The Ultimate Guide To Colorado Gifts: 25 Perfect Gifts For Any Occasion

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Landscape at the Garden of Gods in Colorado

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Are you looking for the best Colorado gifts for a friend, family member, or colleague? Look no further than this Centennial State gift guide! Colorado is home to a diverse range of products and souvenirs that are sure to impress even the most discerning recipient. Whether you’re looking for unique souvenirs or gifts from Colorado to remember your own trip, a gift for a special occasion, or something that captures the essence of Colorado, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best Colorado-themed gifts on the market, perfect for any occasion. From artisanal foods to handmade crafts, we’ve scoured the state to bring you a selection of the finest gifts Colorado has to offer. So sit back, relax, and let us help you find the perfect Colorado gift!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Colorado gifts by budget.

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25 Colorado gift ideas with a photo of the skyline in Denver

Colorado gifts for large budgets

#1 Colorado nature scratch posters

Colorado fourteeners scratch-off posters
Colorado fourteeners scratch-off posters

I love scratch-off posters, and I know many people share this obsession with me.

There is just something so satisfying in scratching off something from your bucket list.

Or, in the case of Colorado fans, scratching off something awesome to see and do in Colorado.

The two scratch-off posters I selected for you today are great for outdoor and nature lovers.

The first one is perfect for mountaineers as it includes all 58 of Colorado’s mountains that are above 14,000 feet.

The second poster is great for nature lovers who don’t necessarily want to conquer all peaks, they can simply scratch off all of Colorado’s state parks they have visited.

#2 Gift basket

A gift basket with the flag of Colorado cooziers, a candle, hot sauce, and a mug
Photo courtesy of Ship Sunshine Gifts

Looking for Colorado gift ideas that perfectly capture the spirit of the Centennial State?

Look no further than this Colorado-themed gift basket! Packed with all sorts of goodies, from Colorado State flag can coolers to a metal campfire mug, this basket has everything that a Colorado lover could ever need.

Plus, with a Colorado-scented candle (that’s included in the basket too) and an all-purpose green hot sauce made with Colorado-grown jalapeno and hatch green chilies, you’ll be able to bring the sights, sounds, and smells of the Centennial State right into their homes.

#3 Colorado experience gifts

I’m a big advocate for experience over material gifts, so personally, I think a Colorado experience gift is by far the best option on this list! It allows them to experience the beauty of the state firsthand. From hiking to skiing to hot air balloon rides, there is something for every adventurer in Colorado (check out Virgin Experience Gifts for all options).

Plus, it’s a gift that creates memories that will last a lifetime. And let’s be real, who needs more stuff when you can have an adventure in the Rocky Mountains?

#4 State flower map paint kit

A paint kit of the map of Colorado with the state's national flower
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This Colorado map state flower watercolor paint kit is a fantastic Colorado gift idea for people who love both painting and Colorado, and who want to bring a touch of the state’s natural beauty into their homes. It allows them to explore their artistic side and it’s a great way to keep them occupied during those long, snowy Colorado winters when there’s not much to do but paint and drink hot cocoa.

#5 Homesick candle

Colorado homesick candle
Colorado homesick candle

A homesick Colorado-scented candle is the perfect gift for Colorado lovers who moved out of state or who recently moved in. It brings a piece of the state right into their home.

The scent of the candle can transport them back to their favorite spots in Colorado, whether it be the crisp mountain air, the smell of pine trees, or the aroma of a cozy cabin

#6 Colorado map

A vintage looking map of Colorado
Photo courtesy of We Frame Art

Looking for Colorado gifts that are both classy and educational?

Then maps of Colorado (such as this vintage one) are the perfect choice for any Colorado lover. Not only does it look great on any wall, but it also serves as a reminder of all the cool places they’ve visited and still need to explore. For more map designs, check out Etsy.

#7 Colorado-themed wall art

Wooden art with the flag of Colorado and mountain looking art
Photo courtesy of Barnwood Bits Boutique

Are you looking for more Colorado-themed gifts to add a bit of flair and Centennial State Pride to someone’s home?

Then check out Etsy for all the awesome Colorado-inspired wall art options. From keyholders and coat hangers to maintain-themed designs, such as this wooden one, there is something for every type of Colorado fan.

