25 Wonderful Wedding Gifts For Travelers

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Congratulations on the marriage of the happy travel couple! But here’s the big question. Where do you find unique wedding gifts for travelers? What are travel wedding gifts anyway? What do newlyweds who travel together like? Or need? Or use?

You will find answers to all those questions here, with 25 fun, practical, and unique travel-themed wedding gifts. For those who are looking for the absolute best wedding gift for travel lovers, I will lift the veil.

The best gift is the opportunity for them to travel together. But if that’s not within your budget, check out the other 25 wedding travel gifts.

Oh and if you just want to know the best travel wedding gift picked by a travel lover (that’s me), I would say go for the Tinggly newlywed gift card (#5). It’s basically giving them the opportunity to travel together since they can choose over 900 experiences across the globe with this gift.

Save these travel wedding gifts

Don’t forget to save these travel-themed wedding gifts for the next wedding!

25 wedding gifts for travelers

Wedding gifts for travelers – large budgets

#1 Personalized passport covers and luggage tags

Personalized deluxe set

If you are looking for personalized and practical wedding gifts for travelers, perhaps this set with Mr. and Mrs. passport covers, luggage tags and pens is what you are looking for. You can personalize the last name. If they’ve decided to keep their own names, you may also get the same deluxe set, without the last name.

#2 Personalized world map

Travel wedding gifts: world map
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

World maps are always good gifts for travelers, but what makes this world map one of the best wedding gifts for travelers is the fact that you can personalize it with their names and the wedding date. The map is a push-pin map, so they can place pins at all the places they’ve traveled together. Or the places they still have to visit together.

If you would rather go for a different design, check out these 25 beautiful world maps.

#3 Personalized stamps wall art

A heart of passport stamps
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

if you are looking for personalized travel-themed wedding gifts, this heart made of stamps is the perfect gift.

You can pick all the stamps yourself, so you can choose countries or cities they have traveled to together. And you can also personalize the names and dates of course 😉

#4 Personalized mountain wall art

World map wall art
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you are looking for travel wedding gifts for a couple that loves mountains and a couple that has already traveled to many places together, perhaps this wall art is great for them.

You can pick up to seven maps to be shown, and you can add a personal message as well as adjust the names and dates.

#5 Tinggly’s just married gift box

Travel wedding gifts card
Photo courtesy of Tinggly

The “just married gift box” is one of the best travel wedding gifts for outgoing couples who’d rather gather experiences than things.

With the “just married gift box”, they can pick cool activities to do together from nearly 900 options across the globe. Experiences include activities for two such as food tours, surfing classes, horseback riding, and much more.

#6 Matching eye masks

Mr. eye mask

These Mr. and Mrs. eyemasks are so cliche, but also so great as wedding gifts for travelers because sleeping masks are just practical for people who travel a lot.

So if you don’t mind cliches, this is definitely a great practical gift.

#7 Adventurous couple gift

Adventure challenge
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

If you are looking for unique travel wedding gifts for adventurous couples, this is the gift you are looking for.

The set includes a retro reel viewer, conversation pint glasses, a world scratch map; and an adventure challenge scrapbook. So plenty of options to keep their relationship exciting even as time goes by.

#8 Matching outfits

Black shirts with Mrs
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

If you are looking for travel wedding gifts for a same-sex couple, perhaps the Mrs and Mrs shirt from Not on the High Street is a fun gift for them.

For heterosexual couples, you could go for the matching couple’s outfit from Amazon. I’ll be honest here though. This is a special message to everyone who knows me personally, please do not get me matching couple’s outfits if I ever do get married, I’m not the biggest fan 😉

#9 Personalized national park scratch map

Scratch map of national parks
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This is one of the best travel wedding gifts for couples who love exploring US national parks. You can personalize the message on the print, and then it’s up to the newlyweds to scratch off all the parks they have visited.

#10 The adventure challenge- couples edition

Adventure challenge book

This book is another one of the great travel wedding gifts for adventurous couples!

The adventure challenge brand has also made fun adventure challenge books for families, friends, or solo. The books include random and funny challenges for couples to complete. It includes 50 different types of dates, so this book will keep them satisfied for a while. To give you an idea of the challenges included in the book, let me lift the veil. One of the challenges is to bake an apple pie blindfolded. Another one is to paint on a unique canvas. And a third is to create a memory box together.

It’s a great gift to keep their relationship adventurous as time passes.

#11 Time capsule

Wedding time capsule

This time capsule is one of the cutest travel wedding gifts (if you ask me). However, instead of traveling around the world, this gift will take them traveling in time.

They can fill the time capsule within the first year of their marriage with fun and beautiful memories. Next, they will agree on a date when to open the time capsule again and reread everything they put in at the start of their marriage.

