Online Shopping For Quirky Gifts: A Guide To The 40+ Best Unique Gift Websites

Written by: Lara
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Unqiue Gifts Websites

These 40+ unique gift websites will help you find the perfect gift in a second. As the author of The Best Travel Gifts, I spent hours (and I mean many hours) searching the web, finding the best websites for unique gifts online.

I checked out some awesome (and many not-so-awesome) gift websites while preparing my other gift guides. And to save you some hours of endless scrolling, I thought it would be valuable to wrap them all up in today’s best websites for unique gifts!

Are you short on time? Check out our top unique gift sites by category

  • Best websites for unique gifts overall: Minted
  • Best site for gift baskets: Harry & David
  • Best gift site for artisanal prints: Zazzle
  • Best gift site for foodies: Goldbelly
  • Best gift site for experiences: Tinggly
  • Best gift site for personalized gifts: Shutterfly
  • Best gift site for travel gifts: REI
  • Best gift site for sustainable gifts: NOVICA
  • Best site for everything: Amazon

The best overall unique gift websites

#1 Minted

Best for: Elegant, artisanal, and luxurious custom art, stationery, and home decor items.

Screenshot of Minted website for gifts
Minted homepage

About: Minted is not just a regular gift site; it’s a whole community where artists from around the globe submit their designs. We, the shoppers, get to vote on what we love the most, which means everything is chosen by people who care about great design. It’s my go-to for awesome, custom, and creative gifts

Good to know: Because of the artisanal nature of their products, Minted’s items can be pricier than standard, mass-produced options.

Shipping: 1-5 days costing between 3.95-35.95$ within the US and 3-5 days for international destinations between 15-45$

#2 Firebox

Best for: Gag, and funny gifts.

Firebox website
Firebox homepage

About: is a go-to for quirky, imaginative and novelty products that are perfect for friends and family who enjoy a good laugh. Yet Firebox’s gifts are still practical while making your recipient smile, such as these personalized face socks.

Shipping: Global shipping available between $9.99-29.99, free above 200$ and above 35$ for UK delivery. Don’t ship to Brazil, Turkey, Israel and Russia.

Good to know: UK-based site, so you may need to pay  local import duties, custom duties or taxes, check before you order.

#3 Prezzybox

Best for: gag and funny gifts

Prezzy Box Websites
Prezzybox homepage

About: Prezzybox is another one of my favorite sites for unique and gag gifts. Firebox and Prezzybox are somewhat comparable but Prezzybox tends to have a broader range of personalizable options while Firebox leans more into the latest trends and pop culture with a slightly edgier vibe. So, depending on who you’re shopping for or the occasion, both sites offer great quirky gifts.

Shipping: Only ship in the UK ranging from 1-8 business days costing between 4-7 pounds.

Good to know: Prezzybox is alsa UK-based site, so you may need to pay  local import duties, custom duties or taxes, check before you order.

#4 New York Times Store

Best for: gifts for people who love history or enjoy staying on top of the news

New York Times Unique gifts websites
New York Times Store homepage

About: The New York Times Store is a brilliant spot to shop unique and nostalgic gifts, such as a custom birthday book with the front page from every year since their birth or unique puzzles and photography from The New York Times’ archives.

Shipping: International shipping available, delivery time depends on the country, but next day delivery available for certain US destinations.

Good to know: The New York Times Store can be on the pricier side, especially for personalized or archival products.

#5 Not on the High Street

Best for: unique UK and European gift ideas

Not On The High Street
Not on the High Street homepage

About: Not on the High Street is an amazing marketplace filled with independent creators from across the UK. What I love most is how easy it is to find unique, funny, thoughtful and personalized gifts that you just won’t see on the high street (I guess that branded that perfectly). Everything from handcrafted jewelry to furniture, food, tech and gag gifts and everything in between. What I love is that shopping here means your gifts are not only special but also support small businesses and artisans,

Shipping: Global shipping between 2-10 days depending on location. Costs vary per country and seller.

Good to know: It’s a UK-based brand, so may need to pay additional import fees when ordering from outside the UK.