#8 Colorado-themed sweatshirts

Two sweatshirts with Colorado embroidered
Photo courtesy of Palismade

Colorado-themed sweatshirts are awesome Colorado gift ideas for anyone who loves to stay cozy and stylish while showing off their love for the Centennial State. Whether they prefer the classic Colorado flag design or something more creative, you can find them in all sorts of designs on Etsy. So go ahead and give the gift of warmth, comfort, and Colorado pride all in one!

Colorado gifts for mid budgets

#9 Colorado-themed coloring book

Colorful Colorado
Colorful Colorado

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore!

This Colorado-themed coloring book is perfect for anyone who loves to color and has a love for all things Colorado. It’s a fun and relaxing way to spend their time, and they can color in all their favorite Colorado landmarks, wildlife, and scenery.

#10 Coloradical hat

Coloradical hat
Coloradical hat

If you’re looking for Colorada gift ideas that top off your Colorado lover’s wardrobe, Coloradical hats are the perfect accessory.

Not only do they protect the recipient from the sun’s intense rays while hiking or skiing, but they also show off their Colorado pride in style. Plus, it’s a local brand which also makes it a great gift from Colorado to bring home to friends and family who live out of state.

#11 Travel mug

A travel mug with Colorado written in colorful letters
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If your Colorado-loving friend is anything like me, they’re constantly on the go, exploring every corner of the state. And what better way to fuel their adventures than with a stylish Colorado-themed travel mug?

Whether they’re sipping coffee on a brisk morning hike or taking a swig of hot cocoa while skiing down the slopes, this mug will keep their beverage of choice hot and delicious. Plus, with its colorful Colorado design, they’ll always have a piece of their favorite state with them on the go.

#12 Books about Colorado

Halfway to Heaven book
Halfway to Heaven

Halfway to Heaven: My white-knuckled and knuckleheaded quest for the Rocky Mountain high

Halfway to Heaven is the perfect Colorado gift for those who love the outdoors, enjoy a good laugh, and appreciate a little bit of danger (from the safety of their couch, of course). Plus, it’s a great way to live vicariously through the author’s experiences without actually having to climb a mountain (or all of Colorado’s fourteeners) yourself.

The bookseller: A novel
The bookseller: A novel

The bookseller: A novel

The Bookseller” is a great Colorado-themed gift for those who appreciate a good story with a twist. The novel is set in Denver during the 1960s, so readers will get a sense of the city’s history and atmosphere during that time period.

The great book of Colorado: The crazy history of Colorado with amazing random facts and trivia
The great book of Colorado

The great book of Colorado: The crazy history of Colorado with amazing random facts and trivia

The last book on the list is one of the best Colorado gift ideas for people who love history and fun facts (who would have guessed, right).

#13 Bucket list poster

Colorado bucket list scratch off poster
Photo courtesy of Destination Scratched

If you loved the idea of a scratch-off poster, you will love this Colorado bucket list one too.

With no less than 60 must-see destinations and activities, the recipient will never run out of things to do in the Centennial State.

And who doesn’t love scratching things off a list? Plus, it makes a great wall decoration for their home or office. So whether they’re a Colorado native or just visiting, this bucket list poster will get them ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

#14 Cookbook

Tasting Colorado cookbook
Tasting Colorado cookbook

Colorado cookbooks are awesome Colorado gift ideas for anyone who wants to taste their way through the Centennial State!

Whether they’re a seasoned chef or just starting out, this cookbook is filled with mouth-watering recipes that showcase the best of Colorado’s cuisine. From Rocky Mountain trout to Colorado green chili and the classic Colorado cheeseburger, this cookbook has something for every taste bud. And if they’re not a great cook, no worries, at least they’ll have a pretty book to put on their coffee table.

#15 Colorado-themed mug

Mug in Colorado theme
Mug in Colorado theme

Mugs are one of the best Colorado-themed gifts if you go for a cute one such as this one with a Colorado mountain design.

It’s the perfect vessel for sipping on some delicious Colorado coffee, hot cocoa, or beer (we won’t judge). They can wrap their hands around the mug, take a deep breath, and feel like they’re back in the mountains. Plus, every time they use it, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness and their love for the state.

