The Ultimate Guide To World Map Gifts: 37 Unique Ideas For Every Map Lover

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Are you looking for the best world map gifts for geography lovers or cartophiles (someone who is obsessed with maps) Then you’re in luck! I’ve mapped the internet to bring you the most unique, creative, and affordable map-inspired gifts that will delight any map lover. From customizable map prints to practical gifts for travelers, this guide has something for every budget and every personality.

So, whether you’re shopping for a friend’s birthday, a Christmas gift, or simply want to surprise your loved ones with a special gift, keep reading to discover the 37 best gifts for map lovers!

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Save these gifts for map lovers

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37 world maps gift ideas

Gifts for world map lovers at home

#1 Cutting board

A wooden cutting board with the globe etched on to it
Globe cutting board

A cutting board with a world map is a great gift for map lovers. I mean, who wouldn’t want to slice and dice their veggies while exploring the world, right?

I’ve got one myself, and I absolutely love it. Plus, it makes for a great conversation starter in the kitchen!

#2 Doormat

Doormat with "The world at your feet" and an image of the world map
Photo courtesy of WOW mats

Looking for a map-themed gift that will make the map lover in your life feel welcome and worldly? Look no further than this doormat!

Every time they step out, they’ll get a little reminder of all the places waiting to be discovered. And it’s not just cool—it’s practical too, keeping their doorstep clean in style.

#3 World map poster

A scratch map of the entire world
Scratch map

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate gift for a map enthusiast, look no further than a scratch-off poster. It’s a classic choice for travelers, guaranteed to bring a smile to their faces.

One of my personal favorites though is the wooden map of the world. It’s a bit pricier and larger than the scratch map, but trust me, it’s worth it.

#4 Coasters

A wooden coaster with a print of the map of the world
Photo courtesy of Lazer Edge Store

You know what makes a fantastic housewarming gift for someone who loves to travel?

These laser-cut wooden coasters with a world map design. They add a touch of wanderlust to any coffee table and keep those surfaces clean and tidy.

#5 Bedsheets

Bedsheets with the world map
Bedsheets with the world map

Want to give a map-themed gift that will transport them to dreamland? These gorgeous world map bed sheets are perfect for that! You can find them on Amazon and trust me, they’ll make bedtime an adventure.

#6 Baby rug

A play mat with a map of the world for babies

Looking for the perfect gift for an expecting mom who loves maps?

Look no further than a map-themed baby rug! It’s a super cute way for them to start introducing their little ones to the wonders of the world from day one.

#7 Shower curtain

Shower curtain with a print of the world map
Photo courtesy of Space Embellishment

Are you looking for unique gifts for map lovers?

How about a shower curtain that will give them the privacy they need and the opportunity to dream of the world while washing?

#8 World map clock

World map wall clock
World map clock

Are you looking for a geography gift for that friend who is always late?

Gift them this cool world map wall clock. It’s not just a beautiful way to spruce up their wall, but maybe, just maybe, it’ll help them be on time for once!

#9 Candle

A blue canlde with the world map
Photo courtesy of Burn for Wish

Looking for a charming little map gift for a housewarming party? Check out this world map candle. Not only is it unique, but you can pick from twelve colors and a variety of scents like vanilla or pina colada. It’s sure to bring back those beachy cocktail vibes and will make a delightful addition to any new home.

#10 Pillow

A set of three pillows with world maps
World map pillows

Need a perfect gift for a friend who loves maps?

Then check out my cute map-inspired pillow. Every time they relax or take a nap, they can dream about traveling to new places. These pillows look great on any couch or bed!

Fun gifts for map lovers

#11 Color-in mug

Mugs wit maps
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

This color-in-world map mug is one of my favorite gift for map lovers.

Just like a scratch map, the recipient can keep track of all the countries they’ve visited. And with every sip, they can dream about their next destination.

Oh, and to answer your question. No the ink does not fade in the dishwasher.

#12 Whiskey decanter

A glass decanter that is shaped like the globe and comes with four whisky glasses
Globe-themed decanter set

This decanter is by far one of the best map gift ideas for whiskey lovers.

