25 Unique Nepali Gifts That Capture The Spirit Of Nepal

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Lungta Boudnanath stupa Kathmanu, Nepal

Are looking for unique Nepali gifts for people who are obsessed with Nepal? Well, hold on to your yak hats because we’ve got something truly special for you! In this blog post, we are going to introduce you to the marvelous world of Nepal gifts, where ancient traditions meet modern charm. From gorgeous jewelry to handmade gifts from Nepal, there is something for everyone and for every occasion.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts from Nepal by budget.

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25 unique nepali gifts

Nepali gifts for large budgets

#1 Traditional Nepali game

A baord game with 24 wooden pieces from Nepal
Photo courtesy of Kubiya Games

If you are looking for traditional Nepali gifts for someone who loves games, this moving tiger game (or Bagh Chal, as it’s called in Nepal) is the perfect gift.

It’s a two-player strategy game, where one player moves the four tigers and hunts the other player’s 20 goats. But check out Masters of Game for the full explanation.

#2 Yak wool gifts

Yak wool blankets in different colors on a pile
Photo courtesy of Namaste London Crafts

Yaks are a type of domesticated ox that you will find all over the Himalayas (and thus in Nepal). To make yak wool, the wool from the underbelly of the animal is used and then combined with cotton. It’s a super warm type of wool, which is why it’s popular in the Himalayas too.

If you are looking for gifts from Nepal for foreigners who love knitting then a skein of yak wool is a great gift. But if you’re looking for gifts for someone who’s not much of a skilled knitter, the yak wool blanket is a better alternative.

By the way, if you are curious about what a yak looks like, check out gift #25.

#3 Singing bowl

Nepalese Singing bowl
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Singing bowls or Tibetan singing bowls are a type of musical instrument that is often used in meditation, yoga, prayer, or healing practices. And though they are often called Tibetan singing bowls, they are also widely used and produced in Nepal, such as this one on Amazon.

To complete this gift, you can also give online courses on how to use the singing bowls for healing or meditation.

But even if you are looking for traditional Nepali gifts for someone who is not into spiritual stuff, this could also be a cool home decorative item

#4 Handmade backpack

Colorful backpack handmade in Nepal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This colorful backpack is handmade in Nepal from recycled jute rice bags. So it’s not only a great gift idea from Nepal, but it’s also great for the environment.

#5 Nepali knife

Photo courtesy of Gurkha Smith

This knife is an awesome traditional Nepali gift. It’s a special type of machete called a kukri (or khukri) and it’s the national weapon of Nepal, which is why you can find them as a souvenir everywhere too.

Gurkha Smith makes unique and handmade kukri knives in Nepal, so if you’re looking for authentic souvenirs, head over to his shop on Etsy. Keep in mind that each knife is one of a kind, so they run out of stock fast.

If you are interested in the history and the relevance of the knife today, check out this article by Khukuri House.

#6 Nepali language course

Book cover of 'Complete Nepali Beginner to Intermediate Course: Learn to read, write, speak and understand a new language (Teach Yourself)'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Nepali language courses are great Nepal gift ideas for people who love interacting with locals during their trip, people who are planning to stay in Nepal for a long time, and people who love learning languages.

The complete Nepali course from Amazon is perfect for beginner to intermediate levels. On Udemy, you can find courses for all levels.

#7 Nepal-themed water bottles

Nepalese gifts: water bottle
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

If you are looking for Nepali gift ideas for sustainable travelers, then Nepal-themed water bottles are a great idea.

By using stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic bottles, travelers can easily reduce their plastic waste. And if you pick one of the 42 different Nepalese designs on Zazzle you also show the recipient that you remembered what his or her favorite country is.

I quite like the thangka design water bottle because thangka paintings are a traditional form of art in Nepal and other countries around the Himalayas. The paintings are often made of Buddha or other religious figures.

But if you would rather get a water bottle without a religious figure, there are still plenty of options on Zazzle.

Nepali gifts for mid-budgets

#8 Map of Nepal wall art

Colorful map of Nepal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This colorful map of Nepal is one of the best gifts for Nepalese families who moved abroad and would love a touch of home in their new homes!

