When Life Hands Them Lemons: Buy These 35 Tequila Gifts For Him & Her

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Three shots of tequila with lime and salt
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The best gifts for tequila lovers are, of course, bottles of tequila. But personally, I’m not a big fan of gifting bottles of alcohol, so I prefer more unique tequila gifts such as funny shirts, wall art, or candles. And that is exactly what you will find in today’s post; 35 awesome and unique gifts for tequila drinkers.

And as a huge tequila lover myself, I loved putting together this post and selecting 35 fun options for you!

Are you short on time? Check out the editor’s top three gifts by budget.

To give you an idea of my love for tequila, let me share a Dutch saying I got from my mom and that I still use. It’s also a fun 101 class in Dutch language and culture.

In Dutch we say:

Everything that starts with “te” (which means “too” in Dutch) is bad, except for TEvreden (to be content) and TEsamen (to be together).

But for me and my mom, it’s this everything that starts with TE is bad, except for TEvreden and TEquila.

Save these gifts for tequila lovers

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35 best tequila gifts for tequila lovers

Tequila gifts for large budgets

#1 Glasses made from Himalayan salt

Shot glasses in pink
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These are one of the coolest gifts for tequila lovers; shot glasses that are made from Himalaya salt. And I mean literally. They are actual salt glasses. There is no need to add salt anymore because a tequila from these shot glasses already contains the perfect amount of salt!

Oh and don’t forget to tell the recipient to not put these glasses in the dishwasher because they won’t have any glasses left if they do; the salt cups actually dissolve in the dishwasher.

#2 Tequila glasses

Six hand made ceramic shot glasses
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

A drink always tastes better if it’s served in the right cup. And the same applies to tequila. So if you are looking for practical gifts for tequila lovers, then glasses are the perfect option.

You can either go for a set of six handmade tequila glasses on Uncommon Goods (they are one of my favorites). Or check out Etsy, where you can find all sorts of beautifully designed tequila shot glasses.

#3 Monthly subscription

Bottle of tequila with two shot glasses
A bottle of tequila

The best gifts for tequila lovers are, of course, bottles of tequila. But I can imagine that you would like to give something a little more unique. (I mean isn’t that the reason why you checked out this post in the first place).

And that’s where the monthly tequila subscription comes into place!

Instead of giving them joy once, you will actually bring them joy every month when they receive your monthly subscription again!

Mash & Grape will select the finest tequilas for them to try and each month they will receive a new surprise on their doorstep. You can select from 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions. The only downside is that they don’t deliver outside the US.

#4 Tequila decanter

Tequila decanter with shot glasses
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Tequila decanters are great gifts for tequila lovers who recently moved to a new home. These bottles make beautiful table pieces and the recipient can hide the fact that they’re a little alcoholic because nobody knows whether the decanter is filled with water or tequila.

I couldn’t decide which decanter I liked best, and I bet you will have difficulty deciding between all these amazing options too.

One of my favorites is definitely the hand-painted one on Etsy, but I highly encourage you to check out the other options there too. And if you prefer to buy from Amazon, my favorite was the tequila decanter on the photo with a glass agave in the middle.

#5 Hoodie

Hoodie with bottles of tequila and text: mis amigos
Photo courtesy of Daniel Gift Art Crafts

A tequila shot can keep the recipient warm for a moment, but this tequila-themed hoodie can keep them warm for a lifetime. And that’s what makes it such a fun gift for tequila drinkers who are always cold.

#6 DIY tequila-making kit

DIY tequila infusion set
Photo courtesy of Uncommon Goods

There is nothing better than a homemade drink. And for tequila lovers, there is nothing better than homemade tequila, and with this DIY tequila kit, they can make their own bottle and add whatever spices they want to create their personal flavored tequila bottle.

#7 Margarita and tequila gift basket

Gift basket of margarita items
Photo courtesy of In Booze

This tequila gift basket is by far the best gift for someone who absolutely loves margaritas. It contains everything they need to make the perfect cocktail at home!

#8 Flasks

A silver flask with a funny tequila text
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

It’s not a secret that tequila lovers drink a lot of tequila. But there may be times when they would like to keep it a secret just how much tequila they drink. So to help them hide their drinking patterns, a tequila-themed flask is a fun gift idea.

One of my favorite tequila gifts is this flask with a piece of life advice that every tequila lover lives by:

Tequila is cheaper than therapy!

