27 Must-Have Turkish Gifts For Friends, Family & As Souvenirs For You

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A mosque with Turkish flags

Whether you need gifts for Turkish friends who are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, or you just want a meaningful keepsake for yourself, we’ve rounded up the crème de la crème of Turkish gifts. That’s right, 27 handpicked Turkey- themed gifts that will match any occasion and recipient!

From Turkish delight, baklava, and other edible presents, to handmade gifts from Turkey. With 27 unique ideas to choose from, I am sure you will find something to match your recipient!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Turkish gift ideas by budget.

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25 Turkish gifts

Turkish gifts for large budgets

#1 Turkish coffee maker

A Turkish coffee maker with an box of Turkish coffee
Turkish coffee maker

Even though Turkey is mostly known for its tea culture, Turkish-style coffee is actually a super popular beverage across the country too.

Turkish coffee is made in a traditional coffee maker (called an ibrik or briki) with Turkish ground coffee. It’s a strong flavored coffee with a lot of residue at the bottom. This is also why you should never stir once the coffee is served, it will absolutely ruin your coffee (trust me, I’ve been there). But if made and drunk the right way, Turkish coffee is actually really delicious. And it became my favorite way to start the morning in Marmaris.

So if you’re looking for a traditional Turkish gift for coffee lovers, a briki is exactly what you need. Alternatively, you can go for a complete Turkish coffee set which includes a traditional tray, 2 cups, 2 saucers, 2 sup Holders, 2 lids, a sugar bowl and lid, and a briki.

#2 Turkish hammam gift set

A hammon gift basket with a towel and soap
Photo courtesy of Earthly Good Goods

A Turkish hammam treatment is a famous and relaxing spa and beauty treatment even outside of Turkey. So why not bring them a treat from Turkey at home with this Turkish hammam set.

#3 Evil eye jewelry

Evil eye necklace
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The evil eye is a common symbol in different countries including Turkey, it is believed to keep bad energy away. So it’s quite a thoughtful and caring Turkish gift for her.

There are many different designs, so I would recommend you to check out Etsy or Amazon and see which one you like.

Personally, I like the design of this Swarovski necklace, because it’s a bit more subtle.

#4 Gifts from Turkey: chandelier

A turkish style chandelier
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This Turkish chandelier is a great gift for people who love the Turkish colorful style! It’s handmade in Turkey and will add a bit of the Sultan and Ottoman style into their homes.

#5 A testi pot

A small pot on fire called a testi
A testi pot dish

If you are looking for gifts from Turkey for people who love cooking, this Testi pot is the best gift!

It will allow them to prepare the real slow-cooked dishes as they would have in the region of Cappadocia. The Testi kebab is the most famous dish made in these pots, but there are other delicious (and vegetarian) meals that can be prepared in it too.

Pair it with one of the cookbooks #17, so they will actually know how to prepare those delicious Cappadocian meals.

#6 Baklava

Hand holding baklava
Turkish baklava

Which Turkey lover doesn’t love all the delicious Turkish pastries?

And one of the most popular Turkish pastries is baklava. Honestly, I think baklava is my favorite one. When I lived in Turkey I really had to control myself and not eat baklava every day, it’s so tasty and addictive (but also incredibly unhealthy).

Give them a taste of Turkey with this gift box of original Turkish pistachio baklava!

#7 Backgammon

A wooden backgammon box
A small backgammon board

Backgammon or Tavla, as the Turkish call it, is a super popular game all over Turkey. No matter where you are, you will always hear the sound of dice rolling and see people playing backgammon all around around Turkey. Especially in traditional tea houses, it’s the number-one activity  

So if you are looking for traditional Turkish gift ideas for game lovers, a traditional set of tavla is perfect. They can practice their skills at home, and hopefully beat the locals on their next trip to Turkey!

#8 Turkish language course

Turkish language book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Language courses and books are great Turkey gifts for friends who would love to move there.

If they are already familiar with the basics of the language you could opt for a book, such as “The Delights of Learning Turkish” on Amazon

If you have more money to spend on the gift, you may want to get a complete online language course, such as this one on Udemy.

I personally used the Dutch Turkish language book below, which I really liked and can highly recommend to the few Dutchies who follow my site.

A language book to learn Turkish for Dutch people
The Turkish language book I used

#9 Turkey gifts: maps

A vintage map of Turkey
Photo courtesy of Ancient Shades

If you are looking for a cool gift for Turkish women or men who moved abroad and miss home, a map of Turkey is a great present! They can add a bit of Turkish flair and inspiration to their homes to ease the pain of missing home.

