30 Majestic Moroccan Gifts For People Obsessed With Morocco

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If you are looking for the best Moroccan gifts for people obsessed with Morocco and you’re short on time, here is my number one tip. Buy them a plane ticket to Morocco. If that’s not within your budget, check out the rest of the Moroccan gift ideas in this guide!

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30 Majestic Moroccan gifts

Moroccan gifts for large budgets

#1 A trip to Morocco

Woman walking in narrow street
This is me in Marrakech

The best gift for someone who is obsessed with Morocco is of course a trip to Morocco!

So if you have a large budget for this gift, head over to Skyscanner and book a flight to Marrakech, Casablanca, Agadir, or one of the other international airports. Or check out TripAdvisor and book cool tours and activities.

#2 Vintage map of Morocco

Map of Morocco
Photo courtesy of Old City Prints

This vintage map of Morocco is a beautiful piece of wall art for people who love Morocco, maps, and a bit of history.

Though, even if they only love one of the three, it’s still a cool gift.

For more gift ideas for people who are into history, check out the history buff gifts.

#3 Traditional Moroccan teacups

Moroccan teacups

Tea culture is huge in Morocco.

Seriously, no matter where in Morocco you are, tea is always the number one beverage. It’s an important part of Moroccan culture and there used to be all kinds of customs and etiquette on how to serve and drink tea.

Nowadays it’s not accompanied by so many etiquette rules, but it’s still served in traditional colorful cups such as these ones.

So if you are looking for Moroccan gifts for tea lovers, this is the perfect gift.

And if you want to turn it into an even better gift, add the next item and gift #21.

#4 Moroccan teapot

Moroccan teapot

As I said with the teacup, Moroccan tea culture is huge. Morocco actually ranks number 6 as the country with the highest tea consumption per capita!

Moroccan tea is traditionally made in a tin, brass, aluminum, or silver teapot, such as the one from Amazon. It used to have a ceremonial function, which you can learn more about at Tea and Coffee.com. But nowadays, teapots are simply used because they are practical and look pretty.

One thing to keep in mind is that the grip is also made of brass and can get really hot. So make sure the recipient uses a cloth when they use the teapot.

#5 Fes wall art

Door wall art
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

If you are looking for Moroccan gifts for someone who loves Fes, or someone who loves the beautiful Fes doors, this is the perfect gift.

For more wall art ideas, check out #18.

#6 Moroccan beauty products

Moroccan beauty gift set

If you are looking for the best Moroccan gifts for her, Moroccan beauty products are the gift you need.

You can buy a complete gift set on Amazon which includes a hydration mask, conditioner, shampoo, and oil treatment. All are made from Moroccan argan oil.

Another cool gift idea for her is a complete Moroccan hammam spa workshop from Udemy, where she will learn how to make a spa treatment at home!

#7 Moroccan chandelier

Colorful Chandelier

One of the most classic gifts from Morocco is a mosaic chandelier, such as this one from Amazon.

#8 Moroccan food gifts: tagine

Iron cast tagine

If you are looking for the best Moroccan food gifts, a tagine is the gift you need!

A tagine is a traditional Moroccan cooking pot that’s used to create many delicious stew-like dishes.

I know that the traditional Moroccan earthware tagines look way cooler than this cast iron one, but there are quite a few benefits to the cast iron one. The main one is that you can wash it in the dishwasher, making it a lot easier to clean. It’s also lighter and easier to carry and the meals prepared in the iron cast tagine are just as delicious as from a traditional tagine.

Oh and if you want to make this an even greater Moroccan gift, there are a few other gifts you can add. Head over to the next gift, #16, and #28.

#9 Moroccan tagine spices

Moroccan spices
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

If you are looking for Moroccan food gifts for someone who already owns a tagine, these tagine spices are the perfect gift for you!

It includes some of the most common Moroccan spices, such as Ras el Hanout and Baharat.

#10 Moroccan-themed board game

Marrakech game

If you are looking for unique Moroccan gifts, the Marrakech game is the perfect gift.

In short, the aim of the game is to have the largest area for your carpets. But check out Ultra Board Games’ full explanation, if you are going to buy this gift.

#11 Traditional Moroccan slippers

Denim slippers
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for traditional Moroccan gifts? Then the babouche slippers are the perfect gift.

Traditionally they are made from leather and worn to religious ceremonies and festivals. But these ones by Uncommon Goods are made from denim and are perfect for indoor use, making them great for people who love to dress traditionally, even at home.

#12 Moroccan ceramics

3 bowls
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Ceramics are another example of classic Moroccan gifts people bring home after visiting Morocco. And for obvious reasons, they are beautiful!

Luckily for you, you can also buy these handmade in Morocco ceramics online too.

Moroccan gifts for mid-budgets

#13 Moroccan language course

Moroccan Arabic course

Even though standard Arabic is one of the official languages of Morocco (along with Standard Moroccan Berber), Moroccan Arabic (or Darija) is the language that’s most widely spoken in Morocco. So if you need cool Moroccan gifts for someone who would love to interact with locals, this is the best gift.

There are two options here, a witty book version on Amazon and an online course on Udemy.

#14 Moroccan gift ideas: jigsaw puzzle

Marrakech riad puzzle

If you are looking for Moroccan gift ideas for someone who loves Marrakech and jigsaw puzzles, this 1000-piece puzzle of a Marrakech riad is the perfect gift.

Or check out these 25 puzzle gifts for more inspiration.

#15 Moroccan-themed passport cover

Moroccan door drawing
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for Moroccan gifts for frequent travelers, this passport cover is the perfect gift. It will keep their most important document safe in style!