Tequila gifts for mid-budget

#9 Bowl from a tequila bottle

A glass bowl made from a recycled Patron tequila bottle
Photo courtesy of Reveilelighting

I promised to give you gifts for tequila lovers that went beyond a bottle of tequila, but I lied a little bit.

This food tray is actually made from an old bottle of Patron tequila.

It’s one of my favorite gifts for tequila drinkers (though check out the next gift for more awesome refurbished tequila bottle ideas!).

#10 Recycled bottle soap dispenser

A refurbished Patron tequila bottle to a soap dispenser
Photo courtesy of Tequila Lime

I am a big fan of recycling, so I absolutely love the idea of recycled bottles of Patron tequila, and that’s why I just had to include this soap dispenser as well.

#11 Scratch off poster

Scratch off poster with bottles of tequila
Photo courtesy of Scratch Off Works

This is by far one of the best gifts for tequila drinkers who love to try different brands of tequila. With this scratch map, they can keep track of all the tequilas they’ve tried and add the others to their wish list.

And if you pair this gift with #23, they can even keep track of their own notes and thoughts on each tequila.

#12 Funny mug

Mug with text: probably tequila
Photo courtesy of Adventure Customs

This is one of the best gifts for tequila lovers because it’s so true. There is a very big chance they’re secretly drinking tequila from a mug. But at least they can use this mug to warn everyone around them.

#13 Tequila-themed necklace

Necklace with tequila bottle and salt
Photo courtesy of Kim’s Jewelry

Are you looking for cute tequila gifts for her? Then jewelry is always a good option.

I selected two cute pieces of tequila-themed jewelry for you. The first one is this beautiful necklace with a pendant of a bottle of tequila, salt, and their initials. For the second option, head over to #26.

#14 Tequila-themed water bottle

A black stainless steel waterbottle with a funnt tequila-inspired text
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

I know. It’s unthinkable, but it’s true. Tequila drinkers don’t always drink tequila!

But I’m pretty sure they do always think about tequila. So to make them feel a little bit better when they’re drinking water, a tequila-themed water bottle is an awesome gift idea.

On Zazzle, you can find nearly 300 options, or go for this funny one with: I lick, suck, and swallow.

#15 Funny doormat

Doormat with text; I hope you borught tequila
Photo courtesy of Wander Bound Bazaar

Do you need tequila gifts for a housewarming party?

Then you just found the perfect gift; a doormat that they will definitely want to add to their doorstep. Because let’s be honest, they won’t let anyone in if they don’t bring tequila.

#16 Margarita travel kit

Travel-sized margarita kit
Photo courtesy of Amazon

What’s a list of the best tequila gift ideas without including margarita gifts?

And boy, what an amazing margarita gift I have selected! It’s a travel-sized DIY margarita kit, so they can make a margarita wherever they are! All they need to add is tequila and Cointreau and they’ve got a delicious margarita.

#17 Hat

Hat with text: tequila helps
Photo courtesy of Boutique Caps

Do you need tequila gifts for him?

Then one of the many tequila-themed hats on Etsy is perfect!

I quite liked this vintage-style hat, but you can find them in all shapes and sizes.

#18 Book about the history of tequila

How the gringos stole tequila book
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for gifts for tequila drinkers who are interested in history, then this is the gift you need. The book will teach them all about how their favorite drink is produced, what its impact is on the world, and how it changed over the years.

#19 Travel mug

Travel mug with tequila is cheaper than therapy
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Even tequila lovers have to drink something else than tequila sometimes. So if you are looking for gifts for tequila drinkers who also drink a coffee every once in a while, the travel mugs on Zazzle are awesome gift ideas.

I quite liked the “tequila is cheaper than therapy” mug, but there are over 280 options to choose from.

#20 Cookbooks

Tequila & Tacos cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Tequila & Tacos: A spirited guide to pairings

Cookbooks are awesome gifts for tequila drinkers who love to experiment. The first option is a really cool cookbook that contains delicious combinations of tacos with tequila-inspired cocktails. It’s a great gift for someone who loves Mexico, Mexican food, and tequila.

Tequila made me do it cookbook
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Tequila made me do it: 60 Tantalizing tequila and mezcal cocktails

The second option is a fun recipe book with 60 recipes for delicious cocktails with tequila and mezcal, making it the perfect gift for cocktail drinkers too.