#12 Mr. & Mrs. water bottles

Mr. and Mrs. Right water bottles

If you are looking for wedding gifts for travelers who travel sustainably, perhaps these Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right water bottles are a great gift. Because using stainless steel water bottles instead of buying plastic bottles is a great way to reduce plastic waste.

How do you know whether the couple are sustainable travelers?

You can look at things such as whether they travel by train or bus instead of a plane. Whether they eat meat or dairy. Whether they stay in eco-friendly accommodations, and whether they take small excursions that benefit local communities rather than tours run by big touring operators.

But even if you don’t know what their travel style is. Or even if the newlyweds are not sustainable travelers, these water bottles are still fun and practical gifts.

#13 Mr. and Mrs. beach towels

Mr and Mrs beach towel
Photo courtesy of Personalization Mall

If you are looking for wedding gifts for travelers who love warm, sunny, and beach destinations, these Mr. and Mrs. beach towels are the best practical and personal gift for them.

They will never forget which towels are theirs because you can add their names and wedding date.

Wedding gifts for travelers – mid budgets

#14 Money

Money is always a good gift

As boring as it may sound, money is one of the most practical wedding gifts for travelers. Traveling is not a cheap hobby, so they could definitely use the money for their next trip or perhaps for their honeymoon.

Luckily there are plenty of ways in which you can spice up gifting money to newlyweds.

#15 Mr. & Mrs. travel tumblers

Mr & Mrs travel tumblers

Travel mugs are great gifts for people who travel often and who love to get takeaway coffee. So if you are looking for wedding gifts for travelers who match that description, you just found the perfect gift. From now on they can use their own tumblers for their take-out coffee.

#16 Travel piggy bank

Adventure fund

Traveling is an expensive hobby and I bet every travel-loving couple knows that. So one of the best wedding gifts for travelers is this piggy bank that will help them to save for their next beautiful trip as a married couple.

And if you want to turn this into an even better travel wedding gift, don’t forget to add some cash to the bank too!

#17 Couple photo album

Adventure book

The adventure book is a great way for couples to keep track of all their trips together. Or perhaps they will use this adventure book for their honeymoon. But either way, with this gift they will never forget another moment of their travels.

#18 Couple cookbooks

The newlywed table

The Newlywed Table: A Cookbook to Start Your Life Together

This is a great book for couples who love food and who love trying new dishes and cooking together.

The couple’s cookbook

The Couple’s Cookbook: Recipes for Newlyweds

Another great book for couples who need some inspiration for dishes to cook together

The newlywed cookbook

The New Newlywed Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Every Couple to Cook Together

The book includes recipes for all sorts of occasions and recipes that they can prepare together.

#19 Travel gift cards

Photo by David Balev on Unsplash

If you are looking for wedding gifts for travelers, but you have no idea what type of travelers they are, perhaps gifting gift cards might be a safe option. You can give travel gift cards for Hotels.com or Airbnb for example.

#20 Wedding traditions from around the world

Wedding traditions from around the world

“Wedding traditions from around the world” is a great travel wedding gift for couples who love reading and who love learning about customs and traditions across the world.

Perhaps they will even find some interesting traditions they can use for their 10th wedding anniversary.

Wedding gifts for travelers – small budgets

#21 Travel books for couples

Ultimate Journeys for Two: Extraordinary Destinations on Every Continent

This book contains ideas for awesome destinations for couples across the globe. It’s almost a must for all traveling couples.

The Couple’s Guide to World Travel: Dream it, Plan it, Love it

This is the inspiring and insightful story of Elizabeth and Keith who traveled around the world together.

#22 Couples travel journal

Couple travel journal

Travel journals for couples are another example of great, small travel wedding gifts. They can keep track of all the places they will travel to together and the fun and beautiful memories that they will make along the way.

Trust me, the couple will be so glad they kept a journal after their trip. Because so many memories will be lost if they don’t write them down.

Also, check out these 25 travel journals for more inspiration.

#23 Wedding coloring book

Wedding coloring book

If you are looking for small and funny travel wedding gifts, perhaps this adult coloring book is a great idea.

I simply love gifting coloring books for adults because they have been proven to have a relaxing effect and I think it’s a great activity to kill time while traveling on planes or trains.

#24 Couples keyrings

Matching keyrings

These matching keyrings are great wedding gifts for travelers because they are small enough for the couple to take on their trip. They’re just cute and thoughtful gifts for newlyweds.

#25 Matching socks

Bride and groom socks

When it comes to matching outfits, these socks are definitely the most subtly travel wedding gifts you can find. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you may have noticed that I almost always add a pair of socks to my lists. And the reason for that is that socks are just super practical and fun gifts for travel lovers. So I couldn’t resist adding these bride and groom socks when I was making this list for newlyweds.

Save these travel wedding gifts

Don’t forget to save the travel-themed wedding gifts for the next wedding of a travel-loving couple!

25 wedding gifts for travelers