The 25 Best Volleyball Gifts That’ll Ace Your Gifting Game

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect volleyball gifts to spike up the excitement for the volleyball enthusiast in your life? Well, hold onto your kneepads because we’re diving into a treasure trove of gifts for volleyball players, coaches, and fans!

Whether you’re aiming to impress your favorite setter, surprise your superstar teammates, or simply want to thank your volleyball coach, we’ve got your back. From the court to the living room, these gifts are ready to win the game of gift-giving.

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three volleyball gift ideas by budget.

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The 25 best volleyball gifts for volleyball players

Volleyball gifts for large budgets

#1 Tickets to a volleyball match

A photo of a professional volleyball team

Let’s start with the number one volleyball gift for basically anyone who loves the sport. Whether it’s for a player, a coach, or just a fan of the sport, a ticket to a (professional) volleyball game will make all of them happy!

Head over to Ticketmaster to find out which matches are happening close to the recipient’s home. And even if you can’t find any professional matches there, taking them to a volleyball game from their local team is still a fun activity for the two of you to bond over their favorite sport.

#2 Jump monitor

A small jump monitor device that can be clipped on shoes
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is probably the best gift for volleyball players who would do anything to improve their skills.

With this jump monitor, they can not only practice their jumping skill at home (check out #5 for more tools to help them with that), but they can actually track their progress!

They can even film their jumps to really gain clarity on which part of their technique needs to be improved.

#3 Volleyball training shirt

A blue volleyball shirt from Mizuno
Photo courtesy of Mizuno

Volleyball players can never have too many training shirts. I mean, if you practice and play a few times a week, you will need a few different options for clothing. (Unless they wash their clothes after every practice, but let’s be honest, who does that?).

So go for a practical gift for your favorite volleyball player and check out one of the best volleyball brands for training clothes; Mizuno.

For example, this short sleeve shirt. But you can find different kinds of men’s and women’s options.

#4 Training bag

A volleyball backpack
Photo courtesy of Mizuno

A backpack from the number one volleyball brand is always a good idea!

So check out Mizuno for the best backpacks for volleyball players. It can contain their secret stash of “gravity-defying spikes”, lucky serving socks, instant enthusiasm spray, and emergency inflatable net (just in case).

So, whether it’s defying physics or refueling mid-game, this backpack is a great gift for volleyball players of any level.

#5 Jump trainer

A man training with extra weight for jump training
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is the perfect gift to go with the jump monitor!

A resistance training set that will help them to reach heights they never thought were possible. After training with this set, they will be the blocking and spiking champion of their team!

It’s also a really cool volleyball team gift that will elevate (literally) their entire team!

#6 Personalized volleyball coach gift

A volleyball picturre fram with personalized messages
Photo courtesy of Red 13 Sport

Are you looking for creative and personalized volleyball coach gifts?

Then this wooden photo frame with a picture of your team, and a personalized message for your coach is exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s their very own hall of fame, a reminder that their coaching wisdom is golden and that their efforts are appreciated.

#7 Volleyball-themed hoodie

A woman wearing a hoodie with "love" and the O in the shape of a volleyball
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This volleyball-themed hoodie is a great gift for those who want to show off their love for the game without actually spiking their coffee cup.

Plus, it’s a fun way to stay warm and hide post-practice bedhead – just pull up the hood, and voila, they’re instant volleyball chic.

#8 Muscle roller

A blue foam muscle roller
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best gifts for volleyball players who deserve a little break and relaxation. With this muscle roller, they can turn their post-game wobbly-leg waltz into a graceful victory lap.

It’s like a well-deserved spa for their legs (and arms or backs) after those over-enthusiastic spikes and serves. To keep them rolling for their next game or practice, especially if you combine it with gift #11.

#9 Personalized medal display

A metal medal display with a name and volleyballs
Photo courtesy of Raw Metal Designs

Are you looking for unique personalized volleyball gifts?

Then go for this beautiful metal medal display (try saying that fast 20 times in a row, that’s a real tongue twister).