For other styles, check out Zazzle where you will find 214 Moroccan-themed passport covers.

#16 Moroccan cookbooks

The food of Morocco

The food of Morocco

If you are looking for Moroccan food gifts, a cookbook is a great idea. This book by Paula Wolfert is a great general Moroccan cookbook, with recipes from all over the country.

Easy tagine

Easy tagine: delicious recipes for Moroccan one-pot cooking

This book in combination with a tagine (#8) is one of the best Moroccan food gifts for people who would love to create the real Moroccan taste at home.

Moroccan vegan cookbook

Moroccan vegan cookbook

I guess it doesn’t surprise you, that this is one of the best Moroccan food gifts for vegans. It also includes various vegan tagine and couscous recipes, so you can pair this gift with the tagine (gift #8).

#17 Moroccan gifts for her: necklace

Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

These necklaces in the traditional Moroccan tile pattern are super cute Morrocan gifts for her.

#18 Moroccan wall art

Moroccan wall art

These wall art prints of the Moroccan desert are great Moroccan gifts for someone who loves to bring a bit of Morocco to their home.

#19 Hamsa wall art

Hamsa wall art

This handmade hand of Fatma wall art is another one of the best Moroccan gifts for people who love Moroccan home design.

The hand of Fatma, or Hamsa, is a popular symbol in Morocco (and other North African and Middle Eastern countries). It’s believed to protect against the evil eye.

#20 Morocco travel guides

Fodor’s Travel Essential Morocco

Fodor’s Travel Essential Morocco

There are quite a few excellent guidebooks for Morocco, and Fodor’s Travel is definitely one of them. Their guidebooks generally work for all types of travelers. They provide insider tips for people who love having unique experiences.

Lonely Planet: Morocco

Lonely Planet: Morocco

The Lonely Planet is my favorite guidebook as a cheap-ass backpacker. So if you are looking for Moroccan gift ideas for backpackers, this is the perfect gift!

National Geographic Traveler: Morocco

National Geographic Traveler: Morocco

National Geographic Traveler publishes guidebooks that provide a lot of background information about a country and its highlights. Making this a great gift for someone who loves to know everything about Morocco.

#21 Moroccan tea

Moroccan tea

Are you looking for Moroccan gifts to go along with the teacups (#3) or teapot(#4), Moroccan mint tea is the perfect gift for that.

In case you are wondering what Moroccan tea is, it’s a strong mint tea made from mint and Chinese green tea gunpowder, and usually a lot of sugar.

Also, check out the tea gift guide for more ideas for tea lovers.

#22 Moroccan-themed water bottle

Water bottle with Marrakech
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for Moroccan gifts for sustainable travelers, the stainless steel water bottles on Zazzle are the best gifts

For someone who likes Marrakech, go for the Marrakech-themed water bottle.

#23 Leather wallet

Leather wallet

If you are looking for handmade Moroccan gift ideas, this leather wallet is the perfect gift. Leather handicrafts are very common in Moroccan and make great souvenirs. This wallet is handmade by artisans in Marrakech.

#24 Fun books about Morocco

A history of Modern Morocco

A history of Modern Morocco

If you are looking for Moroccan gift ideas for history buffs, this book is the perfect gift.

Women artisans of Morocco

Women artisans of Morocco: Their stories, their lives

This book covers the stories of 25 Moroccan women who make a living by producing handicrafts. About their lives, their families, and their beliefs.

Culture smart: Morocco

Culture smart Morocco: the essential guide to customs and culture

This is the best guidebook for people who moving to Morocco or for people who love learning about the local customs and traditions.

Adventures in Morocco

My 1001 nights: tales and adventures from Morocco

This is a great gift for people who love to be transported to Morocco through the tales of a traveler. Alice Morrison traveled to Morocco for the BBC series “Morocco to Timbuktu” and this is her travel memoir.

#25 Moroccan gift ideas: travel mug

Travel mug with flag of Moroco
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for Moroccan gifts for a coffee lover, this travel mug with the flag of Morocco is the perfect gift. And a big bonus is the fact that you can also personalize this travel mug, for example by adding the recipient’s name, a sweet message, or an inside joke.

But don’t worry if you don’t like this design, you can find nearly 500 Moroccan-themed options on Zazzle.

Moroccan gifts for small budgets

#26 Morocco-themed coloring book

Adult coloring book

A coloring book for adults is a great relaxation method. So if you are looking for Moroccan gifts for someone who could use some relaxing, this is the perfect gift.

The patterns are based on Moroccan Zellige patterns, which is one of the most famous mosaic tilework used in Morocco.

#27 Moroccan gifts: luggage tag

Lugagge tag with initials
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for practical Moroccan gifts, then one of 418 Moroccan-themed luggage tags on Zazzle is what you need!

I quite liked the Moroccan tile luggage tag, but again there are plenty of different options you can choose from.

#28 Moroccan cooking class

This is another one of the great Moroccan food gifts for someone who would love to learn to cook traditional Moroccan meals at home.

#29 Moroccan-themed travel journal

Morocco travel journal

If you are looking for Moroccan gifts for someone who is going to travel to Morocco soon, this travel journal is the perfect gift.

Travel journals are an essential item for travelers (even though not every traveler may realize this). It’s the best way to remember all the fun experiences, beautiful moments, and interesting information that travelers collect during their trip.

This is also why I created a complete guide to the 25 best travel journals.

#30 Moroccan-themed tote bag

Tote bag with "love, peace, Morocco"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are another example of small and practical Moroccan gifts. If you buy one of nearly 1000 Moroccan-themed tote bags on Zazzle of course!

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30 Mejestic Moroccan gifts

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