The 33 Best Travel Gift Cards Of The Year

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When it comes to last-minute gift ideas for travelers, there’s no hero quite like the trusty travel gift card. But here’s the million-dollar question: what is the best gift card for travelers? We’ve got the answers!

In today’s post, we’ve gathered the 33 best travel gift card ideas that adventurous souls will absolutely adore and, more importantly, put to good use. From the best hotel gift cards to the best airline vouchers, we’ve summed them all up for you in today’s list!

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Make your gift card stand out

Are you worried that your gift card will be perceived as a bad gift? Think again! When I asked travel bloggers to share their worst gift ever and what they would have liked instead, many mentioned a gift card so they could choose their own gift!

And if you’re still not convinced, try these awesome ideas to make your gift card stand out!

Save these travel gift cards

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The best travel gift cards for travelers

Best international travel gift cards

#1 Flytographer

Flytographer logo
Photo courtesy of Flytographer

This is probably my favorite gift card for travel lovers on this list; a card that gives the recipient the option to book professional photographers in about 350 locations across the globe! From a professional shoot at the foot of Macchu Picchu to one at the Eiffel Tower.

The Flytographer gift card may be rather pricey but it’s definitely worth every penny!

I mean, pictures are one of the best ways to make memories memorable, and what better photos than ones taken by professionals?

#2 Tinggly gift cards

Tinggly travel gift cards
Photo courtesy of Tinggly

Tinggly offers tours, getaways, experiences, and activities around the world. You can go for a Tinggly e-gift card, and decide for yourself how much money want to put on the gift card.

But what’s cool about Tinggly is that they offer all sorts of pre-designed gift cards for travelers, such as Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and Just Married boxes. The latter, I also shared in my travel wedding gifts.

So make sure you check out Tinggly to see if they have a gift card box for your recipient. If not, the e-gift card is the perfect alternative. Or check out the next Tinggly gift box if you are looking for travel gift cards for foodies.

#3 Tinggly’s Taste the World box

Taste of the world travel gift cards
Photo courtesy of Tinggly

Are you looking for the best gift cards for foodies?

Then Tinggly’s “Taste the World” box is the gift you need.

As I explained above, Tinggly boxes give the recipients access to Tinggly’s tours and activities, and in the case of this box, it allows the recipient to choose from over 300 food-related experiences in over 50 countries.

Some activities you can think of are tapas making in Spain, a tagine cooking class in Morocco, or a Brazillian food class.

#4 Spafinder gift card

Spafinder gift card
Photo courtesy of Spafinder

Are you looking for travel gift cards for someone who loves saunas and spas? Then the Spafinder gift card is what you are looking for.

Spafinder gives the recipient access to over a thousand spas and salons across the US. Unfortunately, they don’t operate outside of the US. So make sure you only give this gift card to someone traveling to the US or someone who lives there.

However, the gift card doesn’t expire, so even if the recipient isn’t going to the US soon, they can still use the gift card for 5 or 50 years.

#5 CityUnscripted gift card

e-gift cards
Photo courtesy of CityUnscripted

CityUnscripted gift vouchers are the best international travel gift cards for people who love unique and authentic experiences.

The activities and tours that are available on CityUnscripted are not designed for large buses filled with tourists but for the individual. Literally.

They offer private and personalized activities in 45 different cities around the world.

Activities you can think of include private walking tours, food tours, or just a kick-start to a new city with a local guide.


Restaurants gift cards
Photo courtesy of

Gift for foodies you say? Then this gift card would be perfect!

With this, you get to gift your friends great dining deals from thousands of restaurants all over the US.

They can even have the food delivered if they prefer with no added cost for shipping.

Best hotel gift cards for travelers

#7 Airbnb gift card

Airbnb card
Photo courtesy of Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the largest platforms for lodging and homestays. So a gift card from Airbnb will definitely be useful for any type of traveler.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind before buying an Airbnb gift card. They are not valid everywhere. In fact, they are only valid in the following countries Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

So if you are looking for gift cards for travelers from other countries, you will need another option. Check out the next hotel gift cards for that.

#8 gift card gift card
Photo courtesy of

Another good alternative to Airbnb and Expedia is This also allows the recipient to book hotels around the world. They have access to hundreds of thousands of different hotels, so they will surely find one they like.

You can buy the gift card directly from or from Amazon.

#9 Pack & Go travel gift card

Pack&Go gift card
Photo courtesy of

The Pack&Go card is one of the best gift cards for travelers because it gives the recipient the option to choose which brand they would like to spend it on.

The brands that are featured are Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, Chevron, Grubhub, and Texaco (although this one seems to be out of stock often). So they can choose if they want food, plane tickets, gas, or a place to stay with this gift card.