#21 Tequila candle

Candle that smells like tequila
Photo courtesy of Toasted Wicks Co

It’s funny how for some people the smell of tequila is enough to make them gag, while for others it fills them with joy.

I’m assuming that your recipient as a tequila lover, falls into that last category, and for those people, candles that smell like agave are the best tequila gift ideas.

Tequila gifts for small budgets

#22 Tequila socks

Socks with a tequila theme
Photo courtesy of Amazon

If you are looking for funny tequila gifts for him or her, then these socks are perfect. They are small, and colorful, and work for just about any tequila drinker.

#23 Notebook

Notebook with cover: brilliant ideas I had while drinking tequila
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Do you need small tequila gift ideas for someone you don’t know too well?

Then a notebook is always a safe choice. Everyone can use a notebook, and we all have brilliant ideas when we’re drinking, so this notebook works for everyone.

#24 Tequila cordials

A box of chocolate tequila cordials
Photo courtesy of Total Wine

This would be wonderful for those who like tequila and have a little bit of a sweet tooth.

It’s chocolate with 5% alcohol, perfect to quell their thirst and cravings where one bite is one shot!

Although it’s not allowed to be shipped to certain states, find out here this gift can be shipped to your recipient’s state.

#25 Tequila serving tray

Tequila serving tray
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This serving tray is one of the best gifts for tequila drinkers who love to share their drinks with everyone. They can easily carry four shorts, salt, and lemons with this tray and enjoy their tequila with friends.

(Only give this tray at your own risk, because I guarantee they will immediately want to share a shot with you as the giver).

#26 Tequila and salt earring studs

Earring buds with salt and shot of tequila
Photo courtesy of Sharks With Lasers Co

These earring studs are awesome tequila gifts for her! Not only are they really cute, but they are also great for supporting a woman who is going through a difficult period. Every time she wears these studs she will remember she can handle all the lemons life throws at her.

#27 Tasting journal

Tequila tasting journal
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is one of the best tequila gift ideas to go with the scratch poster (#11); a tasting journal.

True tequila connoisseurs can use this journal to keep their notes structured and organized so they can continue their quest to find the best tequila in the world.

#28 Luggage tags

Luggage tag with text fiesta, siesta, tequila, repeat
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Do you need gifts for tequila lovers who also travel a lot?

Then a luggage tag to help them find their luggage back is a great gift idea. If you buy one of the tequila-themed tags of course!

#29 Shirt

T-shirt with May contain tequila
Photo courtesy of Simply Traded

Check out Etsy to find the funniest tequila-themed shirts for any tequila drinker.

I thought this one with “May contain tequila” was quite funny, but you can find them in any style, color, and shape.

#30 Tote bags

Tote bag with text: tequila is always a good idea
Photo courtesy of Zazzle

Tote bags are my favorite sustainable gift ideas because they’re cute and they help recipients replace plastic bags with reusable ones.

So if you are looking for sustainable gifts for tequila lovers, then check out Zazzle to find 464 options.

#31 Necktie

Tequila-themed necktie
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is another one of the great tequila gifts for him; a necktie with a funny tequila print.

I’ll be honest, it’s not one he can wear on his formal office days, but he can definitely wear it to parties!

#32 Wall art

Vintage sign with tequila
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is another great gift for a housewarming party; tequila-themed wall art.

Check out Amazon to find all sorts of designs, or go for the cute vintage tequila bar sign.

#33 Margarita glass rimmer

Tray to rim glasses
Photo courtesy of Amazon

This is the third tequila gift idea on this list for margarita lovers; a super easy rimmer so they can easily add that salty layer to their glass and make the perfect margarita at home.

#34 Make-up bag

Make-up bag with "peace, love, tequila"
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Are you looking for tequila gifts for her?

Then this make-up bag with peace, love, tequila is perfect! She can store her cosmetics in style.

#35 Tequila coloring book for adults

Tequila coloring book for adults
Photo courtesy of Amazon

Did you know that coloring books for adults can help to reduce stress and anxiety?

So if you are looking for gifts for tequila drinkers who could use a bit of relaxation in tequila style; then this awesome coloring book is a fun gift idea.

Save these gifts for tequila lovers

Did you save these tequila presents on Pinterest yet?

the 25 best gifts for tequila lovers and a photo of a tequila shot

Final notes on gifts for tequila drinkers

Alright, these were 35 awesome tequila presents, so I can imagine you’re having a hard time deciding which one to buy. But just check out the editor’s top three to help you pick!


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