#6 Mini Museum

Best for: gifts for history, nature, science museum, or culture lovers.

Screenshot of Mini Museum website for keepsakes from museums
Mini Museum Shop homepage

About: Mini Museum is a truly one-of-a-kind spot to find gifts for friends who are into history or science. They offer small pieces of rare and fascinating specimens, from dinosaur bones to fragments of lunar rock, each Mini Museum piece is a slice of history wrapped in a gift. Each Mini Museum specimen comes with a certificate of authenticity and a detailed information card about its history and origin.

Shipping: The warehouse is located in the US, but they ship internationally,

Good to know: processing takes about 1-2 business days, so don’t forget to add this to the time frame estimates in the shopping cart if you need your gifts to arrive on time. Local tax and fees may apply when shipping international.

#7 MoMa Store

Best for: Cultural and artistic gifts that support MoMA

Screenshot of MoMa website for items from the MoMa museum
Moma Design Store homepage

About: The MoMA Store is a cool spot where I love to shop for artsy and modern gifts. It’s linked to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, so you know everything there has a touch of class and creativity. They offer everything from sleek home decor to innovative gadgets and art books.

Shipping: For members there is free US Shipping for orders over $35, for non-members costs vary between $7.95-32.95.

Good to know: Given the quality and exclusivity of the items, prices can be on the higher side compared to typical retail stores. But members get discounts at the MoMA Store.

#8 Cratejoy

Best for: Unique gift baskets and subscription gifts

Cratejoy homepage

About: Cratejoy is not only one of the best websites for unique gifts but also for unique gift baskets and subscription gifts. They offer random gifts in all sorts of categories. From food and drinks to spirituality, entertainment, family, kids, home, books, self-care, and much more.

Shipping: First box ships immediately within 1-3 business days of your order, and arrives within 3-7 days in the US. Subsequent boxes ship on the 15th of the following month. International orders take between 7-25 days to arrive.

Good to know: Even though they offer subscriptions, often you can also opt for a one-time subscription so you’re not stuck with a monthly payment for your gift.

#9 Sharper Image

Best for: practical, cool, and quirky gadgets and gifts they didn’t even know they needed!

Sharper Image
Sharper Image homepage

About: Sharper Image is perfect for when I’m looking for cool, high-tech gifts. They’re all about the latest gadgets and innovative solutions that make life a little easier—or just a lot more fun. From wellness products to drones or home gadgets, Sharper Image has it all.

Shipping: 3-7 business days after order, costs between 15-36$

Good to know: Don’t ship outside of the US. Always read the reviews before buying new gadgets.

#10 Hard To Find

Best for: Gifts from Australian small businesses and for shipping in Australia

Hard to Find Unique Gifts Websites Australia
Hard to Find homepage

About: Hard to Find specializes in one-of-a-kind, often personalized items from independent artisans and designers in Australia. I love browsing their collection because it feels like each item has a story, and gifting something from here means you’re also supporting small businesses and creative minds.

Shipping: Free in Australia and New Zealand between 2-7 business days and up to 15$ for US and UK shipping

Good to know: They offer gifts within any category!

#11 Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Best for: thoughtful and personalized gifts for men (not just groomsmen)

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts
Groovy Groomsmen Gifts homepage

About: Groovy Groomsmen Gifts specializes in all sorts of cool, customizable gifts that are perfect for showing your appreciation in a personal way from custom engraved watches and classy cufflinks to personalized whiskey glasses and fun party gear. This is why it’s great for groomsmen gifts, but don’t be fooled, you can shop here for any gifting occasion!

Shipping: Free shipping in the US for orders above 75$, steep costs for international shipping, also takes at least 15 days for shipping outside the US.

Good to know: you don’t need to have a wedding to shop from their site, for unique personalized gifts, it’s also perfect!

#12 Uncommon Goods

Best for: Unique and quirky gifts within every category

Screenshot of Uncommon Goods website for gifts
Uncommon Goods homepage

About: Uncommon Goods features a wide selection of creative, often handcrafted items from artists and small manufacturers, ensuring that you find a thoughtful and truly extraordinary gift for anyone on your list. I also love that Uncommon Goods offers country-specific gifts. Things like beer cap maps of US states.

