The 25 Best Travel Journals Every Traveler Wants!

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Travel journal with map

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Travel journals are always good travel gifts for someone who is about to leave for a trip. It’s small, it’s practical and personal if you take one of the travel journal ideas I am sharing today! From travel journals with pockets to a travel bullet journal, or the best travel journals for certain destinations, you will find them all in today’s list of the 25 best travel journals!

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25 awesome travel journals with pockets

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The best travel journals at the high end of the budget

#1 The atlas travel journal

Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

The atlas travel journal does not only include a travel notebook. It also comes with a fabric map on which you color in the places you have visited. Besides the map, there is also a container for things such as tickets, information, or small souvenirs!

#2 Personalized travel journals with message and map

Personalized travel notebook with map
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Do you already know where the person is going to travel to? In that case, you can also opt for this personalized notebook by Not On The High Street.

It allows you to change the name on the cover, so it will say “The Travel Adventures Of (whoever it’s for). But on top of that, you can also add a map of the place they are going to, adding another personal touch.

#3 My travel journal

Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

No, this is not the travel journal I personally use myself, it’s is simply the name of the journal.

My travel journal is a travel bullet journal that includes checklists, recommendations, and highlights, but with plenty of blank pages for travelers to add their personal notes and checklists. It’s a hardcover, making it perfect for resisting damage on long trips!

#4 Travel journals for specific countries

Travel journal for the United states
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for travel journal ideas l for someone who is going to a specific destination? Try to find notebooks that are specific to that destination.

For example, this cool travel bullet journal of 50 states traveled in the USA. It’s perfect for people who are going to the US.

But this is not the only country-specific journal. Alternatively, you also just get notebooks inspired by the country they are going to. In my country’s gift guides, I always suggest a fun notebook for that country. So check out one of those guides if you want to find a simple notebook with a country theme!

#5 Personalized travel journals from wood

Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Did I already say that there are quite a few ways in which you can personalize a travel notebook?

Well, here is another cute way, a wooden engraved notebook!

The travel notebook is A5 format and cut from oak veneer. The cover can be engraved with any name on it.

#6 Stitch travel journals

A jouranl that is stitched
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Steet

This stitch travel notebook by Not On The High Street is one of the most unique and cool travel journals on this list!

It comes with a small needle and thread, allowing the traveler to stitch out the countries he or she has already visited. Making it a super cool handmade notebook!

#7 Memory travel journal with pockets

A travel journal
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

This is one of the best travel journals for people who pretty much already like to make photo albums/memory books while traveling!

This travel adventures scrapbook is a travel journal with pockets and envelopes in which you can save things such as your plane tickets, park entrees, your itinerary, and more. It’s not just a notebook for random thoughts, but rather a travel journal that can serve as a trip album too!

The best travel journals for mid-budgets

#8 Travel journals scrapbooks

Travel jorunals scrapbooks
Travel journal scrapbook

Actually, this is the travel journal I received as a gift from my brother and his wife, and I loved it.

Scratch maps are one of the best items to give to travels at home, but this travel journal scrapbook is the best to give to travelers on the road. Assuming they really enjoy scratching of course.

It’s another travel journal with pockets and in those pockets, you can find maps of different continents. Besides the maps, the journal also comes with a planner, a checklist, and of course space to write down personal notes.

Oh, and if you are interested in giving cool world maps, check out these 25 wall art maps!

#9 Moleskin travel journals

Moleskin travel journals
Moleskin Traveller’s Journal

This Traveller’s journal by Moleskin is a beautiful and super organized travel journal with pockets for travelers to save their important documents or fun items such as tickets.

Besides a travel journal section, it also includes pre-trips lists and other use checklists. And let’s not forget the cute stickers that come with the journal too.

#10 Personalized travel journals with map

Travel journal with map
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

What’s a better travel notebook than one which is personalized?

If you didn’t like the design of the other personalized travel journals. No worries, there are different ways in which you can personalize a travel notebook.

This one by Not On The High Street gives you the possibility of adding a personalized map to the cover!

So are you getting a gift for someone who is traveling to Australia? You can get a personalized travel journal with a map of Australia (or check out my other gift ideas for Aussie-fans). Plus you can add personalized pages and messages inside the journal too! Giving it an even more personal touch. Plus the person receiving this gift will always have a cute personal message from you on the road!

#11 Personalized travel journal from cotton wax

A cotton travel notebook
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Another cool personalized travel notebook is this cotton wax one. It gives the cover a really cool look and an amazing feel. But besides the cool material, it can also include the name of the traveler. So they will have a cotton travel journal that will say: “The Adventure of (their name)”.

#12 Travel journalswith quotes

A travel notebook with quote
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Travel quotes can work super inspiring for people who are about to write about their trip. So in case you want to get them even more excited about traveling. Why not check out this travel notebook with the quote: “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”.

It’s a classic travel quote and perfect for people who love inspirational quotes!

#13 Refillable personalized travel journals

A leather notebook with initials
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Personalized travel journals are always great gifts because they are useful and personal. This one by Not On The High Street allows you to add the person’s initials to the leather cover. But what makes this one of the best travel journals is the fact that it’s a refillable one.

Meaning that they can use this notebook over and over again. They can bundle the notes after each separate trip and they never have to buy a new travel notebook again.