One important thing to know about the Pack&Go card is that the recipient has to pick one of the brands. They have to convert all the money on the Pack&Go card to an e-gift card for one brand specifically, which they can then spend.

#10 Coolstays hotel gift card

Coolstays logo
Photo courtesy of Coolstays

If you are looking for hotel gift cards for travelers who love unique accommodations, then the Coolstays gift card and the next one are the two you need.

Coolstays is a platform that (as the name already suggested) offers cool accommodation options. From beautiful castles to cave houses and treehouses. You can find all sorts of unique lodge ideas here.

You can order the Coolstay gift card directly from their website and it will be sent to you by email. The gift card is only valid for two years. Which should be plenty of time for the recipient to book one of the 2300+ options.

#11 Small luxury hotel gift card

Small luxury hotels of the world
Photo courtesy of SLH

The Small Luxury Hotels gift card is also great for travelers who love authentic lodging. As you probably already guessed, they give recipients access to more than 500 cute and small boutique hotels. They operate in over 80 countries, so I am sure that the recipient will find a beautiful small luxury hotel in their favorite country too.

Best transport & flight gift cards

#12 Delta airline gift card

Del gift cards
Photo courtesy of Delta

Delta Airlines gift cards are perfect for all sorts of travelers. Recipients can use the gift card to book flights or Delta vacation packages. And luckily, Delta flies to many different destinations around the world.

However, if you don’t want to limit the recipient to one airline, check out #14.

#13 American Airlines gift card

American Airlines gift cards
Photo courtesy of American Airlines

Any airline gift card is always a great option for travelers, and since American Airlines has flights around the globe (not just the US), it’s perfect for any type of traveler!

#14 Flight Gift card

Flihtgift logo
Photo courtesy of Flight Gift

Flightgift is a Dutch company that provides flight gift cards that can be used to book flights with more than 300 different airlines and to over 980 destinations across the globe.

#15 Princess cruise gift card

Princess logo
Photo courtesy of Princess Cruise

Are you looking for gift cards for people who love cruises?

Then a gift card from the Princess Cruise Lines is what you need.

The gift card can be used to book one of their cruises or for onboard purchases.

But before you buy this gift card, there are two things to know.

The first one is that the gift cards can only be purchased by residents of Canada or the United States. If you live in a different country, check out the next cruise gift card.

And the second thing applies to Canadian customers. You should select the e-gift card option because the physical cards are not sent to Canada.

#16 Holland America Line

Holland America Line gift card
Photo courtesy of Holland America Line

This is another gift card that’s perfect for friends who like to go cruising!

Holland America Line offers a variety of cruises around the world that they’ll love and enjoy. Such as their world cruise that goes around visiting multiple countries from different continents and lasts several months. Or specialty cruises (wine-themed cruises, culinary cruises with cooking demonstrations of course, or holiday cruises for celebrating festivities). And even expedition cruises to remote areas and adventurous destinations (like Antarctica or South Pacific)!

#17 Uber travel gift card

Uber card
Photo courtesy of Uber

This is another one of the gift cards for travel lovers that anyone can use. Uber operates in many different countries and whether the recipient is a cheap backpacker or staying in a luxury hotel, at some point they will need a taxi. And for that, Uber is perfect.

You can buy a gift card directly from Uber or check out Amazon.

#18 Eurostar travel gift card

Eurostar gift card
Photo courtesy of Eurostar

Are you looking for Europe travel gift cards? Then the Eurostar gift card is perfect.

It gives the recipient access to all Eurostars’ train routes in Europe, mainly between England, France, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

The voucher is only valid for one year, so make sure the recipient will be in Europe in the coming year to use the gift card.

#19 Amtrak

Amtrak gift card
Photo courtesy of Amtrak

This is another great gift card idea for travelers who have a passion for trains. And specifically for those who live in the US or who are planning to travel around the US by train.

They can redeem Amtrak’s gift card by phone, in the app, or in staff stations. Plus, it never expires!

#20 Going gift card

Going gift card
Photo courtesy of Going offers memberships for people who love to travel. With it, members will be notified when flights from airports go on sale giving them a huge chance to get a great deal!

And with their flight gift cards, you can give the recipient the option to choose the membership that matches their needs, either Premium or Elite memberships that they’ll be able to use for 1, 2, or 5 years!

#21 Clear gift card

Clear gift card and logo
Photo courtesy of Clear

With Clear e-gift cards, you can actually give your travel lover friends the gift of time.

Clear replaces their ID with a simple tap of their fingerprint without the need to set any prior appointments. Plus, they have special lines in airports that’ll help members avoid standing in a long queue.

