The 25 Best Gifts For Vodka Lovers

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Bottle of vodka

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If you are looking for the best gifts for vodka lovers, here is my number one tip. The best vodka lover gifts are bottles of vodka, of course! Now, obviously, that’s not one of the most unique vodka gifts. And that’s why you will find 24 more awesome gifts today. From unique bottles of vodka to funny vodka gift sets or home decor items. You will find something for any type of recipient!

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the 25 best vodka gifts for vodka lovers

Vodka gifts for large budgets

#1 Vodka shots chessboard

Shots chessboard

Are you looking for unique gifts for vodka lovers who love games?

Then this chessboard with shot glasses is the perfect gift. Each glass represents a specific chess piece, and you can fill them up with shots of vodka. So the recipient can combine his love for games and vodka.


Technically this is not just a vodka shots chessboard, you can actually play it with all sorts of shots. (Even shots of lemonade if you don’t feel like drinking). But, I just thought it was one of the funniest and most unique gifts, so I had to include it.

It’s actually also a great gift for alcohol lovers.

#2 Personalized decanter

personalized glass bottle
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

If you are not sure what to buy, a personalized gift is always a good idea.

Personalized gifts show that you have really made an effort to find something unique for the recipient. And one of those great unique and personalized gifts for vodka lovers is this decanter. Where you can get the recipient’s last name and initials etched.

#3 Vodka tasting

Alcohol shop
Photo by Jakob Rubner on Unsplash

This is one of the best gifts for vodka lovers who also love to travel; take them on a vodka-tasting trip!

Check out Viator to find awesome vodka-tasting tours around the world, for example in Poland, or try to find one close to the recipient’s home.

#4 Vodka serving set

Vodka serving set

True vodka connoisseurs know that the best way to serve vodka is ice cold.

But how do you keep your vodka shots cold and serve them in a cool way?

Well, that’s where this vodka serving set comes in.

The middle part is reserved for ice, and around you can place six shot glasses with vodka. So the shots actually stay cold and the recipient doesn’t need to drink six glasses all at once. (Although, that would definitely be the start of a very interesting and drunken night).

#5 Moscow mule glasses

Moscow mule set

One of the most popular cocktails with vodka is the Moscow mule. And though, I can imagine that true vodka connoisseurs will consider mixing vodka with something else a waste. There are also many vodka lovers who simply love a good Moscow mule too.

So if you are looking for vodka gifts for someone who doesn’t mind mixing vodka, this set with traditional Moscow mule copper mugs is the perfect gift.

For more Moscow mule gifts, check out #16. And for more cocktail-themed gifts, check out these 25 awesome cocktail gifts.

#6 Vodka-themed phone case

Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The 140 different vodka-themed phone cases on Zazzle are great gifts for vodka lovers who are addicted to their phones!

I quite liked the “weather forecast” phone case with a 100% chance of vodka. But of course, you can find plenty of options on Zazzle.

#7 Bottle of vodka

Bottle of grey goose vodka
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

Alright, I did my best to select 25 unique vodka gifts for vodka lovers, but of course, there is only one gift that will satisfy them all.

And that is a bottle of vodka of course!

Now, vodka connoisseurs probably have a favorite vodka brand, so I would suggest you try to find out what it is before you buy a shitty vodka.

My second tip is to not buy the cheapest bottle because they usually taste like pure ethanol. (I know, if you are not into vodka, you’ll probably think all vodkas taste like that, but trust me, vodka lovers can taste the difference).

And my last tip is to go for a unique bottle of vodka. For example, a bottle from their favorite county or a limited edition bottle.

One example is this bottle of French vodka, which actually a very popular vodka brand around the world. Or go for flavored vodkas, such as the typical Polish Bison grass vodka.

#8 Vodka infusion kit

Vodka infusion kit

This is one of the best vodka lover gifts for people who love flavored vodkas or for people who love DIY projects.

With this kit, they can infuse a bottle of vodka in about any flavor they want. Alright, that’s not actually true. The kit comes with twelve different fragment spices which they can use for their vodka infusion. But they can combine these flavors in any way they want.

Vodka gifts for mid budgets

#10 Belgian-themed vodka gifts

Manneken pis dispenser

If you are looking for unique vodka gifts for someone who loves Belgium, this is the best gift for you!

In case you are not familiar with Belgian culture, here is a short explanation of why a peeing little boy is typically Belgian.

First of all, let me answer your most pruning question. No, it’s not customary in Belgium for young boys to piss anywhere. Please don’t do that, you will actually get a fine.

This dispenser is based on one of the most famous Belgian statues called Manneken Pis (literally translates to peeing little man). It’s a tiny statue of a peeing little boy in Brussels.

So if you are looking for unique gifts for vodka lovers, this dispenser to serve vodka is by far the best gift.