#14 Personalized ski pass travel tournals

A travel notebook with ski pass design
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

Are you looking for the best travel journals for someone who is going skiing or snowboarding? No worries, there are even cool travel journals for that, such as this one by Not On The High Street!

The journal will include the person’s name, destination, and travel dates on the cover in ski pass style!

Inside the travel notebook, you will find regular lined pages, so the traveler can write whatever they want to remember from the trip. It’s not as much as a guided travel bullet journal, as some of the others, giving the traveler more freedom in creativity!

#15 More moleskin travel journals: The Voyageur Notebook

Red moleskin travel journal
Voyageur moleskin journal

This cute moleskin travel notebook includes plenty of space for travelers to write down whatever they feel like writing. But it also includes sections to help the traveler get started, such as a planning section, packing list, and structured budget pages. To make sure they don’t forget anything important before, during, and after the trip! So it’s a mix of a bullet travel journal and a regular one!

#16 Land cruising travel notebook

A notebook with a landcruiser
Photo courtesy of Red Bubble

If you are looking for travel journal ideas for people who love road trips, this is the perfect one for you!

Though the notebook doesn’t include any specific page for road trips or land cruisers, it’s mostly the cover that makes it great for them! The notebook itself just includes lines, so travelers can decide for themselves what they would like to keep track of and whatnot.

#17 Typography world map travel journal

A book with a map
Photo courtesy of Red Bubble

This is a cute typography world map journal that works for any type of traveler. Men or women, with destinations in African, European, Asian, American, or Oceanian countries. It’s just a cool cover of the map of the world in typography.

The pages in the travel notebook can either be ruled, graph, or blank, but it’s not a travel bullet journal. So it doesn’t include things such as checklists, budget breakdowns, or emergency contacts. It’s all up to the traveler what they would like to write in this travel notebook.

#18 Let’s go travel journal

A book titled let's go
Photo courtesy of Red bubble

This is another one of the best travel journals for travelers who prefer a simple notebook over bullet travel journals. You can pick ruled, graph, or blank pages as well, but other than that there is nothing to be personalized here.

The cover with let’s Go is pretty cool by itself already!

#19 Vegan cork travel journals

Vegan cork travel journal ideas
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

If you are looking for unique travel journals for sustainable travelers, I think these cork ones might suit your wishes!

The design is pretty unique, you can personalize it, plus it’s eco-friendly.

The pages and the cover are made from recycled material which is pretty cool. The pages inside the travel book are just plain ruled pages. So it’s not a special travel bullet journal. But I am sure that many travelers don’t need any help with writing about everything they experience when traveling!

Also check out these 25 sustainable travel gifts for more inspiration.

The best travel journals for small budgets

#20 Stub Travel Journal with Pockets

Travel journal with pockets
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This travel journal with pockets by Uncommon Goods is perfect for travelers who love to collect photos, tickets, and other fragments that will help them to remember their journey!

Besides the pockets where they can put the items in, it also comes with black pages for them to write down about their journal beside the tickets!

#21 Indestructible travel notebook

Two travel notebooks
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This indestructible travel notebook is the best notebook for people who tend to break everything. Or people who will probably spill coffee, tea, or just water on their travel notebook and ruining their notes on their entire trip. Which would be a shame!

Luckily for those people, there is the indestructible notebook which included waterproof pages, on which you won’t even see smudges, or which won’t break by anything. Not even at the bottom of a heavy backpack!

#22 The “you are here mindful” travel journal

A mindful travel journal
Mindful travel journal

Are you looking for the best travel journals for mindful travelers? Or for someone who is into meditation and mindfulness? Then this mindful journal on Amazon is the perfect gift!

This is not a travel notebook like any other. It doesn’t just provide the person with lines to write their stories, or checklist for their trip. No, it includes simple mindfulness techniques to help the traveler enjoy the places they visit even better. And of course, to develop a peaceful mind!

#23 Travel checklist journal

Travel checklist journal
Checklist journal

This journal is one of the best travel journals for people who not only want to keep notes about your trip but who also need extra checklists. It includes many essential travel checklists, such as packing lists, things to do, don’t forget, budget lists, and much more!

Of course, there is also space for personal notes, but the journal is really meant as a tool for checklists during your trip, rather than a memory for after your trip. One is not better than the other, but it is an essential difference and it depends on the traveler what they are looking for.

#24 The “I was here” travel journal with pockets

Travel journal
Travel journal

This travel notebook on Amazon is perfect for both men and women. It includes pockets to save photos, tickets, maps, and postcards for when they get back home. Of course, there is also a travel diary section, where they can keep track of their thoughts and experiences during the trip.

There is also a packing list section and emergency contact page, but other than that, it doesn’t include as many premade checklists as the previous travel bullet journal.

#25 Handmade stitched leather travel journals

A set of three travel notebooks
Photo courtesy of Not On The High Street

These cute handmade stitched journals are super small, cute, and easy travel journals. They are available in five different sizes, so you can pick one that matched the traveler’s luggage. The pages are made from recycled cotton which is why it is not recommended to write with a fountain pen. I thought that was a useful fact before giving this travel journal to someone!

Save these travel journals for later

Alright, this is my list of 25 awesome travel journals! I hope you found the perfect travel journal to give (or for yourself of course!). Which one was your favorite?

Oh, don’t forget to save these ideas for your next trip!

25 awesome travel journals