25 Awesome Vermont Gifts Both Locals ánd Visitors Will Love

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Vermont themed gifts
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Are you looking for Vermont-made gifts beyond the Teddy Bear? Or are you just looking for unique Vermont gifts and do have no idea what Teddy Bear I am talking about? Well, either way, you came to the right place! I spent hours looking for Vermont gifts online to find the absolute best gifts for both locals and people who simply love Vermont!

So let’s have a look at the awesome gifts from Vermont that are out there. Oh and check #9 to find out more about these Vermont-made Teddy bears.

Save these Vermont gifts for later

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Vermont gifts at the high end of the budget

#1 Vermont wine cork map

map of Vermont with corks
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

I will start this list with what was probably one of my favorite Vermont gifts online; a map of Vermont in which they can place wine corks!

Not only is it a cool and unique wall decoration, it also means that you give them a legit reason to open up those wine bottles.

Sorry, I don’t want to drink, but I have to fill up my map” sounds like a pretty good excuse to me.

#2 Vermont beer cap map

Map of Vemont for beer caps
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you really liked the last gift, but the person you are getting this gift for is more into beer than wine, this is your perfect gift!

A map of Vermont in which they can place beer caps.

Again, you are giving them a reason to open up that beer (perhaps even a local Vermont beer) and decorate their home.

#3 Vermont lake art cribbage board

A wooden cribbage board
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

For Vermonters who love board games or just cribbage, this personalized Lake Art Cribbage board is the perfect gift.

You can select various areas of Vermont and in those areas, you can pick various lakes that they will etch into the board. There are many different lakes you can pick, for example:

  • Lake Champlain
  • Lake Eden
  • Shadow Lake
  • Crystal Lake

Oh, and in case you and the person you are getting this gift for have never played cribbage, Uncommon Goods also provide a game explanation. It might be a good idea to give that explanation with the gift.

#4 Vermont state cheese board

A wooden map of Vermont
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Another Vermont-themed gift that combines two things Vermonters love:

  1. Their state
  2. Cheese

So get this Vermont-shaped cheese board for your Vermonter friend and I am sure they will love it! If you are lucky they might even get some real Vermont cheese for you to serve on the board.

#5 Vermont map side table

A side table in the shape of a map
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is definitely one of the expensive Vermont gifts. But if you’re talking about unique Vermont gifts, this side table has to be included.

Oh, and for the critical reader, I am aware of the fact that it’s not a map of Vermont on the photo, but a photo of the Vermont side table wasn’t available so that’s why it’s a different state (bonus points if you can tell me which one it is!).

#6 Vermont magnetic key holder

Wooden magnetic key holder in the shape of Vermont
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If the side table is a bit out of your budget or you prefer more subtle gifts, then I can recommend this Vermont magnetic key holder. Perfect for people who always lose their keys and who love Vermont. This hanger is a really cool and useful item. The wooden design makes it very aesthetic, and the fact that it’s magnetic means you can even hang your screwdrivers on the magnetic board. In case anyone wanted to know that.

#7 Tata Harper travel gift set

A beauty gift set
Photo courtesy of Tata Harper

If you are looking for beauty gifts from Vermont, then something from Tata Harper can’t miss.

Tata Harper is perhaps one of the most famous beauty brands from Vermont, so for your Vermont friend or friend who simply loves Vermont, this set of travel-sized daily essentials is perfect!

Because it’s travel size it’s easy to take with them when they’re traveling and it will remind them of home or the state which they love so much!

Oh and last big bonus, it is also good for their skin.

#8 Vermont gifts basket of locally-made Honey

A Vermont Gift basket with honey and other jars
Photo courtesy of Champlain Valley Honey

Vermont is famous for its honey, so when looking for homemade gifts from Vermont, honey is a good idea!

There are plenty of different companies offering honey, such as the Champlain Valley Honey. They offer various gift sets or a cute Vermont gift basket, or you could just opt for a smaller gift option and go for a single jar.

But whichever option you chose, giving Vermont-made honey will surely bring a smile to their face!

#9 Vermont Teddy Bear

Vermont Teddy Bears in Christmas outfits
Photo courtesy of Vermont Teddy Bear

So there they are, the ones I talked about in the introduction. The most famous Vermont made gifts; the Vermont Teddy bears. The Teddy bears are made by the eponymous company which is (surprise) originally from Vermont.

Though Teddy Bears are usually considered gifts for children, the Vermont teddy bear gifts also offer cute decorations for grown-ups. For example, these Christmas tree teddy bears or the teddy bears for all sorts of occasions, such as graduation, father’s day, mother’s day, Halloween, and of course valentines day.

If you are looking for Vermont made gifts for any of these occasions, a Vermont teddy bear is an awesome locally made gift.

Vermont gifts for the mid budget

#10 Vermont themed cutting board

Vermont Gifts: state cutting board
Vermont state cutting board

This cute cutting board in the shape of Vermont, with some of the major cities, highlights, and towns of Vermont makes a great gift for Vermonters or for someone who is obsessed with Vermont. Every time they prepare their meals they will be reminded of their beloved state and of course of the beloved person who gave them this awesome gift!

#11 Vermont wall mounted bottle opener

A wooden wall mounter beer opener in the shape of Vermont
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Another one of the unique Vermont gifts for people who love Vermont and opening beer bottles, this Vermont Wall Mounted Bottle Opener. It’s a great alternative if the beer cap map was over your budget.

The wooden touch makes them very pleasing to the eye and what’s also pretty cool about this bottle opener is that they are completely hand-made!

#12 Vermont ut coasters

A stack of wooden Vemont shaped coasters
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These coasters in the shape of Vermont state are another cool wooden map gift. They are perfect for Vermonters who take pride in their state or as a gift for someone who simply loves Vermont or who moved away from Vermont. With these coasters, you can remind them of home every day.

