25 Unique Turkish Gifts For People Who Love Turkey

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A mosque with Turkish flags

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Do you need to find the best Turkish gifts for your friends or relatives who are obsessed with Turkey? And when I say Turkey gifts, I am referring to the country, not the bird. I collected the 25 best gifts for Turkish friends, family, or people who love Turkey. From Turkish delight, baklava, and other Turkish food gifts, to traditional gifts from Turkey.

With 25 unique Turkey gift ideas to choose from, I am sure you will find something for the Turkey lover in your life!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Turkish gift ideas by budget.

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25 Turkish gifts

Turkish gifts for large budgets

#1 Turkish coffee maker

Turkish coffee set
Turkish coffee set

If you have also around a bit, this coffee maker may look familiar to you. And that is because the traditional Turkish coffee maker is also often used in other countries such as Greece and Egypt.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great gift from Turkey!

For people who love strong coffee, this traditional coffee maker (an ibrik or briki) is one of the best gifts you can get them! And what’s cool about this particular set is that it comes with traditional Turkish cups and plates, so they can even serve it the way it’s supposed to!

If the person you are getting this gift for is not really fond of the Turkish serving style, you can also order just the ibrik, without the cups.

And no worries if this gift is a bit over your budget, but you still want to give something related to Turkish coffee. Check out #25 on this list!

For general travel gifts for coffee lovers, head over to my coffee gift guide.

Coffee maker on a stove
The ibriki I used when I lived in Turkey

#2 Turkish food gifts: baklava

Turkish baklava
Turkish baklava

Which Turkey lover doesn’t love all the delicious Turkish pastries?

And one of the most popular Turkish pastries is baklava. Honestly, I think baklava is my favorite one. When I lived in Turkey I really had to control myself and not eat baklava every day, it’s so tasty and addictive (but also incredibly unhealthy).

Give them a taste of Turkey with this gift box of original Turkish pistachio baklava!

Hand holding baklava
Enjoying another baklava in Turkey

#3 Turkish gifts: evil eye jewelry

Evil eye necklace
Evil eye necklace

The evil eye is a common symbol in different countries including Turkey, it is believed to keep bad energy away. So it’s quite a thoughtful and caring Turkish gift.

There are many different designs, so I would recommend you to check out Etsy or Amazon and see which one you like.

Personally, I like the design of this Swarovski necklace, because it’s a bit more subtle.

#4 Gifts from Turkey: chandelier

Turkish chandelier
Turkish chandelier

This Turkish chandelier is a great gift for people who love the Turkish colorful style!

It’s actually not only a typical Turkish souvenir but also a typical Moroccan one, though this chandelier is handmade in Turkey.

#5 A testi pot

Testi pot
Testi pot

If you are looking for gifts from Turkey for people who love cooking, this Testi pot is the best gift!

It will allow them to prepare the real slow-cooked dishes as they would have in the region of Cappadocia. The Testi kebab is the most famous dish made in these pots, but there are other delicious meals that can be prepared in it too.

#6 Turkish language course

Turkish language book
Turkish language book

Language courses and books are great Turkey gifts for die-hard Turkey fans or people who would love to move there.

If they are already familiar with the basics of the language you could opt for a book, such as The Delights of Learning Turkish: A Self-Study Course Book For Learners Of Turkish.

If you have more money to spend on the gift, you may want to get a complete online language course, such as this one on Udemy.

#7 Turkey gifts: maps

Turkish gifts
1841 map of Turkey

If you are looking for a cool gift they can use to decorate their homes in the Turkish theme, a map of Turkey can be a great idea.

There are plenty of different map styles you can choose from. I liked this 1817 vintage map of Turkey.

But you could also get a map of Istanbul (or other cities) or a watercolor map of the entire country.

If you would rather get a map of the world, check out my world map guide!

Turkish gifts for mid-budgets

#8 Turkish food gifts: mezze server

Colorful Mezze servers
Mezze servers

Mezes (appetizers or small dishes) are very popular dishes in turkey. It creates a great environment for sharing food, chatting, and spending time with friends and family. And that’s why Turkish Mezze servers are great gifts for Turkish friends or family, who enjoy hosting meze parties themselves! With this cute plate, they can finish the Turkish-themed party in style.

If you are not sure whether they are already cable of preparing mezes as delicious as the Turks would check out #15 on this list to give them a little help!

#9 Turkish gifts: books

Fun books about Turkey

Books about the country they love are the best gifts for people who love reading. And that is why I selected the best books about Turkey for you to give.

#10 Turkish-inspired shirt

Evil eye shirt
Evil eye shirt

If you are looking for cute small Turkish gifts, this shirt with evil eye is a great idea.

#11 Bottle of raki

Bottle of raki
Photo courtesy of Drizly

The classic strong locally produced liquor in Turkey is raki. It has a strong anise taste, you either like it or hate it. So if you know they love it, get a gift bottle of Yeni Raki!

