifts, so it had to be included on a list of the best travel gifts for her. But of course, the jewelry has to relate to travel in some way or another, such as the cute globe necklace on the photo.

Other alternatives include:

#51 Travel towel

Photo courtesy of Amazon

For those of you who are asking yourselves

“What in fox sake is a travel towel?”

It’s a small microfiber towel, that dries way faster than a regular towel and weighs about a tenth of a regular towel. In order words, it’s the perfect towel for people who don’t have a lot of space in their bags.

#52 Small travel gifts for women: keyrings

keychain with an airplane and "stay safe whereever you go"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Keyrings are perfect small gifts for women who travel. Check out Amazon for different designs, or just pick this sweet one with an airplane.

#53 More small travel gifts for her: luggage tags

Photo courtesy of Amazon

I know luggage tags may not be the most unique travel gifts for her, but at least they are practical, and if you pick the right one, cute, sweet, and personal.

Check out Amazon to find tons of different designs, such as this cute Bon Voyage one.

#54 Travel journal

Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for unique travel gifts for her, this travel journal might not be the gift you are looking for.

I am not going to lie to you.

I love travel journals, and I know most travelers do too. That’s why I wrote an entire post collecting the 25 best travel journals. But however practical they may be, they are not super unique. But if you’re looking for practical instead of unique gifts, they are the perfect option!

Save these unique travel gifts for her

The best travel gifts for women


Hi, I’m Lara, a 29-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!