#9 Mala necklace

Beaded mala necklace from Nepal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Beaded necklaces can be found and bought pretty much anywhere in Nepal. This is mostly because the mala bead necklaces (the official name of these types of necklaces) are used in prayers and meditation.

However, if you are looking for traditional Nepalese gifts for someone who is not necessarily into religion or spirituality, these necklaces are still beautiful pieces of jewelry.

#10 Nepali-themed passport cover

Photo courtesy of Kathy Hains Design

Etsy’s Nepal-themed passport covers are great gifts for Nepalese women and men who travel a lot.

A passport is pretty much the most important item a traveler possesses, so a cover to protect this document from getting wet, dirty, or torn is not an unnecessary luxury. Especially if it’s a cover from their favorite country, such as this flag cover.

#11 Nepali cookbooks

The Rana cookbook: recipes from the palaces of Nepal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Rana Cookbook

“Palace Kitchens of Nepal” is a tantalizing treasure trove for Nepal lovers, offering a rare glimpse into the sumptuous cuisine of the Rana dynasty. From light and fresh Nepali staples to flavorful Indian-inspired dishes, this beautifully illustrated cookbook preserves the mouthwatering recipes that were once exclusive to the palaces.

The best selection of Nepal recipes cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The best selection of Nepal recipes

Middle-Eastern dishes made simple for everyone. A great book for anyone who loves Nepali food and who liked to keep cooking simple. And also a fun Nepali gift for foreigners to bring a bit of Nepali flavours into their homes.

Plant-based Himalaya: Vegan recipes from Nepal cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Plant-based Himalaya: Vegan recipes from Nepal

As the title already suggests, this is a great cookbook for vegans who love Nepali food.

#12 Hemp fanny pack

Two hemp fanny packs handmade in Nepal
Photo courtesy of Namaste London Crafts

Looking for a unique gift from Nepal for foreigners?

Look no further than these hemp fanny packs! Handmade by talented Nepalese artisans, this fanny pack is crafted with pure hemp, making it eco-friendly and oh-so-trendy. It’s spacious enough to hold all their essentials, from their wallet to their yak milk chocolate bars (yep, that’s a thing). So whether they’re trekking the mountains or just strolling down the street, this fanny pack is the perfect way to rock that Nepalese flair.

#13 Nepal travel guides

Lonely Planet: Nepal travel guide
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lonely Planet: Nepal

The Lonely Planet of Nepal is the best Nepali gift for foreigners who are traveling to Nepal and who travel on a budget.

The rough guide to Nepal travel guide
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Rough Guide to Nepal

The Rough Guides are great travel guides for all types of travelers. So if you are looking for Nepalese gifts for foreigners who are not necessarily traveling on a shoestring, this is the guide you need.

Travel guide about trekking everest
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Trekking Everest

This is the best guidebook for people who are planning on climbing Mount Everest. The book covers everything from Base Camp, Kala Patar, and other trekking routes in Nepal and Tibet

#14 Nepali-themed socks

Socks with hearts
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Nepal-themed socks from Zazzle are great gifts for Nepalese families who ventured into foreign lands. These cozy foot warmers not only keep their tootsies snug but also bring a touch of nostalgia and style.

As they slip on these socks adorned with the flag of Nepal, they’ll be reminded of their roots while rocking Nepal on their feet.

Oh, and if you want to know a random fact about the flag of Nepal, check out gift #17.

#15 Lokta paper journal

Lokta paper journal from Nepal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Lokta paper is a traditional and handmade type of paper that is made from Lokta bushes in Nepal. In the past, it was used for official documents or religious scripts. Nowadays it’s used for all sorts of purposes, and it has become a popular souvenir from Nepal.

I loved the Lokta journal specifically because travelers can use it as a travel journal, students can use it in school, and everyone else can use it for whatever reason they want. Plus the Lokta paper creates an ancient and official look.

But if you are looking for cheaper travel journals for Nepal enthusiasts, check out #22.