#12 Hammam beach towel

Turkish hammam towel
Turkish hammam towel

If you are looking for Turkish gifts for travelers a Turkish hammam beach towel is the perfect gift! Hammam towels are super light, they dry fast, and I personally prefer to use those as beach towels over the classic microfiber travel towels.

#13 Tradition rug gifts from Turkey

Turkish rug
Turkish rug

Rugs are also cool Turkey gifts to decorate their home in the Turkish style. That is if you pick a Turkish rug of course.

#14 Turkey travel books

The best turkey travel books

Are you looking for Turkish gifts for someone who is going to travel to Turkey? Then travel books are a great option. Even if they are seasoned Turkey travelers, you may be able to find a book about a region they haven’t visited yet. And travel books will always be able to teach them something new about the country they love so much.

I selected a few of the best travel books.

#15 Turkish cookbooks

The best Turkish cookbooks

If you can’t take them to Turkey then bring Turkey to them with these Turkish cookbooks!

Plus with these Turkish cookbooks, they can make traditional Turkish meals to serve in their mezze gift set!

To give you an idea of the wide selection of Turkish cookbooks, here are a few.

#16 Turkish-style clutch

Turkish gifts
Photo courtesy of Compras De Turquia

This cute handmade clutch is perfect for fashionistas who love Turkey or Turkish designs.

It’s made from a typical Turkish rug or kilim fabric and comes with a beautiful design.

#17 Turkish-themed passport cover

Passport cover with skyline of Istanbul
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for the best Turkey gifts for travelers, a passport cover in the style of Istanbul is a very practical gift. They will take their passports anyways and having a holder to protect it from water and other forces will come in very handy during any trip.

If you would prefer a different design, check out the other options on Zazzle. Though let me warn you that searching for Turkey passport holders will also lead to many holders with the bird rather than something related to the country.

#18 Turkish travel mug

Travel mug with colorful design
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Another practical travel gift for Turkey lovers is this travel mug with a Turkish rug design. Travel mugs are very useful for travelers who want to reduce their plastic waste because it saves a disposable cup every time they order a coffee or tea to go.

For different Turkish designs, check out Zazzle.

#19 Turkish gifts: socks

Socks with the flag of Turkey
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

These socks with a Turkish design are fun, small, and easy Turkey gifts for travelers or for people for Turkey who want to show a bit of Turkey pride.

Turkish gifts for small budgets

#20 Turkish delight gifts

Hazarbaba Turkish delight
Hazarbaba Turkish delight

Of course, I can’t make a list of Turkish gifts without including the number one sweet from Turkey! Drinking my Turkish coffee with a piece of Turkish delight was always my favorite moment of the day in Turkey.

Cup of Turkish coffee with a bottle of water
Turkish coffee with some Turkish delights

This highly sugary, but delicious treat is probably the most well-known food from Turkey (which makes sense because it’s even named after the country it’s from).

This Hazar Baba box is the perfect Turkish delight gift set for people who can’t decide on which flavor they want because it includes six different types of Turkish delight, from almond to hazelnuts and more.

Or check out Amazon for different flavors.

#21 Turkish rug-style tote bag

Tote bag with rug design
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you can’t get an actual rug as a gift, but do like the design of the rugs. Check out this cute tote bag. It’s small and light which makes it a lot easier for travelers to take with them on a trip (especially compared to the rug).

Or head over to Zazzle for more tote bag designs.

#22 Turkey travel journal

Travel journal for Turkey
Travel journal for Turkey

Travel journals are always good gifts for travelers because they will help them to remember all the great things that happened during their trips! But an even better gift is a travel journal specifically for the country they love.

And that is why this Turkey travel journal is the best gift for people who love Turkey.

#23 Turkish hammam gift set

Turkish hammam set
Turkish hammam set

A Turkish hammam treatment is a famous and relaxing spa and beauty treatment even outside of Turkey. Why not go for an original gift idea from Turkey for them to treat themselves?

This Turkish hammam set is the perfect gift for that.  

#24 Turkish tea

Hazar Baba apple tea
Hazar Baba apple tea

Besides coffee, tea is also a very popular drink in Turkey. If you are looking for original gifts from Turkey for tea lovers, I can highly recommend this metal can with apple tea.

Alternatively, check out my tea gifts guide for more unique gifts for tea lovers.

#25 Turkish coffee

Turkish gifts
Turkish coffee

This is a cheaper alternative for people who love Turkish coffee, real roasted and ground coffee from Turkey!

For a real Turkish coffee experience, they would also need the coffee maker I mentioned earlier, but even if they don’t have the Ibrik, they can still make delicious strong coffee from it.

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25 best Turkish gifts for travelers

Final note on these Turkish gift ideas

Alright, these were the 25 gifts from Turkey for real Turkey lovers! Don’t forget you can always shoot me a message if you would like someone to brainstorm with you about the best gift. Or just check out my personal top 3 if you need a quick recommendation.


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