Gifting a volleyball-themed medal display is like giving players their own “brag wall.” It’s a way to turn their victories into wall art – the more medals, the fancier the gallery!

Not only will it keep their hard-earned plates organized, but it’s also a visual reminder that hard work pays off.

#10 Water bottle

A black water bottle with: Spike more worry less
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Whether you’re looking for gifts for volleyball players, coaches, fans, or an entire team, a volleyball-themed water bottle is a great option!

It’s a gift that they can use both during practice and outside of their sport to stay hydrated in style.

Volleyball gifts for mid budgets

#11 Recovery soak

A package of recovery bath soak
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for volleyball gift ideas to go with the muscle roller this coach recovery bath soak is perfect!

After their intense on-court battles and gravity-defying spikes, their muscles deserve a little treat. This thoughtful gift not only helps them unwind but also aids in relieving soreness and recharging for their next match.

#12 Personalized volleyball

A personalized volleyball
Photo courtesy of Blitz Depot

Personalized volleyball gifts are the best!


Well first of all, because personalized gifts rock. Not just according to me, but according to science too!

Because even if your recipient already has a volleyball (which I guarantee every volleyball player has), they will still love and keep a personalized volleyball!

You can add photos, text, or just their name. Or if you need volleyball coach gifts, you can add a photo of your team, have every team member sign the ball, and voila, you have an awesome personalized keepsake for your favorite coach!

#13 Gift card

A photo of a black gift card with someone jumping with a ball
Photo courtesy of Nike

Even though you will find nothing but amazing volleyball gifts on this list (according to my humble opinion, of course), sometimes it’s better to let the recipient decide on a gift themselves. Maybe they’re just a bit picky, or maybe they’re in need of a pricy volleyball gadget that’s out of your budget for this gift.

In those cases, a gift card is the ultimate solution. And for volleyball players, a Nike gift card is a great option. Nike sells awesome volleyball gear, but even if they can’t find anything they like, they can still use the gift card to buy other cool stuff from Nike.

Oh, and for those of you who think that gift cards show a lack of effort and love. Think again.

Studies have shown that people actually want gift cards (it allows them to buy exactly what they want and need). And when I interviewed other travel bloggers about their worst gifts and what they have liked to have instead, they also mentioned gift cards as a better alternative.

So let’s agree on this now for once and for all. Gift cards are good gifts.

And if you do want to make it a little bit more personalized and unique, check out these 29 creative ways to give gift cards!

#14 Training aid

A woman holding a training glove for volleyball
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need more gifts for volleyball players who are always looking for more ways to ace the game?

Then the spike glove is the perfect gift!

With this glove, they’re not just spiking, they’re training to improve their accuracy and top spins. Whether they’re just starting out or have been practicing the game for years, the glove comes with adjustable straps to help players of all levels.

#15 Books about volleyball

Book cover of 'Coach Your Brains Out: Lessons On The Art And Science Of Coaching Volleyball'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Coach Your Brains Out: Lessons On The Art And Science Of Coaching Volleyball

Are you looking for the best volleyball coach gifts that will give them food for thought for next season? Then go for ‘Coach Your Brains Out: Lessons on the Art of Science and Coaching Volleyball’. Prepare for your coaches to become the MVPs of the whiteboard!

Book cover of 'Dream Like a Champion: Wins, Losses, and Leadership the Nebraska Volleyball Way'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Dream Like a Champion: Wins, Losses, and Leadership the Nebraska Volleyball Way

This is another awesome volleyball coach gift; Jon Cook’s secret playbook. After leading the Nebraska women’s team to national champions four times, he spilled the beans on how he did it and how he learned the ins and outs of coaching.

Book cover of 'Mental Toughness For Young Athletes: Eight Proven 5-Minute Mindset Exercises For Kids And Teens Who Play Competitive Sports'
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Mental Toughness For Young Athletes: Eight Proven 5-Minute Mindset Exercises For Kids And Teens Who Play Competitive Sports

Looking for the perfect volleyball gift for young players? Then check out ‘A Mental Toughness Book For Young Athletes’. Written by Moses, a 15-year-old elite athlete, and his dad, Troy, it’s a useful playbook for conquering in-game stress and boosting confidence.