Shipping: Global shipping available,1-12 Days ranging between 7.95-40$, free shipping for Uncommon Perks customers.

Good to know: Uncommon Goods sells products from different creators around the globe, so the quality of the products can vary

Best sites for gift baskets

#13 Thoughtfully

Best for: DIY gift baskets

Screenshot of Thoughtfully website for gifts
Thoughtfully homepage

About: is perfect for when I want to make gift-giving special. They have this awesome section called “Knack” where you can customize gift sets. Whether it’s a gourmet snack basket or a themed box, I can tailor it perfectly to match any recipient’s tastes. It’s super easy to put together a thoughtful, personal gift that feels just right for any occasion!

Shipping: Between 15.95-41$ depending on how fast you need the gift

Good to know: Only ships to Canada and the US.

#14 Harry & David

Best for: Classy food gift baskets

Screenshot of Harry & david's homepage a site for gift baskets
Harry & David homepage

About: Harry & David is my top pick when I want to send a classy food gift. They’ve got everything from lush fruit baskets to delicious cheese and meat platters, and their baked goods are to die for. Whether it’s the holidays, a special celebration, or just because, Harry & David’s beautifully packaged gifts make it easy to impress.

Shipping:  International and US shipping, costs depend on the type of gift

Good to know: Some products can not be shipped internationally.

#15 Man Crates

Best for: epic gifts for men with unique crates as wrapping

Best gifts websites for men: Man Crates
Man Crates homepage

About: Man Crates is my go-to when creating gift guides for men. I love how they package their gifts in wooden crates that you need a crowbar to open! They offer a variety of themed crates for all interests, from BBQ enthusiasts and beer lovers to gamers and sports fans.

Shipping: 1-5 business days for US and Canada shipping (costs vary), does not ship outside these two countries

Good to know: Man Crates may be targeted at men, I guarantee that these awesome crates work for anyone, regardless of gender. Just have a look at this Taco-making kit, for example. Which human being could not love this gift?

#16 Greetabl

Best for: occasions like birthdays, thank-yous, or just because moments when you want to make someone feel special with a personalized touch.

Screenshot of Greetabl homepage, a website for virtual gifts
Greetabl homepage

About: Greetabl specializes in personalized gifts and greeting cards, but what I love the most is that  I can customize not just the gift but the entire gift box. I can add photos and a message, which makes the box itself part of the gift! They’ve got a bunch of cute little items to choose from, like candles and chocolates.

Shipping: Only ship in the US, prices depend on the size of the box

Good to know: Greetabl often offers deals, especially around holidays, which can help save money on your purchase.

Unique gift websites for artisanal designs

#17 Zazzle

Best for: Keepsakes with unique prints

Unique Gifts Websites: Zazzle
Zazzle homepage

About: Zazzle is a fantastic marketplace for printed or personalized stuff, from mugs and notebooks to shirts or posters, you can find it all. They let you create your own design or you can choose a print from one of the many creative artists that sell on Zazzle.

Shipping: International shipping is available, and three different shipping options for US deliveries

Good to know: Each print is designed by different artists, but the products are not made by the artists themselves.

#18 Redbubble

Best for: More unique prints

Redbubble websites for unique gifts
Redbubble homepage

About: Redbubble is another cool online marketplace like Zazzle where you can find art and designs from independent artists printed on just about anything. While Zazzle lets you customize your own designs on a variety of products, Redbubble only offers pre-designed, artist-created items that are ready to go.

Shipping: Offer standard and express shipping for the US, for global shipping fees and delivery time depend on the country.

Good to know: If you order different items they may be printed at different facilities which adds to the shipping cost.

#19 TeePublic

Best for: prints on shirts or other types of clothing,

Tee public website
Teepublic homepage

About: For more cool gift websites with prints on shirts or other types of clothing, TeePublic is the place to go. Name a show, music style, or hobby someone loves and I guarantee you will find a cool print here. (Alright, maybe I can’t guarantee they’ll have any show, but they do have a lot).