#16 Colorado travel guides

Hiking Colorado's hidden gems travel guide
Hiking Colorado’s hidden gems

Hiking Colorado’s hidden gems

Who said travel guides are only for tourists? This hiking travel guide is actually one of the best Colorado gifts for locals who love to walk and hike around their state’s beautiful landscapes. The book includes 40 of the best-kept secret trails of Colorado, so even the most avid hikers in Colorado will find a new trail.

Weird Colorado travel guide
Weird Colorado

Weird Colorado: Your travel guide to Colorado’s local legend and best-kept secrets

This travel guide is actually one of the Colorado gift ideas that could work for both tourists and locals. Tourists get to discover the hidden gems and fun and interesting stories, while locals get to explore a new side of their state.

Fodor's Colorado travel guide
Fodor’s Colorado

Fodor’s Colorado

The last travel guide on this list is mostly aimed at tourists who want to explore all the beauty that Colorado has to offer. So if you are looking for Colorado-themed gifts for someone who is traveling there soon, this is the perfect option for you.

#17 Colorado-themed passport cover

A passport cover with Colorado written in colorful letters and icons of the flag and mountains
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Colorado gifts for someone who travels a lot?

Then check out all Colorado-themed passport covers on Zazzle.

From cool Denver skylines to Rocky Mountain themes, there is a passport cover for anyone!

Colorado gifts for small budgets

#18 Colorado map serve and cutting board

Colorado cutting board
Colorado cutting board

Are you looking for Colorado gifts that are both practical and sentimental?

Then check out this serving and chopping board with the map of Colorado. They can use it to chop up their favorite Colorado-grown produce, meats, and cheeses, while also showing off their state pride. It’s also a great way to add some Colorado flair to their kitchen and make meal prep more enjoyable.

#19 Luggage tags

A blue luggage tag with "hike Colorado"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Luggage tags are another cool Colorado gift idea for people who travel a lot. They can easily locate their luggage with Zazzle’s unique Colorado-themed tags.

#20 Socks

colorful Colorado-themed socks
Colorado-themed socks

Do you need small, but fun, Colorado-themed gifts?

Then these Colorado state socks are great for you! The socks let the recipients show off their state pride from head to toe. It’s a subtle way to let everyone know where their heart truly lies. Plus, who doesn’t love a good pair of socks (especially fun and colorful ones such as these)?

They’re a practical gift that will get plenty of use, and they’ll think of you every time they put them on.

#21 Colorado necklace

Colorado necklace
Colorado necklace

A Colorado map-shaped necklace is one of the best gifts from Colorado for women who love the Centennial State. It’s the perfect way to show off her love for the state in a stylish and fashionable way. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter for when they inevitably run into someone who shares their passion for the Rockies.

#22 Glasses

Beer glass with icons of mountains and Colorado
Photo courtesy of Colorado Modern

What’s a better way to enjoy a cold beverage than in a glass that screams “I love Colorado!”?

The Colorado-themed drinking glasses on Etsy not only show off their love for the state but also make any drink taste better. Whether it’s a refreshing beer after a long hike or a cozy hot cocoa on a snowy day, sipping from a Colorado-themed glass will transport them back to the beauty and adventure of the Centennial State.

#23 Colorado-themed coasters

Colorado map coasters
Colorado map coasters

Coasters might seem like a boring gift, but not when they’re Colorado-themed!

These coasters will not only protect their furniture, but they will also transport their minds to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and more.

#24 Tote bags

Tote bag with a photo of the Rocky Mountains
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need Colorado gifts that are practical, stylish, sustainable, and show off their love for the Centennial State?

Then check out all tote bags on Zazzle!

They can use it to carry groceries, books, hiking gear, or even their pet chihuahua (if it fits).

#25 Colorado calendar

Colorado calendar
Colorado calendar

A Colorado-themed calendar is one of the best gifts from Colorado because it lets the recipient admire his or her favorite state all year round.

They can stare longingly at gorgeous mountain vistas, dream about summer adventures, and count down the days until ski season. Plus, every time they flip the page, they’ll learn something new about the state, like which festivals to attend or the best spots for leaf peeping.

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25 Amazing gifts from Colorado with a photo of a landscape at the Rocky Mountains

Final note one Colorado gift ideas

I hope that this list helped you to Colorado gift ideas that will impress the Colorado lover in your life and show them how much you care about their passion for this beautiful state. And if you need more help, check out the editor’s top 3.

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