40 Unique Gifts Websites To Find The Perfect Present

By Lara
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Unqiue Gifts Websites

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These 40 unique gift websites will help you to find the perfect gift in a second. As the author of The Best Travel Gifts, I spent hours (and I mean many hours) searching the web. And trying to find the best websites to buy gifts online.

I checked out some awesome (and many not-so-awesome) gift websites while preparing my other lists. To save you some hours of endless scrolling. I thought it would be valuable to wrap them all up in today’s best websites for unique gifts!

So let’s check them out.

Funny unique gifts websites

#1 Firebox

Firebox website

Oh, how to summarize Firebox in a few sentences?

In short, Firebox is perfect if you are looking for random and funny gifts. Yet Firebox’s gifts are still practical and will make your recipient smile. If you need an example of such a gift, check out these personalized face socks. Or things like rum, cheese, gin, or whatever kind of food or drink kit to make at home.

#2 Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods

If you’ve visited The Best Travel Gifts before, you’ve probably already noticed that I absolutely love Uncommon Goods. Their products probably make up a third of my gift ideas. Just like Firebox, Uncommon Goods is perfect for unique, funny, and random gifts. I also love that Uncommon Goods offers country-specific gifts. Things like this print of Italian wine regions.

#3 Prezzybox

Prezzy Box Websites

With their Fun Gift section, Prezzybox is another one of the awesome unique gifts websites. They offer funny and random gifts for any occasion, such as these sandal socks

#4 New York Times Store

New York Times Unique gifts websites

Another great unique gifts website is the New York Times store. From travel sections to books and wall arts, it’s a great site to click around and stumble upon unique gifts.

#5 The Grommet

Best websites for gifts, The Grommet

The Grommet is great for funny and unique gifts. And they also take good care of the creators behind the products.

#6 Etsy

Etsy Best websites to buy gifts

Of course, I could not complete a list of unique gifts websites without Etsy. Etsy is the number one online marketplace for handmade and vintage handicrafts

You can find all sorts of products on Etsy. The cool thing about it is that many of them are actually handmade.

#7 Not On The High Street

Not On The High Street

This is one of the best websites for gifts which, well you normally wouldn’t find on the high street. It’s filled with genius and witty gifts. Gifts that will surely make your friends laugh and remember your presents.

From food-related gifts to actual experiences, to decorative gifts or techy gifts. Not On The High Street offers a wide selection of categories and many different types of gifts for anyone.

#8 Mini Museum

Mini Musuem Gifts

Mini museum is the number one website to buy gifts for history, nature, museum, or culture lovers.

#9 Cratejoy


Cratejoy is not only one of the best websites for unique gifts but also for unique subscription gifts. They offer random gifts in all sorts of categories. For example, food and drinks, spirituality, entertainment, family, kids, home, books, self-care, and much more.

#10 Man Crates

Best gifts websites for men: Man Crates

Why is so hard to find gifts for men?

This must have been the question the creators of Man Crates asked themselves when they started Man Crates.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best websites for unique gifts for men! Though, before stereotyping too much. I am sure the gifts from Man Crates work for anyone, regardless of their gender. Have a look at this Taco-making kit, for example. Which human being could not love this gift?

#11 Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

I know what you’re thinking. “I’m not looking for groomsmen gifts, so this is not for me”.

But before you continue, hear me out.

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is one of the best websites for gifts for men, together with Man Crates. Those gifts are not just great for groomsmen, but for men in general. Take this Flask set, it’s something that works for anyone who loves a drink.

#12 Animi Causa

Animi Causa

Animi Causa is yet another shop for unique and random gifts!

#13 Sharper Image

Sharper Image

And still the list of unique gifts websites goes on. This time with a cool gadget website, Sharper Image. I know, the name is a bit misleading. They offer a lot more than just images. Actually, they offer all sorts of funny, practical, and random products you simply can’t resist.

#14 Hard To Find

Hard to Find Unique Gifts Websites Australia

Hard To Find is the best website to find unique gifts in Australia. Or if you’re sending gifts to someone in Australia. They offer any type of gift. From personalized golf balls (or anything personalized, really), to home items, to fashion items, and jewelry. It’s best described as a little bit of everything.

Unique gifts websites for cool prints and designs

#15 Pop Chart

Pop Chart

Pop Chart offers cool scratch-off posters for the most random things, such as birds, cocktails, and cool countries.

#16 Zazzle

Unique Gifts Websites: Zazzle

For those of you who’ve checked out my site before. You will probably recognize Zazzle and the next website on this list.

For those of you who’ve joined me for the first time today (thanks!). Zazzle is one of my favorite unique gifts websites.

They offer all sorts of products with pretty much any print you can imagine. Whether it’s a travel mug, passport cover, keyring, shirts, socks, notebooks, or posters, you can find it all.

I always find cool country-specific designs there, such as this Paris passport cover.

#17 Redbubble

Redbubble websites for unique gifts

Redbubble and Zazzle are two of the best websites to buy gifts related to specific countries or hobbies or interests.

Redbubble also offers water bottles, mugs, socks, and other practical items in any print you could wish for. Do you need an example? Check out this Australian water bottle!

#18 TeePublic

Tee public website

For even more prints on shirts or other types of clothing, TeePublic is the place to go.

Name a show, music style, or hobby someone loves and I guarantee you will find a cool print here. (Alright, maybe I can’t guarantee they’ll have any show, but they do have a lot).