Shipping: Free shipping for orders above 80$ in the US, for international delivery prices start at 8$

Good to know: it’s a great way to support independent artists and get something different from the usual retail offerings.

#20 Spreadshirt

Best for: personalized gifts and unique printed clothing in Europe

Spreadshirt website
Spreadshirt homepage

About: Spreadshirt is another website with cool designs. And what’s even better is that they also offer the option to upload your own design or slogan on most of their products. I find it perfect for gifts because you can tailor everything to match the recipient’s style or humor.

Shipping: Even though they ship from Germany, they deliver globally for reasonable prices.

Good to know: Foreign deliveries may be subject to customs duties.

#21 Society6

Best for: unique artwork gifts from independent creators

Society 6 website
Society6 homepage

About: Society6 is an artsy gem based in Santa Monica, offering unique artwork from thousands of independent artists worldwide, printed on everything from throw pillows to phone cases to wall art. I love shopping here because it directly supports an artist, and you’re guaranteed to find something that nobody else has.

Shipping: 1-10 business days for US destinations and 7-15 for international.

Good to know: Some items are not available for shipping outside the US such as yoga mats, side tables, and sling chairs.

#22 Pop Chart

Best for: unique scratch-off maps and posters

Pop Chart
Pop Chart homepage

About: Pop Chart offers cool scratch-off posters and infographics for the most random things, such as birds, cocktails, and cool countries. They are my favorite gifts for enthusiasts of any subject.

Shipping: free standard shipping on US orders of $50 or more, various costs for international shipping

Good to know: Posters will be shipped rolled up in tubes, so you may need a few heavy books to straighten it out.

Best websites to buy gifts for foodies

#23 Goldbelly

Best for: Finding food and drink-related gifts in the US, including fun food subscription gifts.

Screenshot of Goldbellt website for food gifts
Goldbelly homepage

About: Goldbelly is an online marketplace that specializes in delivering food from iconic restaurants, bakeries, and artisan producers across the United States. From New York bagels to New Orleans beignets, it’s the place I go to when I want to send a unique food gift to the USA.

Shipping: Only ship in the US, free shipping is available for various products, other shipping costs vary depending on the partner shop

Good to know: Goldbelly focuses mostly on the US food industry.  

#24 Sugarfina

Best for: Fancy little treats and stylish sweet gifts with cute wrapping

Screenshot of Sugarfina website for sweets
Sugarfina homepage

About: Sugarfina is basically just a candy store for grown-ups, but then the more luxurious version. They’ve got all these gourmet candies from around the world such as cocktail-inspired gummies and artisan chocolates. And I love that it comes in such pretty packaging, making it a perfect gift.

Shipping: 1-7 business days starting from $13.75

Good to know: Only ships in the US.

#25 Food52

Best for: gifts for foodies who appreciate useful and beautiful items

Best gifts websites for foodies: Food52
Food52 homepage

About: Food52 is a New York-based haven for anyone who loves to cook or just appreciates good food. It’s not just an online store; it’s a community where food lovers can discover recipes, share tips, and shop for unique kitchenware and home goods.

Shipping: Free Standard Shipping on Orders $199+, and $14.99 for orders below that

Good to know: They are only available for US shipping.

#26 Gift Tree

Best for: gift baskets and other food-related gifts

Gift Tree website
Gift Tree homepage

About: Gift Tree, based in Vancouver, Washington, is a fantastic online shop for high-end gift baskets and personalized gifts related to food and drinks. Their attention to detail in packaging and options for personalization make each gift feel exclusive and special.

Shipping: Flat standard shipping rate of $12.43 per gift in the US.

Good to know: Even if you order multiple baskets for one address, you pay separate shipping costs.

#27 Mouth

Best for: small-batch snacks, spirits, and gourmet treats from independent makers.