#16 Fun books about Nepal

book cover of "Nepal culture smart:The essential guide to customs and culture in Nepal."
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Culture Smart Nepal: The essential guide to customs and culture in Nepal

This is a great Nepali gift for foreigners who are about to move to Nepal or who are interested in learning about cultures and traditions.

Book cover of "Yak girl: Growing up in the remote Dolpo region of Nepal"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Yak Girl: Growing up in the remote Dolpo region of Nepal

This book is a beautiful memoir of a girl who grew up in a region of Nepal without running water, electricity, phones, schools, or whatsoever.

Book cover of "A history of Nepal"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A history of Nepal

This is one of the best Nepalo gift ideas for history buffs!

#17 Nepal-themed travel mug

Travel mug with flag of Nepal
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Did you know that the Nepali flag is the only flag in the world that is not rectangular?

No wonder, the Napolese are quite proud of their flag!

So if you are looking for gifts for Nepalese women or families who love takeaway coffee, this travel mug with the unique Nepali flag is the best gift.

Oh and no worries if you are looking for gift ideas for someone who is not very interested in flags, you can find 82 different Nepal-themed travel mugs on Zazzle.

#18 Nepal-themed wall art

Kathmandu Cityscape Painting
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This beautiful vintage travel poster of Nepal is another one of the best gifts for Nepalese families who moved abroad and who would love to add a bit of Nepal to their new home. Though you can find all sorts of gorgeous home decor ideas from Nepal on Amazon for more options.

#19 Necklace with the map of Nepal

Photo courtesy of Bijoux By Brouillard

If you are looking for cute gifts for Nepalese women, this necklace with the map of Nepal on a coin is what you need!

Nepali gifts for small budgets

#20 Nepalese tea

A tea gift bag with Nepali breakfast tea
Photo courtesy of Nepal Tea Collective

The loose-leaf breakfast tea is produced in the Himalayan mountains and is a great gift for a tea lover who also loves Nepal.

Fun fact about Nepali tea.

Nepali tea is not quite as famous as Indian or Chinese tea, but the funny thing is that the famous Indian Darjeeling tea is produced in the same area as some Nepali tea (it’s only a political border that separates the two).

#21 Nepal-themed luggage tags

A luggage tag with a print of The Himalayas
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The 55 different Nepal-themed luggage tags on Zazzle are another example of practical Nepal gift ideas for people who travel a lot. Every traveler can use a luggage tag to

If you are looking for Nepali gift ideas for someone who loves the Himalayas then the luggage tag on the photo is the perfect gift for you.

#22 Nepal travel journal

Nepal travel journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If the lokta paper journal was a bit over your budget, this Nepal travel journal is a better alternative. A travel journal is always a good gift for a traveler, and it’s an even better gift if it is specific to the country they love.

You can also check out these 25 awesome travel journals if you are looking for journals that are not specific to a country.

#23 Handmade bracelets

Photo courtesy of Beads Joy Crafts DK

These handmade bracelets are awesome small and quirky gifts from Nepal for foreigners! Made with love by talented Nepalese women, these bracelets feature colorful glass beads and cotton thread that will unleash the recipient’s inner bling in the most Nep-tastic way possible!

#24 Nepal coloring book

Nepal coloring book for adults
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Coloring books for adults are a great tool to help them relax and unwind. So if you are looking for gifts Nepalese families who could use some quiet and relaxing time, this Nepal-themed coloring book is an excellent gift idea.

#25 Nepal-themed tote bag

Tote bag with picture of yak
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for Nepali gift ideas for someone who loves animals, and more specifically yaks?

Then this tote bag is the gift you are looking for. Tote bags are super practical for eco-minded people because they don’t take up much space or weight, but can be used as any kind of bag.

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25 unique Nepali gifts

Final notes on gift ideas from Nepal

We’ve reached the end of our journey through the marvelous world of Nepali gift ideas. From hemp fanny packs to handmade bracelets, we’ve explored the quirky and delightful treasures that Nepal has to offer. If you’re still not sure about your gift, have a look at the editor’s top 3.


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