#13 Vermont food gifts: Lake Champlain chocolates

Chocolate: typical Vermont gifts
Photo courtesy of Lake Champlain Chocolates

What is a better gift for Vermonters than delicious locally produced food?

Lake Champlain Chocolates is a famous chocolate producer in Vermont and they offer all sorts of gift sets. From spring, summer, winter, and fall sets, to Christmas gift sets. Check out their website to find a chocolate gift set that matches your occasion and trust me, any Vermonter or Vermont lover will be delighted by the sight of the Lake Champlain Chocolate logo!

#14 Vermont maple syrup sampler

Vermonat Maple Syrup Sampler
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Besides honey and chocolate, maple syrup also makes great Vermont food gifts. Vermont’s maple syrup is actually quite well-known. So if you are looking for gifts for a foodie, I am sure they will love this authentic Vermont-made syrup.

#15 Vermont themed ornament

Ornament in Vermont theme
Vermont themed ornament

Though this Vermont-themed ornament might be originally designed for the Christmas tree, I think you can give it a much wider use!

Why not give it to your friend who recently visited Vermont so they can hang the ring on their keychain? Why not give it to some from Vermont who is off to travel the world to hang on their bags, so they will always remember where they came from and always have a little piece from home?

But of course, this is also a great Christmas gift for Vermonters, so they can use it to decorate their Christmas tree.

#16 Vermont guidebook

Vermont gifts: book titled hiking Vermont
This hiking book works for both locals and visitors

Whether you are looking for Vermont gifts for locals or for someone who is just going to travel there, Vermont guidebooks will always come in handy.

For locals, these guidebooks will shed new light on their state and for first-time visitors, guidebooks help them to make the most out of their time!

There are a few different guidebooks you can choose from, for example:

Especially the day hike guidebook can be a unique gift for locals, as I am sure it will include hikes they have never even heard of.

#17 Vermont fishing guide

Fishing Vermont book
A great gift for Vermonters and fishers

For fishing enthusiasts who have a trip planned to Vermont for fishing, this book by Backcountry Guides will come in handy. And for locals, this might be a great way to discover more in their own state.

#18 Fun book about living in Vermont

Vermont book: Mud Season
Fun book about living in Vermont

“Mud Season: How one women’s dream of moving to Vermont, raising children, chickens, and sheep and running the old country store pretty much led to one calamity after another” is a must-read for Vermont lovers. The book is about the author’s transition to a Vermont farmhouse from the city.

It’s also a good book for people who are thinking of moving to Vermont, just to paint the picture of what they can expect.

#19 Vermont gifts: Mugs

Mugs in Vermont theme
Vermont-themed mugs

Alright, I’ll admit. Mugs are not among the most unique Vermont gifts. But mugs are always great souvenirs, so if the person you are getting this gift for didn’t get themselves a Vermont-themed mug souvenir, it means that you just found yourself the perfect gift!

There are different types of mugs you can choose from, for example, this Vermont Emblem mug or this one with a heart at Vermont state. Or if you are getting a gift for someone who likes to go camping a lot, this stainless steel mug with the map of Vermont is also a cool gift! Or check out my camping gift guide for more ideas.

#20 Vermont hidden history book

Vermont gifts: book about Vermont history
Interesting history book about Vermont

The Vermont Hidden History book is great for history fans and Vermont -lovers or local Vermonters as this book tells the stories they have never heard or read in school.

Vermont gifts for smaller budgets

#21 Vermont food gifts: Cookbooks

Book titled: The little Vermont cookbook
Vermont food gifts: cookbooks

The little local Vermont cookbook is an awesome gift for both locals and Vermont lovers. It includes 30 classic Vermont recipes to try at home. Even locals might learn a thing or two about their home-state recipes. And of course, for people who simply love Vermont, being able to cook Vermont dishes, will bring them back to the place they loved so much.

And for you as the giver of the cookbook, you may be invited to a fully Vermont dinner, so it’s a win for you as well!

The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook is another cookbook about Vermont that focuses more on the local farms.

#22 Vermont gifts: Calendar

Calander with Vermont landscape
Vermont calendar

Calendars are always good gifts to adapt to a certain theme and this time we are looking for Vermont Themed calendars.

This calendar shows the beautiful green country landscape of Vermont, great for people who miss home or their last trip to Vermont.

#23 Birds of Vermont book

Book about birds in Vermont
Vermont bird book

On the list of unique Vermont gifts, the Birds of New Hampshire & Vermont should definitely be included.

The book covers (as you probably already guessed) all the local birds in Vermont and where to find them. It’s a cool gift for bird lovers who are going to visit Vermont. But for locals, it is also a cool gift because it will allow them to learn so much more about their local animals, which they probably never even realized are unique!

#24 A Vermont weekly planner

Planner in Vermont theme
Vermont planner

One of the smaller Vermont gifts on this list is this Vermont weekly planner. It is just a fun gift for someone who loves Vermont and would like to be reminded of it every week when they are making plans.

#25 A Vermont Keychain

A key ring in the shape of Vermont state
Vermont key ring

This keychain with the map of Vermont and the sentence: “I love you more than the miles between us” is perfect for distant lovers or Vermont travelers. Because if someone from Vermont is going to travel somewhere far away, wouldn’t it be cool if you can get them this keychain? That way they will always be reminded of you and of Vermont. You don’t even have to be lovers, it would work for friends and families too!

Save these Vermont Gifts for later

Alright, these were the 25 Vermont gifts I had for you today. I hope this list helped you to find cool Vermont made gifts for your Vermont-obsessed friend or relative. And remember, if you didn’t find anything suitable in this list, shoot me a message and let’s brainstorm together!

25 Vermont gifts
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