37 Unique Sloth Gifts That Embrace The Slow Life And The Slothful Spirit

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A photo co a sloth in a tree

We’re here to celebrate the ultimate embodiment of chillness: the sloth. And what better way to honor these lovable creatures than with a selection of cozy and comforting sloth gifts?

Whether it’s your best friend, your significant other, or even a family member, who is obsessed with this cute creature, these hand-picked sloth-themed gifts are sure to bring warmth, comfort, and a whole lot of slothful joy into their life.

So sit back, put your feet up, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of sloth-lover gifts. Prepare for an overload of cuteness, laughter, and, of course, an irresistible urge to take things slow. Let’s get slothful, my friends!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three sloth-related gifts by budget.

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37 irresistible sloth-themed gifts to warm their hearts with four photos of sloth-related items

Sloth gifts for large budgets

#1 Adopt a sloth

A certificate from the WWF for adopting a sloth
Photo courtesy of WWF

This is by far the best sloth-lover gift on this list. Symbolically adopt a sloth for them! I also included this gift in my environmentalist gift guide, but as an ambassador of the World Wild Life organization myself, I just had to include this gift again.

But please read this carefully; only SYMBOLICALLY adopt an animal!

That way, the money you spend will be used by the World Wild Life organization for sloth protection in Costa Rica, Brazil, Panama, and the rest of Latin America where sloths still live in the wild. Besides protecting the sloths, the recipient will also receive a cute cloth-themed gift basket.

#2 Jigsaw puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle with a sloth and the name "Sophia"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Looking to give a sloth gift that embodies the essence of slothfulness?

Look no further than a sloth-themed puzzle!

It’s the perfect way for sloth lovers to embrace their inner chillness while engaging in some brain-teasing fun. Just like a sloth’s leisurely pace, this 100-piece jigsaw puzzle will help them to take things slow and peacefully.

#3 Wearable blanket

Woman wearing a hoodie/blanket with sloth print
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for cute sloth gifts for people who are always cold?

Then this wearable blanket hoodie is the ultimate gift. Whether they’re binge-watching their favorite shows, working from home, or just lounging around, this slothful hoodie is like having a sloth hugging them and keeping them cozy all day long.

#4 Sloth-shaped planter

A crochet hanger shaped like a sloth
Photo courtesy of Amazon

You can find plenty of adorable sloth planters on Amazon. I honestly couldn’t choose. But one of my favorites was this cute crochet hanger. It’s the perfect way to add a bit of chill and style to their homes.

#5 Family print sloth poster

A poster of handpainted sloths
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This personalized sloth-themed family print is a no-brainer for true sloth aficionados!

I mean what’s more snuggly than a snuggle of sloths on their wall?

Wrapped in eco-friendly, wildlife-themed paper, it’s ready to gift (or to open sneakily and admire first). Besides being an adorable gift, it’s also an eco-friendly option as each purchase plants a seed of hope in India’s elephant corridors.

You can customize it with their family name or a quirky message, and watch their kiddos find their mini-sloth selves.

#6 Coffee table book

Cover of a book about sloths with photos of sloths
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need sloth lover gifts for people who want to know everything there is to know about sloths? Or for someone who loves to spread their love for this animal with everyone?

Then this sloth-themed coffee table book is the gift you need.

They will join sloth expert Rebecca Cliffe and wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas on an immersive journey through the lush jungles of South America. With stunning visuals and fascinating insights, this book will make them fall even more in love with these intriguing creatures.

#7 Bedsheets

Bedsheet with a print of sloths and Christmas
Photo courtesy of Lazythingz

This is one of my favorite sloth Christmas gifts.

With these awesome sloth duvet covers, your recipient can add a bit of Christmas cheer and sloth spirit to their bedrooms

I mean, Christmas doesn’t get any better than this for sloth lovers, right?

And don’t worry if you want the recipient to use your gift more often than once a year. You can also find regular sloth-inspired bedsheets on Etsy.

#8 Sloth-print shoes

A pair of sneakers with a print of sloths
Photo courtesy of Unicorn Shoe Shop

True sloth lovers could be covered with sloth pictures from head to toe.

And guess what?

You can now give them the option to do just that!

Cover their feet with sloths with these cute sloth-themed shoes!

#9 Sloth gift basket for newborns

A baby wrapped in sloth-themed cloth
Photo courtesy of The Little Blue Lion

Do you need sloth lover gifts for people who just had a baby?

Then look no further.

This adorable sloth gift set for newborns is your gift.

It comes with a swaddle, blanket, headband, and cap all with a sloth design.

#10 Personalized cutting board

A bamboo cutting board with a family name etched and a sloth etched
Photo courtesy of Blue Ridge Boards

If you want personalized sloth gifts for people who just bought a house, this cutting board is a great gift idea.