I mean, can it get any more awesome than serving your favorite drink from a decanter with the world map etched into glasses with a world map?

I didn’t think so.

#13 World map-themed board game

The packaging of the board game called Trekking The World
Trekking board game

Travel-themed board games are my favorite gifts for geography lovers because they can explore the world without leaving their houses!

One great game is “Trekking The World.” It has a big, colorful world map and lots of fun souvenirs. This game is a hit for anyone who loves to explore.

#14 Coloring tablecloth

Children drawing on a table cloth with a print of the world map
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Looking for map-themed gifts that are fun for all ages?

Then check out this awesome world map coloring tablecloth!

Whether it’s for a kid who dreams of traveling the world or an adult who just wants an excuse to color at the dinner table, this tablecloth is a hit.

#15 Jigsaw puzzle

A box of a jigsaw puzzle of the globe
My world map puzzle

Do you need map gift ideas for puzzle lovers?

Look no further.

This 8000-piece puzzle with a beautifully decorated world map will keep them entertained for a week or two and have them dreaming about their next world adventure.

Oh, the puzzle in the photo is mine with “only” 4000 pieces, for true puzzle fanatics, the 8000-piece is a better option!

#16 Deck of cards

A deck of cards with a print of a vintage world map
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Are you looking for compact gifts for map lovers?

As a huge fan of card games myself, I think this map-themed deck of cards is just perfect! Every time they shuffle, they can daydream about their next big trip. Plus, it’s super easy to take along on any adventure!

Also, check out this card player gift guide if the recipient is obsessed with cards.

World map gifts for travelers

#17 Suitcase cover

A black suitcase cover with a world map
Suitcase cover with a world map print

If you’re looking for gifts for geography & travel lovers that are both practical and cute, this suitcase cover is the way to go!

Not only does it make their luggage instantly recognizable on the carousel, it is also a great way to protect their suitcase.

#18 Piggy bank

A piggy bank with the text "adventure fund"
Aventure fund with a world map

Are you looking for more map-inspired gifts for travelers?

Then this beautiful adventure fund is the gift you need!

Traveling is an expensive hobby, but with this map-themed piggy bank, saving a couple of extra dimes will be a breeze.

#19 Passport cover

A passport cover iwth the world map and a needle and thread
Photo courtesy of We Are Chasing Threads

I’ll be the first to admit that passport covers are not really the most unique gifts.

However, if you go for this world map passport cover where they can actually stitch the places they’ve visited, I’m sure your gift will stand out!

It’s perfect for the avid traveler who loves to keep track of their adventures in a fun, visual way.

#20 World map camera strap

Camera strap with a print of the world map
Camera strap

Do you need world map gifts for photography fans?

Then check out this gorgeous camera strap that lets them show off their love of travel and photography at the same time!

#21 Laundry bag

Laundry bag with a map of the world
Laundry bag with a map of the world

This gift was recommended to me by a friend who is as travel-obsessed as I am when I asked her advice for my going-away gift guide.

However, a laundry bag with the world map is not just great for travelers who are leaving for a trip, it also works great for students or anyone who needs to do laundry.

At least they can travel and dream away each time they do their laundry. (And who knows, they might finally do their laundry more regularly with your gift).

#22 Luggage tags

Luggage tag with a name and a colorful print of the map of the world
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

These beautiful world map-inspired luggage tags are another awesome gift idea for frequent travelers. They can locate their luggage in style.

#23 Beach towel

A towel with a map
Photo courtesy of Mapology

This is one of the best map-inspired gifts for beach bums!

Whichever beach they decide to explore, they will always have the entire world under their bum.

It’s a popular towel, so if it’s out of stock, simply check out Etsy for more cool map-inspired towels.

Best books for geography lovers

#24 History of the world book with maps

Book about the history of the world with maps
Book about the history of the world

Are you looking for unique world map gift ideas for history buffs?

Look no further than the “History of the World Map by Map” book!

With over 140 maps and informative timelines, they can journey through time and witness the evolution of our world like never before.

#25 Map quiz book

Book cover of "Maps Quiz Book: Brain Teasers for Wherever You Are In The World".
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need geography gifts for someone who loves a good challenge?

