The 29 Best Travel Graduation Gifts For The Adventurous Grad

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Are you looking for the perfect travel graduation gifts to celebrate your favorite graduate’s achievement? Graduating from college is a significant milestone that deserves a celebration, and what better way to reward the adventurous grad in your life than with a thoughtful and practical travel-inspired gift?

Whether they’re planning a gap year abroad or a weekend getaway, the right gift can help them embark on their next adventure with ease. That’s why we’ve rounded up the 29 best travel gifts for graduates. From practical travel accessories to unforgettable experiences, this guide has everything you need to inspire the wanderlust in your favorite grad.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three travel gifts for graduation by budget.

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The 29 best graduation travel gifts for graduates with a photo of grads throwing their hats in the air at sunset

Travel graduation gifts for large budgets

#1 Wireless headphone

Beat ear buds in a case
My Beats earphones

Beats wireless earbuds are one of the more expensive travel graduation gifts on this list. But let’s be honest after four years of hard work and dedication, your grad deserves a little luxury in their life.

It’s like saying, “Congratulations on graduating, now it’s time to upgrade those crappy old earbuds with ones that come with noise-canceling to drown out the sound of crying babies and chatty seatmates on long flights”.

#2 E-reader

Ereader with The Alchemist photo
Pocketbook e-reader

Another awesome travel graduation gift that’s slightly more expensive, but that graduates really deserve, is an e-reader.

After 4 years of grinding through boring school books, graduates will finally have time to read for leisure again (if they even remember what that’s like)

And an e-reader will give them the opportunity to take as many books as they want on the road, without having to carry the load.

#3 Portable coffee maker

Portable espresso maker
Portable espresso maker

A portable coffee maker is the perfect travel graduation gift for the coffee-addicted grad who needs their daily fix. They basically ran on coffee as a student, so with the portable maker they don’t have to go through caffeine withdrawal on the road! Plus, they’re great for those early morning flights or long bus rides when they need a little bit of extra energy.

#4 Travel guides

The travel book by Lonely Planet
The travel book by Lonely Planet

Travel guides are probably the most practical travel graduation gifts for grads who are about to depart for a trip. Simply buy a Lonely Planet (The number one travel guides for budget travelers) for their next destination and you’re all set. And let’s be real, after four years of ramen noodles and cheap beer, they’re experts at stretching a dollar. So, if you want to help your grad see the world without breaking the bank, the Lonely Planet is the way to go!

If you don’t know where they’re going yet, my suggestion would be to go for the general “The Travel Book” by Lonely Planet as it covers tips for every country in the world.

#5 Portable speakers

Portable speaker by JBL
Portable speaker by JBL

Portable Bluetooth speakers are the perfect graduation travel gift for the party-loving grad (and which grad is not, after years of college) who’s always on the go. They’re great for impromptu dance parties on the beach or a private concert in their hostel room.

And the best part?

JBL GO speakers barely weigh anything and still produce great sounds.

#6 Floating sunglasses

Rheos sunglasses
Rheos sunglasses

Sunglasses that float on water are the perfect travel graduation gift for graduates who are a bit clumsy and are always dropping their shades in the ocean.

At least they don’t have to buy a new pair of sunglasses every time they take a dip!

Plus, they’re great for beachy and sunny destinations where they need both sun protection and style. So, if you want to give your grad the gift of coolness and the ability to keep their shades afloat, these floating sunglasses by Rheos are the way to go!

#7 Safe travel graduation gifts

Socks with hidden pockets
Socks with hidden pockets

Gifts that will keep graduates safe on the road, such as these awesome socks with hidden pockets, are the perfect graduation travel gift for the overprotective parent who wants to make sure their kid stays out of trouble.

Nothing says “love you” more than a gift that is designed to keep them safe.

#8 Power banks

Portable charger
Photo courtesy of Anker

Portable power banks are the perfect graduation travel gift for the tech-dependent grad who’s always running low on battery (which I guess is pretty much all of them and us). Powerbanks are great for emergency situations like getting lost in a foreign country or trying to order a pizza at 3 am.

So, if you want to give your grad the gift of power and connectivity, portable power banks are the way to charge ahead!

#9 Travel-themed phone cases

Phone case with photos and "wanderlust"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Travel-themed phone cases are the perfect travel gifts for graduates who are addicted to their phones ( and who’s not these days?). They’ll probably spend half their trip taking photos for Instagram anyway, so why not have a phone cover that matches the aesthetic?