It will add a touch of slothful charm to their fresh kitchen so they can showcase their love for these adorable creatures while preparing their favorite meals.

Sloth gifts for mid-budget

#11 Funny doormat

Funny doormat with a sloth and the text "let's hang out"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is the perfect sloth lover gift for people who want to bring laughter and relaxation to their visitors. As guests step onto this mat, they’ll be greeted by the sloth’s laid-back charm and the clever pun that’ll surely put a smile on their faces.

#12 Sloth Christmas sweater

A sweatshirt with a sloth and "Merry Slothmas"
Photo courtesy of Daisy Apparel Art

Do you need sloth Christmas gifts?

Then you just found the perfect gift.

Help the recipient rock their ugly Christmas sweater with this adorable “slothful Christmas” sweater that will steal the show.

#13 Earring studs

Cute sloth-themed earring studs
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Do you need cute sloth gifts for her?

Then these earring studs with two of the cutest sloths are perfect!

#14 Hanging sponge set

A wine stopper with a sloth
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Looking for a gift that’ll hang around just like their favorite animal?

This sloth-themed wine stopper is perfect for that sloth-loving friend who enjoys a good glass of vino. Made with a cork base and topped with a resin sloth that’s just chilling, it’s not only cute but practical, keeping their wine fresh longer.

#15 Sloth rug

Roudn shaped baby sloth rug
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for awesome sloth-related gifts for the recipient’s home?

Then this rug with a baby sloth is what you need. It will allow them to add a touch of cuteness to any room and be reminded of their spirit animal’s relaxed outlook on life wherever they are.

#16 Sloth chia planter

A ceramix sloth-shaped planter
Photo courtesy of Firebox

I told you, I couldn’t decide between all the cute planters, so I just added another one that will make a great addition to their indoor gardening; the sloth chia planter!

This little ceramic sloth is the epitome of lazy and laid-back gardening. All they need to do is sprinkle the included seeds on his body, give him a splash of water, and ta-da! The laziest home gardening project ever is completed. And in just a matter of days, the planter will transform from seedy stubble to a lush green coat of goodness.

And the best part?

After harvesting the first batch of tasty seedlings, they can start the slothful cycle all over again with some more chia seeds from the local supermarket.

#17 Phone case

A phone case with a sloth and the name "Francesca"
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

This sloth-inspired phone case is a great personalized sloth gift for any phone addict.

At least they’ll be greeted by a fun animal every time they look at their phones.

And if you prefer other designs, check out all options on Amazon.

#18 Sloth slippers

Warm slippers shaped like sloths
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These slippers are awesome sloth-related gifts to go with the wearable blanket! They will keep the recipient warm and cozy in a sloth style. Plus it’s a fun and unique way for them to show their love for the animal.

#19 Funny mug

A coffee mug with a sloth climbing out and the text "today, I will do absolutely nothing"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What better way to start the morning or get through another meeting at work than with this funny sloth mug?

It will surely add a little smile to every workday when they see this cute animal popping out of their mug.

#20 Microwavable plush sloth toy

A plush toy of a sloth
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking to give a sloth birthday gift that will warm the heart and body of a sloth lover (literally)?

Look no further than this cute microwavable plush sloth!

Not only is it soft and cuddly, but it also provides soothing warmth like a cozy hug from a sloth friend. They can just pop this sloth in the microwave, and voila, they’ll have a snuggly companion that’s perfect for bedtime, travel, or any time they need a little stress relief. It’s filled with all-natural grain and dried French Lavender, so it smells as relaxing as a sloth on a lazy afternoon.

#21 Sloth-themed necklace

SLoth-shaped silver pendant necklace
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need more cute sloth gifts for her?

Then this necklace to match the earring is perfect so she can wear sloths all around her. Check out Amazon for all sorts of necklaces.

#22 Wall art

A poster with a sloth in colorful paint
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need more sloth-related gifts for the home?

Then head over to Amazon and check out all sloth-inspired wall art options.

Personally, I really loved this watercolor poster, but there is something for everyone.

Sloth gifts for small budgets

#23 Sloth-themed glasses

A wine glass with a print of a sloth and the text "let's get slothed"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for unique sloth gifts to celebrate an achievement such as a graduation these glasses are exactly what you need.

It’s the perfect way to toast their accomplishments with a touch of humor.

#24 DIY sloth crochet kit

A crochet sloth animal
Photo courtesy of Firebox

Do you need sloth-themed gifts for someone who loves DIY projects and making handicrafts?

Then this crochet sloth kit is perfect. It includes everything they need to make a cute cloth friend. Whether they’ll keep the sloth for themselves or give it to someone else, this DIY gift will spread the love either way.