Mouth website
Mouth homepage

About: Based in Brooklyn, New York, Mouth is a fantastic spot for finding mouth-watering artisanal (yes pun intended) foods from across the U.S. You can build your own gift box filled with quirky and delicious products, like craft cocktails or unique jams, that you won’t find at your local store.

Shipping: US shipping only, 12-44$ depending on the speed of delivery

Good to know: If you order perishable gifts you will need a faster and prices shipping method to ensure freshness and if you place a perishable order after Wednesday, it won’t be shipping before Monday.

#28 Gopuff

Best for: last-minute (like right now) gifts

Screenshot of Gopuff website for gifts
Gopuff homepage

About: You may know Gopuff as your last-minute grocery shopper. However, I know it as a lifesaver for last-minute gifts. Whether it’s a quick bottle of wine, some fancy chocolates, or even a fun board game, they deliver it right to your (the recipient’s) door in minutes. It’s perfect for those times when you almost forgot a birthday or need a quick surprise for a friend.

Shipping: Within 15 minutes (depending on the region).

Good to know: Gopuff only operates in the US, but many countries have an equivalent local on-demand delivery service that can be your last-minute gift savior too.

#29 Sugar wish

Best for: hard-to-shop-for recipients, sending long-distance gifts, and corporate gifts

Screenshot of Minted website for Sugar Wish a gift website for food
Sugar Wish homepage

About: Sugarwish is a unique virtual gift site that lets recipients pick their own gifts! Whether it’s candies, cookies, or even savory snacks like nuts and popcorn, you just send a virtual “wish” (and e-gift card) and the recipient chooses exactly what they crave. It’s perfect for personal and corporate gifts.

Shipping: The e-gift card arrives instantly and once chosen the physical gifts ship within 4-6 business days, depending on the country

Good to know: They ship globally, but quite some countries are excluded, so make sure to check the site.

Unique gift websites for experiences

#30 Virgin Experience Gifts

Best for: US experience gifts

Virgin Experience Gifts
Virgin Experience Gifts homepage

About: Virgin Experience Gifts is part of the Virgin brand, and it’s the ultimate place to shop for unforgettable experiences in the US. From hot air balloon rides and race car driving to gourmet dining and spa days.

Shipping: You get a digital voucher that the recipient can redeem and then pick a date for the experience themselves.

Good to know: the recipient can exchange the experience you gave for something else if they want and there is no expiration date.

#31 Tinggly

Best for: global experience gifts

Tinggly website
Tinggly homepage

About: Tinggly is a unique gift-giving service that offers experience gifts across the glove. You purchase a gift box or e-voucher, and the person you’re giving it to can select any experience they want, whether it’s a hot air balloon ride in Italy, a food tour in Tokyo, or a scuba diving adventure in Fiji. Plus they get to pick a date too.

Shipping: E-vouchers are sent right away and gift boxes are shipping worldwide in 2-5 business days.

Good to know: There is no expiration date and recipients can exchange the vouchers for any other activity.

#32 Viator

Best for: international experiences

Best websites for Gifts experiences: Viator
Viator homepage

About: Viator is my go-to for booking all sorts of fun experiences, not just for myself but as gifts too. Even though I prefer the way Tinggly presents their gifts, making it more fun to give, I still use Viator a lot too. They have even more options and destinations than Tinggly, and it’s super flexible with free cancellation within 24 hours.

Shipping: No shipping, only an e-mail confirmation.

Good to know: You can even book an experience and pay after your recipient has confirmed they are available on that date.

#33 Ticketmaster

Best for: tickets to all sorts of event

Ticketmaster website
Ticketmaster homepage

About: Ticketmaster is my favorite site for experience gifts like concerts or sports tickets or a night out at the theater. It’s super easy to find events that match my friends’ tastes and find tickets anywhere in the world. They operate in many different countries and the site is available in different languages. Plus, the booking process is straightforward and reliable.

Shipping: Typically they send tickets over e-mail, in some you can opt for physical tickets if you pay an additional fee.