It’s the perfect way for graduates to show off their wanderlust to everyone they meet – and, of course, to protect their precious phones from bumps and scratches while on the road.

#10 GoPro action camera

GoPro HERO 11
GoPro HERO 11

GoPro action cameras are perfect travel graduation gifts! Now they can capture all of their epic adventures and embarrassing moments in high-definition, and then relive them for years to come. Plus, they can impress all their friends on social media with their amazing travel photos and videos.

Now, it’s definitely one of the most expensive graduation gifts for travelers, but if you can find a group of people who all want to congratulate the grad on this amazing achievement, it’s one of the best options on this list.

#11 Travel experience gifts

Tinggly "Experience the world" gift card
Photo courtesy of Tinggly

Experience gifts are my favorite kind of gifts, and they’re particularly great graduation gifts for travelers because they don’t need any more stuff to lug around. Plus, what’s better than making memories and having some fun?

You can check out my gift guide for some awesome experience gift ideas, such as guided tours, or a chance to bungee jump off a bridge. Alternatively, go for theTinggly’s experience gift. With this gift card, the grad can simply pick their favorite activity around the world.

#12 College-themed pouch

Three coin pouches in the theme of three American colleges
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These unique college-themed pouches are one of the best college graduation travel gift ideas.

Nothing screams nostalgia and memories like a pouch with their old college colors and logo. It’s like taking a little piece of their beloved institution with them on their trip. Plus, it’s practical for storing all sorts of things, like toiletries, chargers, coins, or even snacks for those long bus rides.

And who knows, maybe it’ll even spark a conversation with a fellow alum while they’re out exploring the world.

#13 Kindle subscription

Amazon gift card

This is the perfect travel gift for graduation to go with the eReader or to buy for someone who already owns one. They’ll have access to hundreds of thousands of books in the palm of their hands!

To give a kindle subscription, you simply sign up as if you were buying it for yourself, except at the payment page you can either fill out the recipient’s email and add a personalized message. Or send it to your own, and forward the activation code to the recipient later.

Travel graduation gifts for mid budgets

#14 Necklace

Cute pendant of a compass
Cute pendant of a compass

Are you looking for travel graduation gifts for female grads who are about to explore the world?

Then this necklace is an awesome gift idea!

Not only is it a beautiful piece of jewelry that she can actually take on the road, but the compass also symbolizes direction and guidance while the quote reminds her to follow her dreams, no matter where they may lead.

#15 Tote bags

A woman wearing a tote bag with a world map and the quote "and so the adventure continues"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for personalized travel gifts for graduates who care about the environment?

Then check out all graduation tote bag designs on Zazzle.

My personal favorite is this one with their name, class of 2023, the world map (travelers love maps), and the quote “and so the adventure continues” (travelers love quotes).

Not only do they provide a practical way to carry all their travel essentials, but your grad can also proudly show that they’ve graduated and feel like a total boss as they set out on their next adventure.

#16 Personalized beach towel

Four beach towels with "class of 2022 and the name of a person and his name of the school
Photo courtesy of Custom Face Stickers

Are you looking for unique travel graduation gifts for beach bums?

Then this personalized beach towel is perfect!

It will remind them of how smart and dedicated they are, each time they’ll use it at the beach.

I know the photo is of 2022, but trust me, they update it every year so you will have a towel of the right date ;).

#17 Insulated stainless steel water bottle

White water bottle
White water bottle

Insulated stainless steel water bottles are super practical graduation gifts for travelers. Whether they need to keep their water cold at the beach or warm during long hikes in the snow, this water bottle has got their backs.

And with “chasing wonders” and a sailboat, it’s the perfect travel graduation gift for the adventurous grad who’s always thirsty for more. It’s like saying, “Stay hydrated and keep chasing those wild and crazy dreams!”

#18 Money

Beach origami made from money

Alright. I’ll be the first to admit that money is not the most unique travel graduation gift. But before you skip on to the next gift ideas, hear me out.

Graduations gifts for travelers are not about you being unique or showing off how well you know the recipient. It’s about the grad, about THEIR accomplishment, THEIR celebration, and about the rest of THEIR life.