#16 Necklaces

necklace with a pendant of a volleyball
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for cute volleyball team gifts? Or just for a cute gift for a volleyball enthusiast?

Then check out Amazon to find all sorts of volleyball-themed necklaces.

I thought this was a very cute one that your team (or favorite volleyball player) will certainly love.

#17 Odor eliminators

banana shaped odor eliminators
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These banana-shaped odor eliminators are the perfect practical and funny gift for volleyball players (and their surroundings).

There is no doubt that those intense games can leave gear smelling funkier than a ripe banana. But with these eliminators, they can neutralize the stink and add a touch of tropical fun to the locker room.

#18 LED volleyball

LED light volleyball
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you know a volleyball player who can never get enough of the game? Someone who will never say no to more action?

Then this glow-in-the-dark ball and LED light net are the perfect volleyball gift for you. They can conquer the court 24/7! Nothing is holding them back anymore because they can finally play all through the night.

Who needs sleep when there’s smashing to be done, right?

#19 Funny candle

Candle with a funny label that says "smells like the opposite of volleyball knee pads"
Photo courtesy of The Luna Gift Co

Are you looking for funny volleyball gift ideas?

Whether it’s for a player, their family, or the coach, this funny candle sends a perfect message to all.

It’s a playful nod to the not-so-fragrant side of the game. With this whimsical gift, they’ll reminisce about the game’s battles without the knee-pad aftermath.

Volleyball gifts for small budgets

#20 Head tie

A head tie from Nike
Photo courtesy of Nike

Nike’s head tie is a fantastic volleyball gift idea that serves both style and functionality. With their focus on spiking, serving, and setting, a head tie keeps their hair game on point and out of the net. Making sure that there are no more distractions from stray strands.

It’s a thoughtful way to enhance their performance while adding a touch of flair.

#21 Keychain

A kecyhain with a personal message for a volleyball coach
Photo courtesy of Sporty Bellas

Are you looking for small volleyball gift ideas?

Then head over to Etsy and check out all their volleyball-themed keychains. They are great for coaches, teams, fans, or just for your favorite volleyball player!

#22 Volleyball-themed coloring book for adults and kids

A coloring book for adults with volleyball-themed paintings
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Give your favorite volleyball player the chance to “color and play outside the lines” for a change!

After a nerve-wracking game or a hard practice, they can finally kick back and trade their court for some creative “color coordination.” It’s the ultimate cooldown strategy, helping them recover those muscles and find zen after a wild game.

#23 Wall art

A wooden wall decoration in the shape of a volleyball and with a name
Photo courtesy of Windy Productions Shop

Add a touch of their favorite sport to their homes with Etsy’s unique volleyball-themed wall art ideas.

I quite liked the wooden personalized sign, but again, you can find over a thousand different options.

#24 Volleyball-themed shirts

A woman wearing a black shirt with volleyball five times
Photo courtesy of Simply Traded

Whether they’re heading off to practice, freshening up after a game, or just chilling at home, with Etsy’s volleyball-themed shirts, volleyball players can proudly show their favorite sport wherever they are!

You can find all sorts of designs on Etsy, such as this cute one.

#25 Scrunchie for volleyball players

A red crunchie decorated with volleyballs
Photo courtesy of Azurea Studio

Are you looking for cute volleyball team gifts? Or for fun gifts for your favorite player?

Then this scrunchie decorated with volleyballs is perfect!

How awesome would it be if your entire team walked around in matching scrunchies? Or if the recipient can show her love for the sport, whenever and wherever? 

Save these gifts for volleyball players

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Final notes on gifts for volleyball players

So whether you’re spiking up a celebration, setting the stage for a surprise, or just looking to serve up some smiles, you find it all in here. From hilarious to heartfelt, these volleyball gifts are a surefire way to keep the spirit alive long after the final whistle. And if you need some help picking your number one gift, check out the editor’s top three.


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