The 25 Best Citizenship Gifts To Celebrate The Newly Naturalized

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A photo of a US passport, US flag and an immigration form

What better way to celebrate a new American citizen than with US citizenship gifts that proudly display their allegiance to the States? They’ve worked their ass off to go from immigrant to legal citizen and fulfill their American Dream. And after years of waiting, studying, and taking tests, they probably know more about the US and its constitution than most natives do, so this big moment should not go unnoticed!

And to help you commemorate this momentous occasion in style, we’ve gathered 25 thoughtful gifts for new US citizens that are sure to impress even the most knowledgeable newly Sworn-Ins.

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25 US citizenship gifts with a photo of the US flag and "We The People"

US citizenship gifts for large budgets

#1 Necklace

New US citizen necklace
New US citizen necklace

Looking for a citizenship gift idea that will make a new US citizen feel even more special?

How about this necklace in a luxury box that says “Congratulations on becoming a United States citizen”? It’s the perfect way to show how proud you are of their achievement.

#2 Patriot gift box

A box with the flag of the US and typical American items
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

This is by far the ultimate patriotic US citizenship gift for newly naturalized men. A box filled with products made by hardworking Americans, right here in the good ol’ USA. From handy gadgets to full-blown disaster prep, these boxes are the perfect way to show off their newfound patriotism.

#3 US snack basket

A photo fo 30 different snacks from the US
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Now that they are officially part of the club, they deserve a good treat. So why not treat them every month with an American snack subscription box?

Every month, the box contains 35 handpicked typical American snacks, from sweet and savory to sour and spicy, there is a treat for everyone!

Not only will they get to satisfy their cravings with some of the best treats the USA has to offer, but they’ll also get a chance to learn about American culture through its food.

But don’t worry if a monthly subscription is over your budget. You can also opt for a one-time snack basket.

#4 US state basket

A gift basket from the state of Vermont
Photo courtesy of Cratejoy

Are you looking for another fun gift for new American citizens to explore the United States one bite at a time?

Then a state-themed food basket is the perfect gift!

It’s a gift that you can easily put together yourself with local products from your state, or go for Cratejoy’s state boxes.

Each basket is filled with unique and delicious treats from a specific state. You can go for a one-time box or give a subscription box, so the new citizen can enjoy a different state’s flavors each month. It’s a great way to discover new regional favorites and experience all the tasty diversity America has to offer.

#5 Wearable blanket

Wearable blanket with the US flag
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Welcome to the club with this wearable blanket hoodie, something to keep them warm during those infamous American movie marathons and backyard BBQs.

It’s perfect for everything from camping under the stars to pretending you’re working while actually napping at your desk. It’s like a hug from Uncle Sam himself, but fluffier and with a pocket big enough to stash your American-sized snacks (or a small bald eagle, but we don’t recommend it). It’s a fun, cozy way to say, “Congrats on your citizenship! Now, let’s get comfy the American way!

#6 US beer cap map

US map with beer caps
US map with beer caps

Looking for fun and unique gifts for new citizens? Look no further than this awesome map of America with holes for beer caps!

Not only is it a great piece of art that will remind them of their new home, but it’s also a good reason to try out new beers. And after all the hard work it took to become an American citizen, they definitely deserve one (or two).

#7 Sports merchandise

USA baseball jersey
USA baseball jersey

Getting sports team merchandise is an excellent way to embrace the American culture and blend in with the locals. With Americans’ undying love for sports, new citizens must learn the games’ ins and outs to fit in. Whether it’s a jersey, hat, or even a foam finger, it will be a great conversation starter and a fun way to show pride in the community and bond with their new friends.

#8 Iconic landmark scratch-off poster

Scratch poster with 100 iconic places in the US
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This scratch-off poster is an awesome gift for new American citizens because it’s like a scavenger hunt for grown-ups!

It’s a fun way to explore the country and discover the 100 most iconic landmarks. And who doesn’t love scratching things off a list?

#9 State flower painting kit

Watercolor kit for the texas national flower
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for unique gifts for someone receiving citizenship who loves arts and crafts?

Then this state flower painting kit is exactly what you need! It’s a fun creative outlet and they’ll finally know what their state flower looks like without having to Google it.

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#10 Constitution glasses

Whiskey glasses with the text of the US constitution
Constitution glasses

Sure, they may have had enough lectures about the Constitution to last a lifetime, but they’ll never tire of drinking to the principles that make the United States unique. So raise a glass to the newest American citizen with these beautiful and meaningful whiskey glasses! They are the perfect US citizenship gifts that combine American history and a good drink.

#11 US-themed jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle of the map of the US
Jigsaw puzzle of the US

Are you looking for unique gifts for new US citizens who happen to love jigsaw puzzles?

Look no further than this 1000-piece puzzle featuring a map of the US adorned with each state’s license plate. Not only will it provide hours of entertainment, but it will also allow them to learn more about each state and its corresponding license plate. Plus, now that they no longer have to study for immigration tests, they’ll have something enjoyable to fill their nights!

#12 Books about the US

Book titled: America the Beautiful
America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful: A Story in Photographs

National Geographics coffee table book with over 200 stunning photographs from across the US is one of the best US citizenship gifts. It will allow them to explore more of the country that they now call home and show off their new knowledge to their friends and family.