But remind you, it’s only available in certain airports so it’s an ideal gift for people who frequently fly from those.

Best gift cards for travel gear

#22 Arc’teryx

Arc'teryx logo
Photo courtesy of Arc’teryx

Are you looking for the best travel gift cards for outdoor lovers and climbers? Then a gift card from Arc’teryx is perfect.

Arc’teryx is a well-known outdoor brand that makes high-quality climbing gear. However, they also have high-quality clothing and gear for other outdoor sports such as hiking, trail running, skiing, and snowboarding.

#23 The North Face gift card

The North Face gift cards
Photo courtesy of The North Face

The North Face is one of my personal favorite brands when it comes to travel clothing and gear. So if you are looking for gift cards for travel lovers who could use more clothing or gear, then I highly recommend a gift card for The North Face.

You can buy one online or in stores, but keep in mind that the in-store bought cards are only valid in the US.

#24 Away

Set of gift card from Away
Photo courtesy of Away Travel

Away offers high-quality items in their stores including suitcases, bags, accessories, and more travel gear.

If you’re having difficulty choosing a gift for your friends who’ll be traveling, then gift them an Away gift card instead. This way, they get to choose an item they’ll really love.

It’s a card that’s redeemable in any of their stores, and for online shoppers, keep in mind that they only ship in the US, Canada, and the UK.

#25 REI gift card

REI gift card
Photo courtesy of REI

REI has always been one of the go-to places for outdoor and travel gear. For your adventurous friends, this is the ultimate travel gift card.

They have a wide range of high-quality products from reputable brands suitable for everyone, most of which are sustainable and eco-friendly! And the recipient can buy any of those through the use of the gift card.

If they’re a REI member then all the better because the gift cards complement their membership benefits such as discounts, special offers, and even the access to outdoor classes and events!

#26 Nordstrom

Nordstrom gift card
Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

The Nordstrom gift card is a wonderful gift!

With this, your friends can shop for branded clothing at great prices. They also have shoes, accessories, beauty products, and even home decor items that are up to 70% off!

It can even be used for restaurant dining or for drinking their favorite coffee! Plus, every 1% of their gift card sales are donated to nonprofits in their local community.

#27 Bluffworks gift card

Bluffworks logo
Photo courtesy of Bluffworks

Bluffworks is one of the best brands for fashionable travel clothing. Their clothes are specifically designed to look great but also be practical for travelers. So their clothes are wrinkle-resistant, can be washed in a washing machine, and have practical hidden pockets.

In other words, if you are looking for gift cards for travelers who want to look fashionable while traveling, Bluffworks is the card to go for.

#28 Columbia gift card

Columbia gift cards
Photo courtesy of Columbia

Columbia is another famous travel brand, so when you are not sure which of these gift cards you should go for, Columbia is always a safe option.

#29 Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Nobles e-gift card
Photo courtesy of Barnes & Noble

This Barnes & Noble e-gift card is a wonderful gift for friends who love to read!

With this, they get to access whole new worlds that reading has to offer providing both knowledge and entertainment.

It’s a great gift for bibliophiles seeking quality reading sources! Plus, it never expires, allowing them to use it at their own time and pace.

#30 Apple gift card

Apple gift cards
Photo courtesy of Apple

If you are looking for travel gift card ideas for techy people, then a gift card from Apple is always a good idea. You can buy it directly from Apple or from Amazon.

#31 Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods gift card
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is actually one of my favorite gift sites overall. If you’ve been to my site before, you’ve probably already seen a bunch of their products ending up in my gift guide because they offer truly unique items. And not just limited to travel, but also unique and fun gadgets in general.

With an Uncommon Goods gift card, you’re not just giving your friends the option to buy fun travel gadgets but any awesome product to their liking. Even experiences, because Uncommon Goods also offers live Zoom classes that let people learn new skills, such as mixology, painting, cooking, and much, much more!

#32 Audible

Audible gift card
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Who doesn’t love audiobooks? It’s hands-free and truly convenient! Great for people who love to walk or run, and for travelers who can’t read on the bus.

With audible, they get to listen to any book they want transforming the passage of time into an immersive journey through captivating stories!

#33 Amazon gift cards

Amazon gift card
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Alright, let’s finish this list with one of the safest gift cards for travel lovers (or anyone, really). A gift card for Amazon.

You can literally find anything on Amazon, so every traveler can surely find something they need on Amazon.

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The 25 best travel gift cards for travelers

Final note on the best travel gift cards

Alright, if you made it all the way to the bottom of the post, I am assuming you haven’t decided which gift card to buy yet.

If you want to play it safe you can always go for the Amazon (#30) or the Tinggly (#1) gift cards.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!