There are plenty of different map styles you can choose from. I liked this 1883 vintage map of Turkey, but definitely check out Etsy for more options to match the recipient’s style.

Turkish gifts for mid-budgets

#10 Mezze server

Colorful Mezze servers
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Mezzes (appetizers or small dishes) are very popular dishes in turkey. It creates a great environment for sharing food, chatting, and spending time with friends and family. And that’s why Turkish Mezze servers are great gifts for Turkish friends or family, who enjoy hosting mezze parties themselves! With this cute plate, they can finish the Turkish-themed party in style.

If you are not sure whether they are already cable of preparing mezzes as delicious as the Turks would check out #17 on this list to give them a little help!

#11 Turkish-style clutch

A clutch handmade in Turkey
Photo courtesy of Guzel Handcrafts

This cute handmade clutch is the perfect Turkish present for fashionistas who either love the country or just the typical kilim style from Turkey.

It’s made from a typical Turkish rug or kilim fabric and comes with a beautiful design. Though check out Etsy for more gorgeous designs.

#12 Bottle of raki

Bottle of raki
Photo courtesy of Drizly

If you are wondering what things to buy in Turkey for people who love strong liquor, raki is the perfect option for you!

It has a strong anise taste, and what I found is that people either like it or hate it, but there is no in-between. So if you are willing to gamble, or know that the recipients love anise-flavored liquor, this is the Turkish present you need.

#13 Tradition rug from Turkey

Turkish rug
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Each rug tells a unique story through its intricate designs, natural dyes, and regional variations. As both a practical and artistic item, it adds a touch of Turkish culture and history to any home (whether it’s for a local or foreigner). And with its long-lasting quality and collectible value, a Turkish rug is not just a souvenir; it’s a timeless piece of art that allows you to take a piece of Turkey’s vibrant traditions and beauty into your home.

#14 Handmade pottery

Handmade colorful mugs in Turkey
Photo courtesy of Istanbul Art Workshop

Whether you’re visiting the otherworldly landscapes of Capadoccia, the beaches of Antalya, or the busy streets of Instandbul, you will find beautiful handmade pottery everywhere. They are great gift ideas from Turkey for friends and family or for yourself (don’t worry, I don’t judge,  I’ve been there and bought nearly half of the Turkish souvenir shops too).

One example are these colorful handmade mugs. They’re a fun way to bring the taste of Turkey to your morning coffee (even if it’s just instant-coffee instead of traditional Turkish coffee).

#15 Wine from Turkey

A bottle of white wine from Turkey
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Did you know that Turkey is the proud producer of some delicious and high-qulaity wines? People often falsely assume Turkey doesn’t produce any alcohol because the islam is the main religion accros the country. However, nothing less is true.

From reds and whites, to bubbles and rose, they actually produce any kind of wine. And from the coastal areas to the inland, there are wineries across the county, such as the popyalr Kavaklidere Wine Co, near Ankara, which is where this white wine I selected is from.

#16 Traditional tea cups

A traditional Turkish tea cup
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Turkey has as huge tea culture, so basically anything related to tea is a great Turkish gift idea. It’s the number one thing Turkish people do when they get together, and it’s the first thing they offer to tourist. 

So allow your recipient to welcome their guests in Turkish style as well by giving them a set of traditional Turkish tea cups.

#17 Turkish cookbooks

Book cover of 'The Turkish Cookbook'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Turkish Cookbook 

If you can’t take them to Turkey then bring Turkey to them with these Turkish cookbooks. The first one is the best overall cookbook with 550 recipes from across the country.

Book cover of 'The Sultan's Kitchen: A Turkish Cookbook'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Sultan’s Kitchen: A Turkish Cookbook

Help your recipient to create delicious Turkish meals at home that are fit for a sultan with The Sultan’s Kitchen! It includes beautiful photography and 125 different recipes.

Book cover of 'A Turkish Cookbook for Beginners: Learn Delicious Turkish Cooking in Only Minutes'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A Turkish Cookbook for Beginners: Learn Delicious Turkish Cooking in Only Minutes 

This is the perfect gift for smaller budgets and for people who are not particularly stars in the kitchen, but who still love Turkish food. With the “for beginners” book, even they can learn how to create Turkish food at home.

