The 25 Best Welcome Home Gifts For A Traveler

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You are probably filled with joy over the fact that the person you love so much is finally coming home. And to celebrate that fact, you want to surprise him or her with the best welcome home gifts to make sure they’ll never leave again! Now, while I can’t grant that last wish, I can help you to find welcome back home gifts that travelers will actually love.

From fun items that will keep them entertained back home to cute home decor items to make them feel right at home. You will find the best welcome home gift ideas on this list!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three welcome home gifts by budget.

Save these welcome home gift ideas

Don’t forget to save these gift ideas for a welcome home. Because I can assure you a traveler never stops traveling, so they will surely leave again, and you will need this list again!

25 best welcome home gift for travelers with a photo of an airplane wing

Welcome home gifts for large budgets

#1 Scratch maps

Scratch map
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I’ve said this a hundred times before. But travelers love maps.

In one way, looking at a home is just a form of inspiration for a traveler, especially if it’s a scratch map. It shows all the places that the traveler still needs to visit as well as all the beautiful places they’ve already seen so far.

#2 Ticket to ride board game

Ticket to ride board game
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Ticket to Ride is one of my absolute favorite board games! It’s a fun strategy game and it has a unique world map board. Personally, I think travel-themed board games are one of the great welcome home gift ideas because it’s a way for traveler lovers to share their love with others by playing a game together.

#3 Mug with a world map

Mugs wit maps
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Now that your loved one is finally back home again, I’m sure you can’t wait for all the teas (if you’re British) or coffees and hot chocolates (if you’re from anywhere else) you’ll be drinking together.

And to get them in the right mood to chat over a hot cup of anything, this mug with the world map is perfect! It comes with pencils to color in all the places the recipient has visited.

Alternatively, you can also check out the cute welcome home mugs on Zazzle.

#4 DIY limoncello kit

A set of Limoncello Italian gifts
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Are you looking for welcome back home gifts for someone who just came back from a trip to Italy? Or for someone who simply loves to cook and try new things in the kitchen?

Then this DIY limoncello kit is perfect! They can keep themselves busy while making a homemade bottle, and hopefully, you get to try some too. For more DIY food kits, check out these 25 international options.

#5 City skyline LEGO

Tokyo skyline LEGO set
Photo courtesy of Amazon

The LEGO Architect series is not just for kids. It’s actually one of the best gift ideas for travelers who are stuck at home! They can rebuild their favorite buildings and skylines from around the world. This will make them feel like they’re traveling right from their homes. For people who love Japan, this Tokyo set is perfect, but head over to Amazon for many more options.

#6 Travel-themed bed sheet

Bed sheets with passport stamps
Photo courtesy of Amazon

There is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed after a long trip.

But wait.

What if there is something better?

I guarantee travelers will love sleeping in their own beds even more with these cool travel-themed bed sheets.

#7 Wall clock

A vinyl clock with the entire world map and a quote and an icon of a backpacker
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for welcome home gifts that will cheer up their homes?

Then go for this beautiful one with the world map!

#8 International coffee gift basket

Collection of coffee bean bags
Photo courtesy of Bean Box

This is the ultimate welcome home gift for coffee aficionados; an international tasting box!

With a different brew from a different country each day, they can still experience the flavors of the world and feel as if they are still on the road.

#9 Take them out for dinner

Pan with paella
A pan of paella

Celebrate their safe return home with a dinner!

You can take them to a restaurant that serves their favorite country’s food, so they don’t have to get used to the reality of being home yet. 

Or if the recipient really missed home and local food, a local restaurant is obviously the better choice!

Welcome home gifts for mid-budget

#10 International cookbooks

In her kitchen cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

International cookbooks, such as In Her Kitchen are great welcome home gifts for travelers who just came home from a trip around the world. They’ve probably eaten their hearts out with the delicious food each country has to offer. So they’ll probably miss all these dishes already. With an international cookbook, they can recreate the taste of travel at home.

The reason why I love In Her Kitchen specifically is that it includes recipes from grandmothers around the world. And for some reason, Nana’s food is always the best.

But, of course, you could also go for a cookbook from a country the recipient loved the most.

#11 Books about travel

Destinations of a lifetime book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Destinations of a Lifetime by National Geographic

Books are great welcome-home gift ideas because they give the receiver something to do. National Geographic’s Destinations of a Lifetime is a beautiful book that will surely inspire them to plan their next trip. Though, if you are not ready to see them leave again, check out the other two books.

History of the world book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

History of the world: Map by map

Are you looking for welcome back home gifts for history lovers? Then this book about the history of the world is perfect.

Nala's world book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Nala’s world: One man, his rescue cat, and a bike ride around the globe

This is a fun book that covers the true story of a man and his cat who cycled around the world.

#12 Camper-shaped photo frame

Camper-shaped photo frame
Photo courtesy of Amazon

A travel-themed photo frame is one the best welcome back home gifts for travelers who are too lazy to make a photo album (see gift #18). With a photo frame such as this camper, they can simply print their favorite photo and they’re done.

#13 Travel-themed piggy bank

Piggy bank for travelers
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Traveling is an expensive hobby. And since the recipient literally just returned from a trip, they’ll probably need to save a little before they can travel again.