Good to know: There is also the option to resell the ticket on Ticketmaster if you have to change or cancel the ticket

Best gift websites for personalized gifts

#34 Shutterfly for photo gifts

Best for: Photo gifts

Screenshot of Shutterflye homepage, a website for photo products and gifts
Shutterfly homepage

About: Shutterfly is my favorite spot for turning photos into keepsakes. Whether it’s a photo book full of travel adventures or creating personalized gifts like mugs and calendars, Shutterfly makes it super easy.

Shipping: Ship internationally and across the US, US shipping ranges from 1-10 business days, and international differs per country.

Good to know: For Canada, Australia, and the UK gifts are delivered with duties paid (DDP), for other foreign deliveries additional fees may apply.

#35 Personalization Mall

Best for: Personalized gifts

Personalization mall website
Personalization Mall homepage

About: Located in Burr Ridge, Illinois, Personalization Mall lets you add a personal touch to almost anything, from engraved picture frames to custom throw pillows. Name a product, and you can personalize it on their site! They often have deals, so you can give a one-of-a-kind gift for affordable prices.

Shipping: Rush shipping will deliver your products two days later for an additional fee, otherwise it may take up to 7 days costing around 7,99$.

Good to know: Make sure to check production times to ensure your personalized gift arrives when you need it. Also keep in mind that you can not return personalized gifts.

#36 Artifact Uprising

Best for: sustainable photo gifts

Screenshot of Artifcat Uprising website for gifts
Artifact Uprising homepage

About: Artifact Uprising is where I go when I’m looking for eco-friendly photo gifts. This Denver-based company places a lot of value on sustainability, using reclaimed materials and eco-friendly practices to create stunning photo books, prints, and gifts. It’s perfect for gifts that bring old memories back to life in an eco-friendly way.

Shipping: Four different types of shipping for speedy or cheaper delivery.

Good to know: Personalized items such as calendars and photobooks have different shipping times, make sure to allow extra time for production and shipping to ensure your gift arrives when you need it.

Unique gift websites for travel

#37 World Market

Good for:

World Market homepage

About: World Market is my favorite site for gifts with a global twist. They import unique, authentic items from around the world, ranging from exotic spices and international foods to artisanal home decor. I love that they support sustainable and fair trade practices, which makes shopping there feel good on a global level.

Shipping: Only ship in the US, for various costs and time-frames.

Good to know: Their online inventory can vary, so if you see something you love, grab it before it’s gone!

#38 REI

Best for: Outdoor gear and travel gifts

Screenshot of Rei website for travel and outdoor gear
REI homepage

About: REI is my absolute favorite spot when I’m looking for travel and outdoor gear. Whether I’m planning a camping trip, a hike, or even just a day out in nature, they’ve got everything I could possibly need. What I really love about REI is how they focus on quality and sustainability.

Shipping: 1-7 business days for the US and Canada, longer and more expensive for international shipping

Good to know: You may need to pay additional fees when ordering from outside of the US and Canada. REI has a generous return policy, you can return within a year of purchase if you’re not satisfied!

Responsible & sustainable gifts websites

#39 Miiriya

Best for: Unique gifts from Black-owned businesses

Screenshot of Miiriya website for black-owned business
Miiriya homepage

About: Miiriya is a fantastic spot to support and shop for Black-owned businesses. It’s a bit like Etsy, but for talented black entrepreneurs, from handmade crafts to beauty products you can find it all. I love browsing here because every purchase helps empower a community and supports real, creative people.

Shipping: 3-27 days, between 3-7$

Good to know: They only operate in the US.

#40 Baggu

Best for: sustainable bags

Baggu homepage

About: Are you looking for unique gift websites that are also sustainable? Baggu is the place to go! They’re famous for their durable, reusable bags that come in a ton of fun prints and colors. But they offer more than bags, from home decor to tents and clothes. It’s perfect for anyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint without sacrificing style.

Shipping: Free shipping for orders over 50$ in the US, international shipping is also available.

Good to know: their bestsellers often sell out quickly, especially the limited edition prints, so don’t hesitate if you find the perfect pattern!

#41 Coalatree

Best for: gifts for outdoor enthusiasts who care about the planet.