#11 Vodka recipes book

Hello! 365 Vodka drink recipes

Hello! 365 Vodka drink recipes

Are you looking for vodka gifts for people who love to try new things? Then this book with 365 different vodka recipes is perfect. And if you are looking for something with even more variation, check out the next book!

The Vodka 1000

The Vodka 1000: The ultimate collection of vodka cocktails, recipes, facts, and resources

This is one of the best vodka gifts for people who love to know everything about vodka and try new recipes. The book includes 750 vodka cocktails, 50 vodka food recipes, 50 facts about vodka, 50 of the best vodka producers, and an additional 100 websites for more information!

#12 Vodka-themed tumbler

Vodka-themed tumbler

This is one of my favorite gifts for vodka lovers who also love coffee.

A tumbler to keep their coffee warm (or vodka cold, depending on what they put in, of course).

#13 Vodka-themed flask

Vodka flask

Do you need gifts for vodka lovers who always smuggle a bottle of vodka with them?

Then help them smuggle vodka even better and with even more style with this funny “living la vida vodka” flask.

#14 Best books for vodka lovers

How to be a vodka snob

How to be a vodka snob

Are you looking for vodka lover gifts for people who would love to become true connoisseurs? Then this is the book you need!


Vodka: How a colorless, odorless, flavorless spirit conquered America

This is one of the best vodka gifts for people who are interested in history, They can learn everything about the history of vodka in the US.

Vodka: The complete guide

Vodka: The complete guide

The last book on this list is a great overall book. The vodka guide includes information about the complete history of vodka (beyond the US), famous brands, and more.

#15 Vodka-themed passport cover

Passport cover with vodka shopping list
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for vodka gifts for travelers?

Then this cute passport cover with a vodka shopping list is perfect!

#16 DIY Moscow mule travel kit

DIY Moscow mule kit

This is one of my favorite gifts for vodka lovers who travel a lot; a travel-sized Moscow mule kit.

This kit is small enough to be taken on a plane and it includes all the ingredients (except for vodka) to make a delicious Moscow mule in no time. Plus it’s enough to make three servings of a Moscow mule, so the recipient can either get drunk alone or share a Moscow mule with others.

For more DIY cocktail kits, check out the cocktail gift guide.

Vodka gifts for small budgets

#17 Funny vodka-themed socks

Vodka-themed socks

Are you looking for funny gifts for vodka lovers?

Then these socks with the text “Vodka made me do it” are perfect.

#18 Vodka-themed wall art

Metal tin with cat

Do you need gifts for vodka lovers who love vodka so much, that they would decorate their entire home with vodka-related items?

Then any of the vodka-themed wall art items on Amazon will make great gifts.

I quite liked this metal tin of a cat holding a bottle of Tito’s vodka, but that only works if Tito is the recipient’s favorite vodka brand.

#19 Vodka-themed luggage tag

Luggage tag with power in vodka
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Just like the passport covers, the vodka-themed luggage tags on Zazzle are another example of practical vodka gifts for travelers.

#20 Vodka tasting journal

Vodka tasting journal

This is one of the best gifts for vodka drinkers for people who consider themselves true vodka connoisseurs. Or for people who would like to become one.

They can keep track of all the vodkas they’ve tasted in a structured way. The notebook includes specific prompts to help them remember all the details of every single vodka they try.

#21 Vodka keychain

Keychains are one of my favorite small gifts for any type of recipient. So if you are looking for funny and small vodka gifts, this keychain is the gift you need.

#22 Funny vodka-themed box

“Trust me you can dance” box

If you are looking for random vodka lover gifts for someone’s home, this box is a great gift idea.

It’s a small and funny gift for anyone who loves vodka (and for anyone who doesn’t love vodka).

At my house, we actually have a poster with the same text and I am not really a big fan of vodka myself. But I do love our poster.

In fact, I love it so much, that I included another gift with the same text, check out #24.

#23 Coloring book for adults

Coloring book

I know, I know. This coloring book is not really specific for vodka drinkers. But since vodka gets you pretty drunk, I thought it was still one of the best vodka lover gifts. Plus it’s a great gift to help vodka drinkers to relax when they’re not drinking.

I talked about this in my meditation gift guide as well, but coloring books for adults can have a stress-relieving effect.

#24 Vodka-themed tote bag

Tote bag with: Trust me you can dance
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are great small vodka lover gifts for any type of recipient. (If you pick one of the 200+ vodka-themed tote bags on Zazzle, of course).

I already told you that I love the “Trust me you can dance” quote by Vodka. So obviously, that was my favorite tote bag. But there are plenty of different designs to choose from.

#25 Vodka-themed shirt

Vodka shirt

This shirt with the text “Today’s good mood is sponsored by vodka” is a funny gift for someone who loves vodka (and who actually needs a bit of vodka to get in a good mood).

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The 25 best vodka gifts for vodka lovers

Final note on gifts for vodka lovers

Alright, these were the 25 best vodka lover gifts. Do you need more help? Check out the editor’s top three by budget.

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