So to help them out, a travel-themed piggy bank, such as this white one is perfect!

#14 Travel-themed jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle with world map
Photo courtesy of Amazon

I know that you’re super excited for your loved one to be back home. And, of course, so are they. They’ve missed you and probably more people from back home. But once the novelty of being back home has worn off, they might start to feel something that’s called the after-travel dip.

So to help them get through that phase, any type of activity they can do at home, but that’s somehow related to travel, is a good welcome home gift idea.

And one example of that is this jigsaw puzzle of an antique world map. Though for more inspiration, check out my puzzle gift guide.

#15 Fairy lights with clip

Fairy lights with clip
Photo courtesy of Amazon

These fairy lights with clippers are cute home decor ideas for travelers and a fun way to welcome them home.

They can get straight to printing their favorite photos and decorate their rooms and homes with their trips. So even if they miss travel, they can reminisce about past trips.

#16 Candles

South Carolina candle
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Candles that smell like a specific place, such as this South Carolina candle are great welcome back-home gifts that will hopefully keep the recipient at home longer (though I highly doubt that).

#17 Send them flowers

Flower bouquet
Flowers always work

If you’re not sure what to get someone who just returned from a trip; flowers are always a great idea.

I mean, what’s a better way to feel welcome than in a home with colorful and fresh flowers?

With FTD, you can send flowers straight to their doorstep, so their home won’t feel weird and empty, but warm and cozy instead.

#18 Photo book gift card

Gift box: the best gifts for 2021
Photo courtesy of Shutterfly

Every traveler who just returns from a trip has a camera roll filled with about a thousand photos and memories. And though, it’s fun to scroll through your photos on your phone every once and again, there is nothing better than having an actual photo album from your epic travels. 

And that’s why a gift card for an online photo tool such as Shutterfly is perfect!

And even if they won’t use it for a photo album, they can simply pick their favorite photo and turn it into a large poster for their rooms.

Welcome home gifts for small budgets

#19 Home decor items

Wooden home decor items
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for cute welcome back home gifts to make them feel more at home (and make them stay longer)?

Then these wooden stands are perfect. Especially, if the recipient is someone who just returned from a trip to the mountains.

#20 Welcome Home wine label

A bottle of wine with a personalized label
Photo courtesy of Graphix By Sade

Welcome them home with a bottle of wine from the country they just left. It’s a cute way to say “We’re happy that you’re back, but we can imagine you will miss parts of your travel, so here is a bottle to make you feel better”. 

And to make it even better, add a personalized “welcome home” label from Etsy.

#21 A home-cooked meal

Woman cooking
Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

Traveling and eating around the world is great, but there is nothing better than comfort food from home! Especially after a long journey because they’ve probably missed a specific type of food from home!

So if you’re looking for thoughtful gifts, head over to your kitchen, whip up their favorite dish, add a pinch of love, and make them comfortable right away. It’s the quickest way to teleport them from the hectic travel world to the cozy comforts of home

#22 Travel-themed jewelry

Necklace with a globe pendant
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Alright, now I know that this necklace actually says “Going Places”, even though the recipient has just returned. But let’s face it. They’ve probably been infected with the travel bug, so they will be going places soon again. But up until then, they can still admire the world with this necklace.

#23 Coloring book for adults

Lonely Planet travel coloring book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Remember what I said about the after-travel dip?

Yes, that’s right, most travelers will fall into that after coming home. And remember what I said about what you can do about it?

Yes, that’s right! Buy them a welcome home gift that will give them something to do and that is related to travel. For example, this coloring book by the Lonely Planet with beautiful designs from around the world.

#24 I’d rather be in X shirt

T-shirt with text: "I'd rather be in Paris"
Photo courtesy of Slot Shirts

I know, they are definitely happy to be back home with you. But truth be told. After a few weeks, this shirt probably represents exactly what they’ll be thinking; I’d rather be in X.

Because they’re travelers after all. And travelers just get nervous when they’re in the same spot for too long. So if you know which place the recipient loves, then a shirt with “I’d rather be in X” is one of the funniest welcome home gifts.

#25 Language learning gifts

Deck of cards to say "I love you'
Photo courtesy of Not on the High Street

As a traveler, you start to appreciate different languages more and more. And the more you travel, the more you realize that you can take your trip to a whole new level if you can speak with locals in their mother tongue. 

And that’s why these language-learning gifts are great for travelers who just came home, that way, they can start preparing for their next trips!

One of my favorite gifts from that list is this cute deck of cards with “I love you” in 100 different languages, which is always a great conversation starter ;). 

Save these welcome home gift ideas

Did you save these gift ideas for welcome home yet?

25 welcome home gifts ideas for travelers

Final note on these welcome back home gifts

Alright, these were the 25 best welcome home gift ideas. I hope you found the perfect gift and I hope that you and your loved one will have an awesome time being reunited again!

And if you need more inspiration, check out the editor’s top 3.


Hi, I’m Lara, a 30-year-old travel-lover (but who’s not these days?). I love reading, puzzling, world-heritage sites, researching, and making lists, which comes in quite handy when you’re making lists of travel gift ideas!