Book titled "Speaking American"
Speaking American

Speaking American: How y’all, youse, and you guys talk

This is one of the funniest US citizenship gifts; a book about different accents in the US. They’ll finally understand what people mean when they say things like “y’all” or “wicked”!

Collection of books by Mark Twain
Collection of books by Mark Twain

Collection of books by Mark Twain

If you want your new favorite citizen to fit in, give them some good ole’ American literature! Mark Twain’s works capture the spirit of America and its people like no other. It’s a great way to connect with the country and its rich literary history.

#13 New citizen shirt

A grey t-short with the US flag and "US citizen est. 2023"
Photo courtesy of Home of the Shirts

Give your new favorite American the gift of a personal badge of honor with this shirt. They’ve earned the right to wear it proudly and let everyone know they’re officially a part of the good ol’ US of A.

#14 US flag blanket

US flag blanket
US flag blanket

Do you need gifts for new American citizens who still need to adjust to the US temperatures?

Then this blanket with the US flag is perfect! They can literally wrap themselves up in America.

#15 US flag-insulated water bottle

Water bottle with the US flag
Water bottle with the US flag

Are you looking for US citizenship gifts that are both practical and patriotic?

How about an insulated water bottle with the American flag engraved on it?

It’s a stylish way for them to stay hydrated and be patriotic.

#16 US-themed cookbook

The Happy American cookbook
The Happy American Cookbook

A US-themed cookbook is a great gift for new American citizens because nothing says “Welcome to America” like gaining 10 pounds in the first week!

From BBQ ribs to apple pie, they’ll have a delicious crash course in American cuisine.

#17 US flag photo frame

Photo frame of the US flag
Photo frame of the US flag

A photo frame with the US flag is the perfect gift for someone receiving citizenship. It’s a great way to proudly display their citizenship certificate and the perfect place to add a photo of their Naturalization Oath Ceremony, to capture the moment when they became a true patriot.

#18 Local wine or liquor

Bottle of red wine
Photo courtesy of Drizly

Looking for a citizenship gift idea that’s sure to please?

Get them a bottle of wine or liquor from their new home state. It’s the perfect way to celebrate their new citizenship and start exploring the local flavors, such as this bottle from California.

Plus, after studying for the citizenship test, they could probably use a drink! Just make sure they don’t drink it before the Naturalization Oath Ceremony, we don’t want them slurring their words during the Pledge of Allegiance!

#19 US-themed apron

Black apron with the flag of the US depicted in grill utensisls
Photo courtesy of Ten Squared

Looking for sizzling gifts for new American citizens?

Then this apron is perfect! It will help them to embrace the American way of life because nothing says ‘America’ like firing up the grill and showing off those BBQ skills.

US citizenship gifts for small budgets

#20 US certificate holder

US certificate holder
US certificate holder

Becoming a U.S. citizen isn’t easy – it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and a deep understanding of American culture and history. But for those who have earned their citizenship certificate, it’s a source of great pride and accomplishment. And what better way to display that certificate than in this beautiful certificate holder?

It’s designed to fit any type of citizenship certificate and keep it safe, while also showcasing the gold American Great seal on the cover. It’s a perfect gift for new US citizens to show off their hard-earned achievements with pride!

#21 American games

American trivia game
American trivia game

There is nothing more American than a good old game night, making games great gifts for new US citizens.

Trivia games with questions about the US are perfect for putting their extensive knowledge after studying for the immigration tests to good use. Board game lovers will enjoy the American version of Ticket to Ride. And for the ultimate American game, gift them cornhole. They’ll have a blast embracing American culture and traditions with their new friends and family.

#22 Passport holder

American brown leather passport holder
Passport holder

An American-themed passport holder is a great gift for new US citizens because they’ve worked hard for that passport, so they better protect it with a stylish holder. It’ll make them feel like true Americans, even if they’re just hitting up the grocery store, they’ll have a constant reminder of their new status and their hard work to get there.

#23 Proud to be American socks

Socks with the American flag and the text 'proud to be American'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These socks are the perfect US citizenship gift to celebrate becoming a US citizen while keeping their feet cozy and helping them embrace their new American identity from head to toe.

#24 Candle

A candle with a label that says "Congratulations on your USA citizenship"
Photo courtesy of On Soap On A Candle

This candle is the perfect gift for new citizens! It’s like the sweet smell of success but with a hint of apple pie and patriotism (though you can choose a fragrance of your liking). And after all that paperwork and waiting in lines, they could use a little relaxation.

#25 Funny mug

A mug with "look at you becoming an American citizen and sh*t"
Photo courtesy of Zehnaria

For coffee lovers, this funny mug is the perfect citizenship gift. They can start each day with a laugh and be reminded of their journey toward the American Dream every time they drink their morning coffee.

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Final notes on gifts for new American citizens

US citizenship gifts are a great way to celebrate this important achievement and show your loved ones how proud you are of them. Whether you go for something practical or sentimental, the most important thing is to choose a gift that matches the recipient and reflects the values of American citizenship. For more inspiration, check out the editor’s top three.


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