At TeePublic you can get prints on shirts, hoodies or tank tops, and more clothing items.

#19 Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt website

Spreadshirt is another website with cool designs. And what’s even better is that they also offer the option to upload your own design on most of their products.

If you are looking for the best websites for personalized gifts, continue reading because there is more to come.

#20 Society6

Society 6 website

Society6 is a platform where artists can share their designs and sell them on all sorts of products. It’s a website where undiscovered artists get an opportunity to shine and generate an income. It’s also one of my favorite websites to find cool phone cases!

#21 Always Fits

Alwasy Fits website

In their own words Always Fits is a gift shop for people of a certain charm. We evoke giggles and private jokes and crush hard on the 80s, 90s, 00s.

In my words. They offer funny and cute prints on cards, towels, socks, and more. As well as random books and games.

Best websites to buy gifts for foodies

#22 Gift Baskets Overseas

Gifts Baskets Overseas Website

I guess it won’t come as a surprise that Gift Basket Overseas is one of the best websites for gifts baskets. And even more, unsurprisingly, they deliver in countries across the globe.

What is cool about Gift Baskets Overseas though, is that they have baskets of all kinds. From Irish, French, or any country baskets, to beer, champagne, or Ramadan and Eid gift baskets.

In short, a perfect basket for any recipient

#23 Food52

Best gifts websites for foodies: Food52

Are you looking for the best websites to buy gifts for foodies? Food52 offers anything from DIY food kits to kitchenware, to drinks and foods that you will want to try!

#24 Gift Tree

Gift Tree website

Gift Tree is one of the best websites for gifts baskets and other food-related gifts if you are living in the US.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer outside the US. For those living elsewhere, check out Gift Baskets Overseas.

#25 Mouth

Mouth website

Mouth is another awesome website to find gifts for foodies. They sell gift baskets, practical kitchen utensils, subscriptions for cocktails or cheeses. Seriously, you will find a lot of gift inspiration here.

Unique gifts websites for experiences

#26 MasterClass

Masterclass website

MasterClass is a platform where celebrities offer masterclass about their expertise.

Think of cooking classes by Gordon Ramsey or creative writing by Margaret Atwood. Now that’s what I would unique educational gifts!

It’s a subscription-based platform, so you can’t gift just one MasterClass, but if you’ve checked all the classes they offer, I’m pretty sure you would agree with me that it’s worth it!

#27 Virgin Experience Gifts

Virgin Experience Gifts

To answer your first question. Yep, The Virgin Experience Gifts is part of the Virgin Group by Sir Richard Branson.

They offer cool gift experiences, such as helicopter flights, dining, and tours throughout the US. Unfortunately, they don’t offer experiences outside the US though!

#28 Tinggly

Tinggly website

Tinggly is the international alternative to Virgin Experience Gifts. On Tinggly you can book experience gifts in 100 different countries. They offer romantic getaways, adrenaline gifts, and anything in between.

#29 Viator

Best websites for Gifts experiences: Viator

The third experience gift website is Viator. Just as Tinggly they operate across the world and are very well known in the travel industry.

#30 Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster website

One of the best websites to buy gifts in the form of experiences. At Ticketmaster, you can find tickets for concerts and sports events. Or for art and theater shows.

#31 Groupon

Unique gifts websites: groupon

Groupon collects discounts for experiences, restaurants, products, or courses anywhere in the world. No matter where you or the recipient live, you can find something on Groupon.

Best websites for personalized gifts

#32 Personalization Mall

Personalization mall website

One of the best websites for personalized gifts is Personalization Mall. Name a product or gadget you would like to get personalized for someone, and they have it.

From kitchenware, home stuff, gadgets, bags, clothing, jewelry, travel products, office products, you will find it here!

#33 Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising website

Artifact Uprising is the place to be if you’re looking for eco-friendly photo gifts. They use recycled material and offer beautiful photo designs.

Unique gifts websites for travel

#34 World Market

If you are looking for the best websites to buy gifts from overseas, World Market is your site. They import awesome goods and handicrafts from anywhere in the world. So even if you can’t travel overseas, you can still find cool locally produced products at World Market.

#35 The North Face

The North Face website

The North Face is one of the best brands when it comes to travel gear. From bags, to rain jackets to other types of clothing. The products they offer are of great quality and last many travel adventures.

So it makes sense to include them as one of the best websites to buy gifts for travelers as well.

#36 Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardware website

Another website for travel gifts is Mountain Hardwear. You will surely find gifts for your outdoorsy friends and family members. Also check out my camping gift guide for more inspiration for outdoorsy gifts!

Sustainable gifts websites

#37 Baggu

Are you looking for unique gifts websites that are also sustainable? Baggu is the place to go! You will find home décor items, bags, towels, wallets, and whatnot here.

#38 Coalatree

Coala Tree website

Coalatree is the place to go if you are looking for sustainable gear for adventurous people. All their products are both stylish and eco-friendly.

Do you like sustainable gifts or are you looking for gifts for an eco-traveler? Check out the sustainable travel gift guide aswell.

Gift website for everything

#39 Amazon


Last but definitely not least is the shop that has everything: Amazon. I honestly think this site doesn’t need any further explanations. You can literally find everything here. I am not going to try to sum everything they sell. Just use that search button and you will surely find something for your recipient.