Coala Tree website
Coalatree homepage

About: Coalatree is always on my list when I’m shopping for gifts that are both cool and eco-conscious. They craft outdoor apparel and gear that’s not only functional and stylish but also made from sustainable materials. I love that they use recycled fabrics and give back to environmental causes with every buy.

Shipping: Free shipping for orders over $109 in the US, and different costs for international shipping.

Good to know: Their seasonal releases and collaborations often feature limited-edition items that go fast.


Best for: authentic handmade gifts that support artisans from around the world

unique gifts website for sustainable gifting
Novica homepage

About: NOVICA is like Etsy for sustainable and responsible gifts. They partner with artisans around the world, helping them bring their crafts—like handmade jewelry, art, and textiles—to a global market. What I love is that with each gift you directly support these artisans, fostering fair trade practices and sustainable development.

Shipping: They ship directly from international centers, so times and costs vary.

Good to know: since items are handcrafted and shipped from various countries, allow extra time for delivery.

Gift websites for everything

#43 Etsy

Best for: handmade and unique gift ideas

Etsy Best websites to buy gifts
Etsy homepage

About: Etsy is a fantastic marketplace that stands out for its unique, handcrafted, and vintage items. It is my favorite place to shop for unique gifts. What I love the most about Etsy is that many of the products are handmade, so you support small businesses by shopping on Etsy.

Shipping: Depends on the seller, but usually global shipping is available.

Good to know: Always read the description and reviews in detail before buying anything. Etsy is home to wonderful artisans, but unfortunately also to some not-so-wonderful artists

#44 Amazon

Best for: literally everything and everyone

Amazon homepage

About: I honestly think this site doesn’t need any further explanations. You can literally find everything here. I am not going to try to sum up everything they sell. Just use that search button and you will surely find something for your recipient.

Shipping: Global shipping is available as well as super fast delivery within the US

Good to know: Amazon is a marketplace for individual sellers, so always check the reviews before buying anything. You can find amazing high-quality gifts here but always use your brain.

#45 Anthropologie

Best for: Unique and artistic gifts for her

Screenshot of Antropologie website for gifts
Anthropologie homepage

About: Anthropologie, no matter which site you use—US, UK, or elsewhere—is fantastic for finding gifts for women Whether it’s their clothing, quirky home goods, or one-of-a-kind furniture, there’s something special about the way Anthropologie blends classic styles with modern creativity.

Shipping: Depends on the country

Good to know: They have different sites for different parts of the world which is why products, availability, and shipping varies.

#46 T.J.Maxx

Best for: Designer and famous brand gifts that are not too expensive

Screenshot of T.J. Maxx website for discounted designer stuff
T.J. Maxx homepage

About: T.J. Maxx has an ever-changing assortment of designer items at seriously discounted prices. Whether I’m on the hunt for designer clothes, unique home decor, or beauty products, I always find something high-quality and unexpected. It’s perfect when I want to give something special without breaking the bank.

Shipping: 2-10 business days for prices ranging from 9.99-27.99$

Good to know: Only operates in the US and doesn’t ship internationally

#47 Target

Best for: Last-minute and convenient gifts

Screenshot of Target a website for any product
Target homepage

About: Target is one of those go-to places for pretty much everything, including gifts. Whether I’m looking for toys, electronics, clothes, or even cute home decor, Target always has a huge variety at a decent price.

Shipping: Ranging from free for members to 9.95$ for US shipping.

Good to know: Target only operates and ships in the US. Also, it’s probably not the best shop if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind artistic gifts.

FAQ about the best gift websites

What is the best gift site?

Now obviously, the best gift site depends on the type of gifts that you are looking for. If you are looking for unique and quirky gifts, Uncommon Goods is the place to go, for sustainable gifts, NOVICA is the best gift site, for cool prints Zazzle, and for foodies, Gourmet Gift Basket.

What are similar sites to Uncommon Goods?

Sites like Uncommon Goods with witty, funny, and unique gifts are Firebox, Prezzybox, Not on the High Street, Animi Causa, Sharper Image, Mancrates, and The Grommet.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!