#18 Turkish travel mug

Travel mug with colorful design
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

This travel mug with a kilim design is a fun Turkis present for those eco-minded friends who are always in a rush. They might not have time to sit down for their moning coffee, but with this unique tumbler design, they will at least have that Turkish flair each morning!

For different Turkish designs, check out Zazzle.

#19 Turkish gifts: socks

Socks with the flag of Turkey
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

These socks with the flag of Turkey are fun, small, and easy Turkey gifts for friends who want to show a bit of Turkey pride.

#20 Books about Turkey

Book cover of 'Empress of the East: How a European Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Empress of the East: How a European Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire

This is probably the most fascinating book on this list for people who are interest in Turkish history. It cover the story of Roxelana, a Russian slave girl who became the queen of the Ottoman empire and a powerful diplomat and philanthropist.

Book cover of 'Istanbul: City of Majesty at the Crossroads of the World'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Istanbul: City of Majesty at the Crossroads of the World

This is another great Turkish present for history lovers, a riveting biography of Istanbul!

Book cover of 'The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East

Turkey’s history is simply fascinating, so I couldn’t help myself but to include another awesome book covering the country’s history. This time it’s about the fall of the Ottomans.

Turkish gifts for small budgets

#21 Hammam beach towel

Turkish hammam towel
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for Turkish gifts for travelers a Turkish hammam beach towel is the perfect gift! Hammam towels are super light, they dry fast, and I personally prefer to use those as beach towels over the classic microfiber travel towels.

#22 Turkish rug-style tote bag

Tote bag with rug design
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you can’t get an actual rug as a gift, but do like the design of the rugs. Check out this cute tote bag. It’s small and light which makes it a more practical Turkish souvenir compared to a kilim.

Or head over to Zazzle for more tote bag designs.

#23 Turkish delight

Gift boxes of Turkey delights
Turkish delights

Of course, I can’t make a list of traditional Turkish gifts without including the number one sweet from Turkey! Drinking my Turkish coffee with a piece of Turkish delight was always my favorite moment of the day in Turkey.

This highly sugary, but delicious treat is probably the most well-known food from Turkey (which makes sense because it’s even named after the country it’s from).

Amazon’s Hazar Baba box is the perfect Turkish delight gift set for people who can’t decide on which flavor they want because it includes six different types of Turkish delight, from almond to hazelnuts and more.

#24 Turkish-inspired shirt

A black t-shirt with an icon of the evil eye
Photo courtesy of Natty Hangers

If you are looking for cute small Turkish gifts for her, this shirt with evil eye is a great idea. Or check out Etsy for design.

#25 Eyup sabri tuncer gift set

Eyup sabri tuncer gift set
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer products make a fantastic Turkish gift that both locals and visitors will love. 

It’s the go-to brand for locals when it comes to personal care, so it will spark a sense of nostalgia when giving it to locals. And for visitors, it’s the perfect way to introduce them to the Turkish pride and smell. From aromatic soaps to pampering shower gels, it’s like sending them on a luxurious vacation without the airfare.

#26 Turkish tea

A bag of Turkish tea
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Besides coffee, tea is also a very popular drink in Turkey. If you are looking for traditional gifts from Turkey for tea lovers, I can highly recommend this Turkish tea bag.

Alternatively, check out my tea gifts guide for more unique gifts for tea lovers.

#27 Turkish spices

Boxes filles with colorful spices
Turkish spices

Spices are probably one of the most popular souvenirs from Turkey. I mean, anyone who has visited Instanbul definitely also included a visit the the vibrant, colorful, and flavorful spice market. And what better way to take home a taste of Turkey, than with some spices?

Luckily, you don’t need to fly to Turkey to find your recipient some delicious Turkish spices, you can simply head to Amazon and check out the Baharat or Sumac spices. 

Baharat literally means, “spices” and that’s exactly what it is; a mix of spices that the recipient can use to ‘spice up’ (sorry, I couldn’t resist this pun) their meals with a Turkish flavor. 

Sumac is just one spice that has lemon and sour taste and that the Turks often use in any type of meal, from meat and fish, to veggies and salads. 

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25 best Turkish gifts for travelers

Final note on these Turkish gift ideas

Alright, these were the 27 best gifts from Turkey for real Turkey lovers! Don’t forget you can always shoot me a message if you would like someone to brainstorm with you about the best gift. Or just check out my personal top 3 if you need a quick recommendation.


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