The 25 Best Louisiana Gifts For People Who Love The Pelican State

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Street in New Orleans, Louisiana

Are you looking for unique Louisiana gifts for local Pelican Staters? Or do you need Louisiana-themed gifts for someone who just moved to New Orleans or another city? Then this list with 25 awesome gift ideas is exactly what you need!

From cute home decor items to Louisiana gift baskets and from cajun food to local coffee, there is something for every type of receiver.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three Louisiana gift ideas by budget.

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25 Awesome Louisiana gifts that locals & visitors love with a photo of a Mardi Gras mask

Louisiana gifts for large budgets

#1 Louisiana gift basket

Louisiana food basket
Photo courtesy of 2 Artistics Moms

Gift baskets are one of my go-to gifts, (I even wrote an article om how to make the best baskets at home). So for people who love the Pelican state, a Louisiana gift basket such as this one on Etsy is always a good idea. It’s filled with the finest and most typical Louisiana food items, such as cajun and creole seasoning and different fry recipes.

And that makes this the ultimate gift for people who miss home and who need a little bit of their home state’s comfort food (or check out #3 for more Louisiana food gifts).

#2 Map of Louisiana

Metal map of Louisiana
Photo courtesy of The Personal Outlet

Whether you’re looking for Louisiana gifts for locals, for people who moved out of state, or for visitors who are obsessed with the Pelican State, a map is always a good gift idea. Especially if you buy one of the many beautiful designs on Etsy.

My favorite is the metal one with the option to add the receiver’s name.

#3 Seasoning gift basket

five cans of Louisiana spices
Photo courtesy of Old Town Spice Shop

As one of the best US states when it comes to food, you will find quite a few delicious food gifts on this list. Such as this Louisiana seasoning basket.

It includes the five most famous Louisiana seasonings, so they can create delicious Louisiana creole and cajun dishes at home!

#4 Sweatshirts

A woman wearing a sweat shirt with the map of Louisiana and "Home sweet Home"
Photo courtesy of Smiling is your Art

This warm sweater from the Pelican State is a great gift idea for someone who is always cold and who loves Louisiana!

Or check out Etsy to find over a thousand different designs for any type of receiver; men, women, kids, babies, and more!

#5 Beer cap map

Louisiana beer cap map
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I probably should have warned you before you started reading this post, but you will find quite a few map-related gift ideas on this list.


Because people who love Louisiana simply love to show their beautiful map to everyone. And so there are quite a few cool map-related Louisiana gifts. Such as these awesome maps with holes for beer caps or wine corks, so the recipient can fill their map with beer caps of their favorite beers or wine corks of their finest wines.

#6 Mug

"Been there" Starbucks mug
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for Louisiana-themed gifts for someone who loves coffee or tea?

Or for someone who loves to collect Starbucks mugs for every state they’ve visited? (Yes, they have mugs available for each state). Then this is the perfect gift option for you.

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Louisiana gifts for mid-budgets

#7 Louisiana cookbooks

Chasing the gator cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Chasing the Gator: Isaac Toups and the New Cajun Cooking

As one of the best states in the entire USA when it comes to food, Louisiana cookbooks couldn’t be missed in this gift guide. So I selected three options for you. The first one is a cookbook with delicious cajun recipes that are famous from the state.

Turkey and the Wolf cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Turkey and the Wolf: Flavor Trippin’ in New Orleans

This is one of the best Louisiana gift ideas for people who love to cook and who love New Orleans! It’s a best-selling cookbook with delicious Southern recipes from New Orleans.

Mosquito Supper Club cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Mosquito Supper Club: Cajun Recipes from a Disappearing Bayou

This is one of the best cookbooks for people who love to try Louisiana’s famous cajun recipes at home. Though the story behind the making of this cookbook is a rather sad one. As Louisiana is losing land the size of a football field every hour, due to the rising sea levels each hour, the author decided to collect all recipes from her home region before it disappears.

#8 Louisiana map necklace

Necklace with pendant in the shape of the map of Louisiana
Photo courtesy of Tickle Charm

Do you need cute Louisiana gifts for women?

Then this necklace that’s shaped like the map of Louisiana ( I know, another map-related gift) is a great gift idea!

It’s available in silver and gold and it makes a great accessory without being too obvious.

#9 Handpainted wine glasses

Wine glass with a painted pelican
Photo courtesy of 318 Art Co

These beautiful handpainted glasses on Etsy are unique Louisiana gift ideas for people who just moved in or out of state. You can choose from alligators and pelicans, and each wine glass is handpainted.

#10 Travel guides

Book cover of 'The Rough Guide to New Orleans'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Rough Guide New Orleans

I know what you’re thinking; “travel guides are only good gifts for visitors, not for locals”. And when it comes to The Rough Guide to New Orleans, you are right. It’s probably one of the best Louisiana gift ideas for someone who will visit New Orleans soon. However, check out the next two guides if you are looking for cool guides for locals.

Louisiana bucket list travel guide
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Louisiana bucket list: Adventure Guide

The Louisiana bucket list is a great gift idea for both visitors and locals because it contains unique things to see and do that locals didn’t even know about and that will show visitors a unique side of Louisiana!

Book cover of 'Louisiana Birds: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Species'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Louisiana Birds: A Folding Pocket Guide to Familiar Species

The last guidebook on this list is actually one of the best Louisiana gifts for locals who love birds. They can use this field guide to discover all the birds that are native to their home state.

#11 Alligator oven mitt

Alligator oven mitt
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Did you know that for every two people living in Louisiana, there is one alligator living there too?

Yep, that’s right; there are half as many alligators as humans, and they live in the wild!

Florida might get all the attention when it comes to alligators, but actually, you can find just as many in Louisiana. And that’s why this cute alligator oven mitt is such a fun gift for someone who loves Louisiana.