#25 Funny sloth shirt

A shirt with the nike logo and the text "just do it later"
Photo courtesy of Gifted Shirt Art

This is probably the funniest sloth-themed gift on this list (or at least, I think it’s really funny).

 A shirt with a sloth’s wink at Nike’s slogan.

Though for more designs, check out Etsy because you can find sloth-inspired shirts for just about anyone.

#26 Makeup bag

Make up bag with a sloth jungle print
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Who couldn’t use a bit of a sloth’s advice to take things slow, and appreciate and enjoy the little things in life?

And with this make-up bag, she’ll be reminded of her spirit’s animal philosophy on a daily basis.

#27 Ceramic planter hanger

A planter with a ceramic of a sloth
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Add a touch of charm to their plant collection with this sloth-themed planter hanger!

This adorable ceramic sloth is the ultimate companion for their leafy friends. They can just hang it off the side of a planter or plant pot, and let the sloth keep their plants company in its own unique, laid-back style. With its etched body and glossy whitewash, it’s both a decorative piece and a delightful reminder of the sloth’s relaxed nature.

#28 Coloring book for adults

Sloth-themed coloring book for adults
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What better way to embrace the sloth lifestyle than relax and wind down with a sloth-themed coloring book for adults?

Studies have shown that they can help adults relax, making this the best sloth-themed gift for anyone who could use a bit of the sloth-slow lifestyle.

#29 Funny socks

Funny sloth-themed socks with the text at the bottom: "I'm chilling, do not disturb"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I love adding socks to my gift guides. They’re simple, practical, and (if you buy the right design) super adorable. Just like these sloth-inspired socks that make the best gift for sloth lovers.

#30 Tote bag

A tote bag with a sloth and "I'm not laxy, I jusy really enjoy doing nothing"
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Help the recipient protect the environment and get rid of plastic bags in sloth-style with this cute bag from Zazzle.

And for more designs, simply check out Zazzle because they have plenty of options.

#31 Keychain

Keychain with a sloth and the text 'don't hurry, be happy'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Add a touch of slothful happiness to the recipient’s everyday life and buy this cute sloth-themed keychain with the delightful phrase “Don’t hurry be happy”!

It’s the perfect sloth lover gift for people who want a daily reminder to embrace the slothful way of life. With its cute design and a dose of humor, this keychain will bring a smile to their face every time they reach for their keys.

#32 Sloth spirit animal

A match box with a felt sloth an the text "my spirit animal in a matchbox"
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

Do you need small sloth-related gifts that capture the essence of the animal and bring a smile to a sloth lover’s face?

Look no further than this matchbox with a wool-felt sloth!

It comes with a cute handmade sloth made of wool felt, and a mantra that’s pure sloth wisdom: relax, take your time, hang out with friends, get plenty of sleep, and dream big.

#33 Candle

A soy wax candle with a label "Relax, let that sh*t go"
Photo courtesy of 5 Acre Creations

Looking for hilarious sloth-themed gifts to set the mood?

Look no further than this candle with the label “Let that sh*t go”!

It’s the perfect gift for sloth lovers who want to embrace the slow and carefree lifestyle while adding a touch of humor to their space. Plus it’s a gentle reminder that sometimes the best thing to do is just let go, relax, and take life at a sloth’s pace. So, gift this candle and let the slothful serenity fill the air.

#34 Sloth philosophy book

book cover of 'The little book of sloth philosophy: How to live you best soth life'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This funny book with sloth philosophy is a must-read for anyone, not just sloth lovers.

However, for sloth lovers, it’s like a tribute to their favorite animal and I guarantee they will absolutely love this gift.

#35 Ring holder

A ring holder shaped like a sloth who is holding is paws up
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you know someone who always loses all her jewelry?

Then help her stay organized with this sloth-themed ring holder!

It’s a cute addition to her room and a simple strategy to keep her rings in one place, making this the ultimate sloth-lover gift for her.

#36 Notebook

A spiral ring note book with an icon of a sloth and the text "slow down"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looking for a sloth-related gift that’s as laid-back as a sloth?

Look no further than this notebook with the cover that reads “Slow down, enjoy the moment”! It’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants to channel their inner sloth while jotting down their thoughts.

#37 Luggage tag

Luggage tag with a print of a sloth and a personalization
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need sloth-lover gifts for people who travel a lot?

Help them spot their luggage on the carousel with ease and style and opt for one of the many cute sloth-themed luggage tags from Zazzle.

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Final notes on sloth-themed gifts

In conclusion, sloth gifts are a fantastic way to bring joy and relaxation to the lives of sloth lovers. Whether it’s a sloth-themed puzzle, a warmable plush toy, a planter hanger, or any other sloth-inspired item, these gifts capture the essence of these adorable creatures and their laid-back lifestyle.

If you can’t decide, check out the editor’s top three.


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