And if you look at it that way, money is actually the most practical graduation travel gift. I mean, most grads are pretty broke and in quite some debt after college, so they could really use that extra cash to fulfill their dream of travel!

I do understand that you want to find a more unique way to gift money, and for that, I have selected a few awesome ideas for you

#19 Gift cards

Suitcase made of paper
Photo courtesy of Manda Cards

Another non-so-unique, but very practical graduation travel gift, is a gift card.

Again, the grad can use it for awesome travel experiences around the world, buy travel accessories, buy flight tickets, and more. Just check out this list of the best gift cards for travelers to find the perfect one for the grad.

And don’t worry. If you want to add a bit of personal touch to this gift, here is a list of 29 unique ways to give gift cards.

#20 Travel-themed coloring books

Around the world in 50 pages coloring book for adults
Around the world in 50 pages

Travel-themed coloring books for adults are the perfect graduation gift for travelers who are a bit stress-prone and who need to unwind after years of academic pressure. Because they’ve actually been shown to reduce stress and anxiety! And what better way to relax than with your favorite hobby in the world?

#21 Travel-sized gin & tonic kit

Gin & tonic cocktail kit
Gin & tonic cocktail kit

After years of pounding cheap beers in college, your graduate deserves a proper cocktail, but who has the budget for that?

With this kit, they can whip up a G&T anywhere, anytime. It’s like having a mini bar in their pocket! Plus, they can impress fellow travelers with their bartending skills, or at least offer a refreshing drink in exchange for some travel tips.

It’s the perfect graduation travel gift for cocktail lovers!

#22 Travel mugs

Tumbler with graduation quote
Tumbler with graduation quote

Do you want to give your favorite grad a daily dose of encouragement and keep them caffeinated, while they’re on the road?

Then this travel mug is exactly what you need!

#23 Passport cover

A passport cover with "graduate, a name and class of 2023"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Personalized graduation-themed passport covers are awesome travel gifts for college graduation and a great way to make your grad stand out in the crowd!

The personalized touch will remind them that they are part of an exclusive club of grads who made it through high school or college and are now ready to take on the world!

Travel graduation gifts for small budgets

#24 Travel-sized games

Spot it game
Spot it game

This is one of my favorite travel gifts for graduates; small and lightweight games they can easily take on their trip!

Check out my complete list of 40 travel games for more options, or go for my personal favorite; Spot it! A fast-paced symbol-matching game you can play with people from around the world.

#25 Funny socks

If you can read this, I did it! socks for grad students
If you can read this, I did it! socks

Are you looking for funny, yet practical travel graduation gifts?

Then these socks are perfect!

They’re a fun way to show off their accomplishment without being too braggy. Plus it will give your grad a reason to smile every time they take off their shoes.

#26 Bracelet

Bracelets with compass pendants and a quote that is great for graduates
Bracelets with compass pendants

Did you like the idea of gifting a compass necklace, but are you looking for small and more symbolic travel gifts for graduates?

Then these bracelets are perfect!

They symbolize the same thing as the necklace, but they’re just a lot more budget-friendly. (And perhaps also better for travelers who tend to lose their valuables anyways).

#27 Luggage tag

Luggage tag with the world map, class of 2023, a name and the quote "and so the adventure continues"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for more practical travel gifts for graduates?

Then check out the graduation-themed luggage tags on Zazzle.

Just like the tote bags, my favorite is this personalized one with the world map and quote. It’s a beautiful design and it will remind them that they are officially part of the “real world” now and they can conquer anything that comes their way!

#28 Journal

Leather journal gift for graduates
Leather journal for graduates

Journals with engraved quotes, such as this beautiful leather one on Amazon are great graduation gifts for travelers.

They can jot down all their wild experiences and crazy stories, while also remembering all the great things they’ve accomplished so far.

You can either order the one on Amazon or go for a personal quote and message journal on Etsy. Or check out these 25 awesome travel journals.

#29 Keychain

Keychain travel gift for graduates
Keychain for graduates

Are you looking for small and thoughtful graduation travel gifts?

How about this keychain with the class of 2023?

They can easily take it on any trip, and no matter what life throws at them, they will always be reminded of their accomplishment of graduation.

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29 best travel gifts for graduates with a photo of grads in line a the graduation ceremony

Final note on travel gifts for graduates

Alright, I hope that this list helped you to find the perfect travel gifts for college graduation because your grad deserves the best after years of hard work!