#12 Candles that smell like Louisiana

Candle with Louisiana map
Photo courtesy of Scripted Fragrance

Do you need Louisiana gift ideas for someone who misses home?

Then you just found the perfect gift!

A scented candle that actually smells like Louisiana, its people, nature, and culture.

#13 Books about Louisiana

Louisiana: A History book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Louisiana: A History

Do you need Louisiana gifts for someone who is into history? Then this book about the complete history of their favorite state is perfect!

All the king's men book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

All the king’s men by Robert Penn Warren

This is a true literary masterpiece that’s set in Louisiana and that has been restored and reintroduced to suit present-day readers. So for people who love literature and who are interested in political novels, this is a great gift idea.

A Confederacy of Dunces book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

A Confederacy of Dunces is another classic novel set in Louisiana. Though this time it’s a comical satirical novel about a man trying to avoid going to work and becoming a member of mainstream society.

#14 Monopoly in New Orleans style

New Orleans-Opoly
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need Louisiana-themed gifts for people who love board games and New Orleans (though I’m pretty sure every Louisiana lover also loves New Orleans)?

Then this Monopoly version of New Orleans is perfect!

Instead of your classic streets, you can buy iconic New Orleans buildings such as Preservation Hall and the Garden District.

#15 Jigsaw puzzle

Box of a jigsaw puzzle from New Orleans
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This jigsaw puzzle is a great gift for fans of New Orleans or Louisiana. It’ll surely keep them busy and entertained.

What makes it thrilling is its story! As the Puzzle is an original art piece made by folk artist Eric Dowdle, about the places he’s been to and the people he met along the way.

My favorite part is the easter eggs! Along the puzzle are little eggs which represent a fun fact or a funny story.

#16 Map-shaped ice molds

An ice cube in the shape of the map of a US state
Photo courtesy of Honest Ice

Ice cube molds shaped like the map of Louisiana, are a fun gift for locals to get through the summer heat in style.

For those who love to drink (on the rocks, of course) this will add a little Louisiana flair to their booze. Making each and every sip of their cold drink much more enjoyable!

Louisiana gifts for small budgets

#17 Cutting board

Cutting board with the map of Louisiana
Photo courtesy of Amazon

So I warned you that this list would contain quite a few map-related Louisiana gifts, but this is the last one, I promise.

It’s a bamboo cutting board with an illustrated map of Louisiana engraved, and it’s perfect for people who love to cook. They can use this cutting board to prepare a delicious Louisiana cajun or creole dish.

#18 Make-up bag

Make up bag with icons from Louisiana
Photo courtesy of Firebolt Creations

This make-up bag with typical Louisiana things, such as alligators, pelicans, lobsters, and Mardi Gras masks is one of the cutest Louisiana gift ideas for women.

#19 Beer from Louisiana

A bottle of beer from Louisiana
Photo courtesy of Drizly

If you’re looking to introduce the taste of Louisiana to beer lovers then gifting them this Abita Amber is the best way to go!

It’s a Munich-style lager and as the name suggests, it’s rich in amber color. Not to mention its smooth, malty, and slight caramel flavor.

The taste perfectly captures the people of the state – having a smooth blend of diverse cultures, rich traditions, and a welcoming spirit, with a touch of sweetness that highlights their unique charm and character.

Oh, and guess what?

It’s been voted the “best beer” in countless New Orleans reader polls, plus, it’s even used by great Louisiana chefs in their cooking!

#20 Community coffee from Louisiana

Bag of coffee from Louisiana
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Community Coffee is a Louisiana-based coffee company, a family-owned business that has been passed down through four generations showcasing its rich history!

Their commitment to producing the finest coffee beans and unique coffee blends, together with their strong ties with the people of Louisiana have made them become a beloved and iconic brand in the region.

#21 Cajun spices

two tins of Slap ya Mama cajun spices from Louisiana
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Cajun spices are deeply intertwined with Louisiana’s history, culture, and culinary traditions.

As you may know, Louisiana is famous for its food’s unique and flavorful taste such as its gumbo, jambalaya, and many more!

But it’s not as simple as that because these spices (well, Cajun cuisine as a whole) have become Louisiana’s cultural identity. Cooking Cajun food has been their way of preserving and celebrating their cultural heritage.

Gifting these seasonings to your friends will allow them to have a taste of Louisiana. They’ll even have two options, one for those who like to spice things up and another for those who can’t handle the heat.

#22 Café du Monde Beignet mix

Package of a beignet mix
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Cafe Du Monde is a historic coffee stand that has been around since 1862 in New Orleans, Louisiana. They’ve been serving their beignets for over a century and it has become a tradition to try them when visiting.

But with this beignet mix, your recipient can simply recreate the sweet taste of New Orleans at home.

#23 Keychain

Louisiana keychain
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This keychain is one of the sweetest Louisiana-themed gifts.

Because no matter where they are, they will always know that you love them!

#24 Louisiana-themed luggage tag

Luggage tag with Louisiana flag
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

With nearly 200 different Louisiana-themed luggage tags on Zazzle, I am sure you can find one for your recipient! They are great gift ideas for people who travel a lot, so they can always find their luggage bag in style.

#25 Hot sauce

Bottle of Cajun Pepper hot sauce
Photo courtesy of Jazzy T Foods

If you haven’t realized this by now, let me make it clear. Louisiana food is famous all around the US and beyond. So you can never go wrong with Louisiana food gifts for someone who loves the Pelican State.

And one cool option is this Cajun hot sauce on Etsy.

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A final note on Louisiana gifts

Alright, these were the 25 best Louisiana Christmas gifts from me, I hope you found the perfect gift for your receiver, or check out the editor’s top three if you need more inspiration!


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