Then this map quiz book with 50 map-themed assignments is perfect!

They can hone their skills and impress their friends with their navigational know-how.

#26 Notebook

A notebook with a cover the globe
World map notebook

A notebook is a practical gift for map lovers that they can always use.

I really love my vintage notebook with a world map that you can see in the photo.

Best keepsakes and apparel for map lovers

#27 Socks

Pair of socks with a world map
Photo courtesy of Society6

Who doesn’t love a pair of happy socks?

And what’s better than a pair of socks with a world map for people who are obsessed with maps?

That’s right! Nothing.

So head over to Society6 and check out those awesome socks.

#28 Phone case

A phone case with a world map print
Photo courtesy of Society6

This phone cover is an awesome gift for geography lovers because it’s like giving them the whole world in the palm of their hand!

Not only will it protect their phone, but it will also give them a daily reminder of all the amazing places they have yet to visit.

#29 Insulated water bottle

Water bottle with a world map print
Water bottle with a world map

This insulated water bottle is the perfect geography gift for the adventurous cartophile in your life!

Not only will it keep them hydrated, but it also reminds them of all the places they’ve been and all the places they still have left to explore. Plus, it’s an insulated bottle, so it keeps their drinks cool at the beach and hot on the slopes!

#30 Map-themed clothing

A green sweatshirt with a print of the map of the world drawn in one line
Photo courtesy of Valen Teeno Design

T-shirts and hoodies with world maps are great gifts for map lovers because they get to wear their love for geography on their sleeves. Literally!

It’s the perfect way to show off their love for and knowledge of the world while looking stylish and comfortable.

#31 Tumbler

Tumbler with a world map print
Tumbler with a world map print

Are you looking for map gift ideas for cartophiles who are always on the go?

Like, they don’t even stop to have a coffee, they will sip coffee while they’re on the move.

Then this beautiful tumbler is what you need!

With every sip, they can be transported to a new corner of the globe.

Cute bags for geography lovers

#32 Coin purse

Three small coin purses with maps
Photo courtesy of Oceania Legends Design

Need a cute little gift for someone who’s always on the move and loves maps? Consider this map-inspired coin purse! It’s the perfect size for keeping loose change and small essentials organized while adding a touch of adventure to their daily routine.

#33 Fanny pack

A sling bag with the world map
Photo courtesy of Tees Tiny Boutique

I swear by my fanny pack when I travel, and if you’re looking for a fantastic gift for travelers or festival-goers, you can’t go wrong with these world map fanny packs.

They let you keep your hands free, whether you’re wandering through new cities or dancing at a festival. Plus, they’re a stylish way to keep your money safe.

#34 Tote bags

Tote bag with a print of a world map
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

The world map-themed tote bags on Zazzle are awesome geography gift ideas for eco-conscious cartophiles.

Every time they go out for groceries they can ditch the plastic bags and show their love for the globe.

Jewelry gifts for map lovers

#35 World map necklace

Necklace with world map pendant
Necklace with world map

Are you looking for cute world map gift ideas for women?

Then this small necklace with the map of the world and a sentimental message is perfect!

Though, if you would like more designs, head over to Etsy.

#36 Keychain

A silver keychian with a world map, the letter M, a compass, and a quote.
Photo courtesy of Tinescreative Welt

As someone who always misplaces my stuff, I can honestly vouch for keychains as a lifesaver!

So if you’re looking for a practical gift for a map lover, consider these world map keychains. They’re perfect for keeping keys organized and in style.

#37 Bracelet

Bracelet with a letter K pendant and a pendant of a world map
Photo courtesy of The Monkey Charmer

For more world map-themed gifts for women, check out Etsy for many gorgeous bracelets, such as this cute one with the recipient’s initials.

Save these gifts for map lovers

Did you save these world maps gift ideas on Pinterest yet?

37 World map gifts for map lovers with a photo of a compass and a world map

Final note on world maps gift ideas

Did you find the perfect gift for that map-obsessed person in your life or do you need a little more help? If you do, check out the editor’s top gifts for geography lovers.

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